How to better use pr to promote SEO?

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The high-quality content of public relations enables enterprises and audiences to become friends, interact with each other and share content.This format has become a new SEO strategy.And public relations has gradually become the most effective tool and carrier to promote SEO.


So how can you better leverage your pr SEO role?


Today, Domatters will going to start with a pr strategy to open up new ideas for SEO optimization for your company.


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1.Get credible public coverage (backlinks can be added)


         First, the content is relevant, authentic and credible, no boast, objective and fair position of the report.

         Second, the mainstream media reports containing reproduced links which can produce more SEO results.


2.Define the content plan


A.Provide more relevant information to your audience.For example, create a release calendar, pay attention to search terms and topic studies, and process suitable content from enterprise and elsewhere.


B.When writing content, we must have specific writing purpose.Such as more original, purposeful, worthy of the target audience trust content.


3.Make your content appealing


This mainly refers to the visual impact.Titles, themes and images are essential.The title is the most interesting part.


4. Keep up with relevant media


This refers to a certain frequency of continuous release of content.Such as according to the positioning of the enterprise to find the relevant media, to participate in the reader's comments and dialogue, reprint the good content of the reader.


5.Use social media


The use of social media is both an art and a science.


6. Analyze website data


You need to analyze the popup rate, dwell time, and "deep" engagement on each visit.


7.Provide free tools or downloads


In SEO terms, "link bait."Of course, don't overdo it, and don't overdo it.Good research reports, white papers and so on are useful resources.


8.Use your site structure effectively


Don't just think about the back-end code and HTML structure as SEO friendly, but try to optimize your site's front-end navigation to improve the user experience


9.Cooperate with experts


You can use feedback, quotes.The discourse contains reproduced links.Then politely argue back, leading to constructive dialogue, learning, research and deep thinking.


10.Provide quality customer service


This is mainly crisis management.You need to plan ahead, communicate honestly in times of crisis, and come up with constructive solutions.


11.Use social media for monitoring


This refers to the focus on brand reputation management.CMM monitoring services, always pay attention to where the name of the enterprise to share, in order to effectively and appropriate ways to deal with any misinformation.


12.Work with brand supporters


Find your brand supporters.For example, you can use paid tools and questionnaires to find supporters, then communicate with them, offer rewards, and invite them to share stories and comments.


13.Keep it open and transparent


Don't use deceptive pr or SEO tactics.


14. Use "offline" promotions to increase online resources if possible


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