What are the marketing strategies that make consumers want to BUY BUY BUY?

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Every year, platforms and merchants are constantly updating their marketing strategies, and this year is no exception.This year, how do e-commerce platforms seduce you?


Domatters sums up 618 marketing strategies that make consumers want to cut their hands off.


Strategy 1: hunger marketing



In the hunger marketing this routine, the major e-commerce platforms can be said to be the tense shopping atmosphere to the extreme.They constantly create an illusion for consumers that "if you miss today, there will be no such discount". Common keywords are "panic buying", "countdown to xx minutes x seconds", "last xx items" and so on.


Strategy 2: visual attraction



This year 618, the major e-commerce platform marketing promotion in visual style although there are themes, but in the visual design of the page focus on highlighting preferential keywords, supplemented by bright colors to arouse consumers' desire for shopping, "50% off", "second 0 yuan," "hot style seconds kill" and other words that you can be seen everywhere.


Strategy 3: complex offers



"Deposit expands twice", "buy 30 to be worth 50 balance payment", "buy 40 to be worth 60", "fold up again after full reduce fold"...Last year Tmall "double 11" shopping festival complex offers have stunned a number of partners, leading to people Shouting "math is not good to buy things".


After all, if you don't understand, you will be cheated by businesses?As for this complex calculation, some netizens directly said that they were not convinced by the "problem" they had done, and they also wanted to set the problem for the e-commerce platform.


Strategy 4: price comparison


In the promotion, marked before and after the price reduction comparison has been the most common operation of major e-commerce platforms.But witty you will not be easily routine, after all, the so-called discount in case is: first increase in prices and then reduce prices, and finally maintain the original price?


Strategy 5: cross-platform marketing



In addition to their own apps and official websites, e-commerce platforms also have different marketing channels for other social media platforms.


This year, 618, Tmall on the first preheat weibo, in the form of "return blood red envelope" cash raffle, changed the single form of one-click red envelope draw, blog + picture + official blog design, greatly improve the core topic of 618 reading and interactive degree.For example, as of June 19, Tmall 618# ideal life carnival season, the number of reading and discussion on weibo has exceeded 5.2 billion and 14.5 million, which has accumulated amazing exposure.


At the same time, Tmall also fully cooperate with stars, big vip, jokes, media organizations with tag blog, make full use of star effect for exposure, and cooperate with top brands to create # debut Tmall ideal baby # series short video, marketing in the form of "pick love beans", greatly enhancing consumers' favorable impression of the brand.


Strategy six: pre-sale lock slip


Compared with other e-commerce platform strategies, pre-sale lockorders are more inclined to merchants' activities, which increase the sunk cost of customers' order running in the way of pre-sale deposit, so as to stimulate consumption.After all, as the saying goes: "deposit temporarily cool, balance payment crematorium."


Strategy 7: event marketing



Taobao 618 invited friends to fold cats and share 200 million red envelopes.Event marketing, which combines games, rebates and social networking fully, has become a powerful tool to stimulate users and improve loyalty.


Strategy 8: advertising marketing


On June 18 this year, jingdong's hard advertisements in subway stations, bus stops and on big screens in major cities have been called "too brainwashing" by weibo partners.And for soft advertising,

Tmall is definitely a generation of good hands, such as red envelope strategy, daily shopping strategy, 5 % god coupon, star secret order, 618 shopping cart homework and so on.

Who can resist amway?


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