How to quickly increase the sales of your store?

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In recent years, with the development of e-commerce platforms such as Alibaba,, Pinduoduo and in China and all the world, many people have started e-commerce businesses. Not only Chinese but also foreign friends have also invested in Taobao or Tmall shops or micro-shops or stores, Beicang and so on. After all, their input costs are lower and the barrier to entry is lower. Some people who are not able to operate can open a store after self-study on the website, they can also hire a person to help with the operation, or find a representative operating company. But many people will also encounter the problem that many new shop owners are complaining that the store only has a few traffic per day, one product cannot be sold, and the reputation has stayed at 0 for a long time. They were really at a loss. Many people gave up before they even started, but when he looked back to see if the partners who started with him had already become rich, he regretted it.


 Domatters China Digital Marketing will share some of the basic tips we have summarized with you as below, hoping to help you increase sales in your store.





NO.1, Choosing products is important


Selection is the top priority, so it comes first. Most small and medium sellers choose products based on their feelings. They do not analyze data, do not look at the market, do not analyze products, choose blindly, and use the point of view as ‘I think it ’s OK, I feel okay’. For popular categories like apparel, selection is very important.


NO.2,The title needs optimization


The headlines of the products that a lot of sellers who make are plagiarized or written at random. In this case, if your product is really explosive, it can only show that your luck is really good.


In the past years, there have been a lot of articles about title optimization. Today I mainly emphasize to you two types of words, one is traffic words and the other is conversion words.


NO.3, the time of uping and downing the products


The control of loading and unloading time is also very important for the weight of new products. Many unclear merchants seem to have no plan for the operation of shelf products. This will not only cause us to compete with strong competitors, but also competition between our own treasures.


NO.4. Price it right, not sell it cheap


Many sellers, especially small sellers, blindly think that low prices can sell well. But low-priced products are more difficult. Especially now that some platforms do not promote low-priced products, so for small sellers, lower prices must be a trauma. Pricing must be from the buyer's perspective. Under the premise of ensuring the seller's own profits, the price is set for the purpose of helping the final conversion.


NO.5,The test of the main picture, especially the first picture


The formula for traffic is this:traffic = impression * click-through rate. Each increase in click-through rate will change the flow of our store. The test of the header picture is measured by the through train function. Under the premise of accurate title, each additional click, there is one more chance. So the header picture is very important and must be tested.


The importance of the main picture is mainly for the wireless side. One is that the white background picture required by the official must be set up, which helps to be captured by the homepage of the hand. Another very important thing is the transformation of the wireless side of the mobile phone. The right side of the main picture of the wireless side will directly go to the detail page. If you want to increase the residence time of the wireless side, the optimization of the main picture is also very critical.


NO.6. Details page


Everyone should understand the importance of the detail page. The conversion rate and flow rate determine the sales of the store. At the same time, the better the conversion, the higher the weight. For the conversion rate of a product, the most important thing is the decoration of details, such as the layout and design skills of the details page which needs us to pay attention.




NO.7. Drainage must be not blind


The last is traffic. Do not blindly drain. New products find a store with accurate positioning of buyers to help break 0


NO.8.Consumer protection and cheating


Taobao officials have very different ratings for sellers with and without margin. A deposit of 1,000 yuan is equivalent to a basic certification, and you can only get traffic on Taobao after paying this 1,000 yuan. (It is the most basic factor.)


Taobao officials have severe penalties for illegal cheating by sellers, ranging from taking off the baby to closing the store.And shops that have violated the rules will have a great disadvantage in ranking competition compared to normal stores, and it is often difficult to obtain rankings.


NO.9. Proportion of main categories


For the category selected at the time of shop application, the same type of baby under the category enjoys higher weight.


NO.10. Time of stay on the detail page


The length of the stay time can be derived from the buyer's interest in this baby in a certain time. A high-quality detail page will stimulate people to buy. The best time to stay on the detail page is about 300S.

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