Wechat Series Advertising

Wechat Series Advertising

Need a Wechat account to start business in China market?

Need Chinese content to post in Wechat official account?

Want to do Wechat PPC advertising to boost awareness in China marketing?

Contact Domatters today to get a proposal for Wechat strategy to entry China market. 

With WeChat's growing user base and booming popularity in China, WeChat advertising is an important element for your digital strategy in China.

Recently WeChat has expanded its targeting capabilities to allow you to better target your ads to the Chinese audience. For example, you can select different cities, demographics, age, interest, profession, income levels and much more.

Because WeChat is not yet as commercialised as Facebook (where there are many advertisement slots) it is now a good stage to invest in and leverage WeChat ads. Domatters will provide WeChat advertising service for you.

More service we provided:  SEO, link building, translation,China audio promotion please feel free to contact us.

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