12 tips you must know about QQ marketing

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12 tips you must know about QQ marketing


1. If a QQ number is not logged in for a long time, it will be recalled

Any QQ number is likely to be recycled by tencent unless it is a QQ number that has been charged with tencent's paid service. If the new number is not logged in for 45 days, it may be recycled, and if the old number is not logged in for 90 days, it may be recalled, without exception.Login refers to QQ mailbox login, QQ space login, QQ client login and so on.Please refer to the official instructions of tencent: http://kf.qq.com/mini_info/81665.html


2, QQ information is not necessary to modify

No matter you are manual modification or software modification QQ information, including such as QQ nickname, QQ profile picture, QQ signature, home address, age and gender, etc., in general, after you modify 20-30 QQ information need to change IP before operation.Otherwise, all QQ Numbers modified under this IP will be frozen.The general freezing type is "SMS thawing".In other words, it is a QQ number that needs to be defrosted by SMS.And each mobile phone number can only defrost 5 different QQ Numbers within half a year.Of course, sometimes even if you change the IP, there will be a small amount of freezing.


3. There are security risks in modifying the password software

Recently according to some friends in the hands of a large number of QQ accounts suddenly lost.These friends used to change the password, change the security software are some of the free software especially recently began to appear software.Even more bizarre is the fact that some software developers are secretly starting to sell their QQ premium accounts at very low prices!It is recommended to use software to modify the security of friends, this sensitive operation try to use some good reputation and has been sold for many years of software.This is most secure if you have the energy to manually modify the security.


4.To have a conversation after closing a stranger's chat window, you need to be friends

Do you know that?

If your QQ permissions set to anyone can add you as a friend, so when a stranger to talk with you, because you have too much care and close the chat window, over a period of time you want to talk to this person, you must, in turn, add him to be your friend first, that is you need to be a two-way friends, at this time to continue to talk with them.


5. Comparison of advantages and disadvantages between common IP login and remote IP login in QQ marketing

The benefits of commonly used IP needless to say, as long as the QQ marketing veteran all understand its value.

(1) login QQ with common IP without verification code.

(2) remote IP is forbidden to pull QQ group, or it will be restricted to log in.

(3) the cloning of QQ is prohibited by different IP.

(4) the restriction of adding friends with different IP is much larger than that of common IP login, and it is easier to freeze accounts, etc.All of these show that IP login IP commonly used than different IP login in QQ marketing has more advantages.


6, hang "common IP" notes

(1) , when you hang common IP, WEBQQ version of software hanging with the probability of sealing.PC version of the software hanging with relative security, does not mean absolute security.And this hangs out commonly used IP time is relatively short.

(2) when hanging common IP, QQ grade is proportional to the time of hanging common IP.For example, with the sun (level 16) above the level of QQ hanging common IP, general 7 days or so can hang out common IP.If you use the moon level QQ hanging common IP, it seems that the slowest (not absolutely) to more than 30 days to hang out common IP.

(3)  when hanging common IP, it is easy to freeze the number, hanging common IP QQ number freeze type most cases are: "change secret thawing".


7. Self-registration is more likely to lead to seal than non-self-registration

Have done the friend that mail group sends can you know "DNA of paragraph of registered mailbox number" saying?For example, if you buy 163 email accounts on taobao, they will be blocked in large Numbers, even if you do not send mass emails.This is not because this mailbox has sent junk mail, but because someone has registered a large number of mailboxes 163 under the same IP number, and a certain percentage of mail accounts have sent junk mail.Then all registered email accounts under this IP number will be frozen by netease (maybe the mailbox authenticated by mobile phone and id card will be better).

Tencent now also has a similar account blocking mechanism, "since the registration" is by the studio or individual from their own registration and upgrade QQ account.Registered studio profits and not everyone imagined so profiteering, because often hang more than half a year of the number was suddenly tencent a nest end.The number registered under the same IP number segment.This means the entire IP segment, not a single IP address."Non-self registration" refers to the stolen QQ number (that is, from the QQ envelope screening out), through the studio batch mutual friends, mutual assistance complaints and a series of procedural operations, the final complaint to become "own" QQ number, and then sell the QQ account, the QQ account is not easy to batch a nest end.


8. Report blocked group messages

If you send messages in the QQ group and are reported by other group members, the messages you send later will be blocked by tencent.And the rest of the group won't see your message for hours or even a day or two.The severity may be related to how many times you've been reported.


9, the same AD field block group messages

If you start sending messages to a group and everyone in the group gets them, but then no one gets them, pay attention.One possibility is that you add the same fields at the end of each of your QQ messages (Numbers and urls are the most sensitive).


10. Accounts with remote login and inactive accounts are easy to block group messages

If you have done QQ group marketing by its is second kill group, you may have encountered this kind of your QQ level is very high even two or three sun level QQ number, Q age is also very long and may even be more than 10 years of Q age, but you send a lot of messages in the group others still can not receive.There are neither reported nor large segments of the same slave complex field.And why?One possibility is that your account was purchased, that you logged in from multiple locations, and that you are now in a different location.So used in the QQ group mass messages, it is recommended to use your own perennial local use of QQ number.In addition, according to rumors, the tencent official buy QQ beautiful number limit than the ordinary QQ number is also smaller, the specific situation needs further testing.


11, these are basically impossible, such as "large quantities" of thousands of thousands of retweets or straight hair of the log, say

You can do an experiment with your own hands, sending a link in the talk or log after N repetitions.Not so many times, a few dozen times is enough.Previously sent links will all be blocked by tencent, that is to say, you send or forward 100 about, will use 100 different links.Otherwise, if the 100 th comment is blocked, the 99 same links you sent before will also be blocked.If you want to send 100,000 words, you should first prepare 100,000 different links, even for the same product.Then filter IP number, MAC address, sensitive keywords and other general restrictions.


12, now pull QQ group also need to hang up for 10 minutes and then pull, even if it is commonly used IP.

Now pull QQ group (is about to trumpet friends invited to join the group) if you are different IP login QQ account pull group will be immediately blocked by tencent account, this point we try to know.But if it is a local IP also want to hang 10 minutes to pull the group, otherwise Q friends may not receive the invitation to the group.


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