New mobile era?Baidu open search flow to the intelligent Mini Program

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Supper APP+Mini Program becomes the new ecology in the new mobile era


Have you found this phenomenon?Recently, as long as you search for relevant keywords in mobile baidu, search results will appear in the relevant content of the Mini Program.This also means that baidu opened the search flow to baidu intelligent Mini Program to achieve Mini Program value maximization.How to register a Baidu account?


As one of the three giants in China, baidu is a leading search engine in China. Although it has many small shortcomings, its unique network status is undeniable.Baidu is the source of the majority of Internet searches by Chinese users, which has long contributed to baidu's huge source of traffic. This is also the foundation of baidu's business that it has been able to mix on the Internet for so many years.


All the time, baidu's most important advantage over WeChat and alipay is that baidu search carries too many users' precise demands, even up to 6 billion times a day.Therefore, baidu search is also considered by many developers and product people as a perfect entry point for Mini Programs.


As baidu began to give baidu smart applet traffic support in search results, so that the applet can get more rankings and show, which is also by many developers warm support.


It can be said that the majority of developers for baidu to open the intelligent Mini Program search traffic is waiting for a long time!And this promoted the weight of intelligent Mini Program in baidu search that is also a big upgrade to the user experience.A large number of smart Mini Programs not only provide rich information and hot information, but also provide a lot of convenient and efficient online services, which are a new user experience for users.


"It's a good experience for users to pay directly for Mini Programs after searching on baidu," said by one user.In the future, baidu smart Mini Program may become a baidu commercial closed loop of a sharp tool.It seems that baidu has been focusing on the layout of the new mobile Internet era ecology to create their own business closed loop!


How is Baidu intelligent mini program to meet the needs of users to leave users?


Divided into three levels:


Firstly, point.Through the core functions of baidu APP, baidu search, the distribution of information flow and so on, we can reach the baidu intelligent applet, and create the closed-loop experience of the applet and the quasi-native experience of the applet;


Secondly, line.Through baidu guide, pull down menu, personal center and other functions to turn traffic into users to stay on the mini program platform;


Thirdly, side.The open source alliance launched by baidu realizes the resource side of content, pictures, video, as well as the complementary resource side based on tools and LBS, and covers the scene of getting off line and home at the same time.The majority of user usage scenarios can be covered by open source alliance partners.


Baidu Search + global traffic release


Although the name of Mini programs have a word ‘small’, but attracted the gathering of heroes.In addition to WeChat which was the first to enter the bureau, as domestic Internet giants such as alipay, baidu, toutiao, douyin, and fast app have been pouring in and promoting, Mini Program has become the new technical standard, and there is bound to be more room for development in the future.Some people even say that the Mini Program of the world.Mini Programs are likely to replace the mobile desktop as the new gateway to traffic.



Statistics from Aladdin show that there are as many as 2.3 million apps in China in 2018, while statistics from the ministry of industry and information technology show that as of the end of May 2018, there are as many as 4.15 million apps that can be monitored in the Chinese market.The number gap between the two will narrow over time.


However, Mini Programs were built more on top of super apps previously.How to maintain their own "blood" ability after harvesting the flow dividend is one of the pain points of many Mini Program developers.


From this perspective, search is the best way for applets to connect with users, and one of the most important ways for applets to reach users.This year, WeChat is open for full-volume search, and applets help users directly access goods and services, as well as "incentivized video advertising" are open for full-volume search, enabling entrepreneurs to quickly increase their liquidity.WeChat revised the pull down entrance many times in early days, and get through moments of wechat, public number graphic messages and other products and mini programs between the obstacles.Today, we have been able to use the WeChat site to search for better direct mini programs, the mini programs and the user will be better connected.


Baidu also put "search" in a rather important position from the beginning when building the ecosystem of smart mini programs.For example, if you search the keyword "movie" in baidu App, the search result is baidu movie ticket, ranking list, followed by the entrance of smart mini program.


Baidu also intelligently sorts the results for the questions about users' searches.Domatters searched for a few keywords like iQIYI, Vipshop, and so on that these little smart apps came up in the top five.On the user's feelings, even fuzzy search will also appear relevant mini program recommendations that can shorten the user's search this move to the results of the efficient experience.Such as in the past, only when the user to search for the words' own network intelligent mini program’, it can appear the corresponding mini programs. But now users search for the keywords,such as ‘what is a good company decorate’, ‘decorate a style’, baidu will put the net related content with the form of intelligent mini program and will pass the eye-catching "smart little program" tag to alert users.That means qijia's weight in search results has increased across the board and the number of distribution exposures has increased to get more traffic.


If you're a small APP developer, then global traffic has a greater appeal for you, especially when it comes to breaking the limits of a single super APP.From this point of view, baidu search traffic open to the intelligent mini program brought a new variation for the mini program industry.On the one hand, its smart applet ecosystem has become more open than before. On the other hand, users and services are reconnected through the scenario of "search", which opens a door of full traffic for applet developers.


Multidimensional openness


Baidu officially launched its smart app in July last year, and it had more than 150 million monthly active users within four months.To achieve such a large growth in a very short time is inseparable from the "open" principle of baidu smart applet ecology.Baidu supports developers by opening up baidu's whole-area traffic and AI enabling to build an intelligent mini program ecosystem.In December last year, baidu and iQIYI, fast hand, WiFi master key, 58, car home, ctrip, calendar, cheetah mobile, baidu video, baby-bus, zhuoyi these 12 enterprises officially signed a contract that is to establish the industry's first small open source program alliance.



For developers, the open source alliance for mini programs is a "one development, one traffic sharing" initiative, and it is a full-dimensional open source initiative.On the one hand, the standard is unified, and developers can run on multiple platforms once they develop. On the other hand, it provides developers with traffic protection that the number of total monthly active users of the App members in the alliance are over 3 billion.However, WeChat, which also has a natural flow pool, is limited to developers due to its closed ecology.Developers want to be able to take traffic and relationships out of the platform, but this is something that WeChat will never allow, and that's where the battle between chattering and WeChat comes in.


For users, there is no need to jump between different products and interfaces, and they can have a better experience by solving complex and coherent needs at one time.More importantly, baidu is using this to break the previously mini program attached to the super APP of the fragmentation of the ecosystem.Shen dou who is vice President of baidu has said that there was a unified set of standards being pushed forward in the PC era and the early days of the mobile Internet.But in the last two years,the original Internet standards are no longer applicable with the emergence of various apps.This applies equally well to the user's search experience.PC era users can search for accurate information will be satisfied, then the unified standard is the website.However, in the era of mobile Internet, users need the smooth experience of searching direct service to be satisfied.And the service is diversified, it may be shopping, game or a convenient gadget, and there is no unified service standard.With the rapid development of baidu's smart applet ecosystem, various applets have formed the basic components of unified user services.Users can also wake up mini programs anytime and anywhere through the search service to enjoy more convenient services.Especially with the increasing strength of search ecology and the continuous expansion of open source alliance, the potential energy of its applet ecology will be further expanded, and the boundary of the whole mobile Internet search ecology will be more broad.


Reconstruction of mobile ecology


How did baidu overcome the limitation between apps to achieve the reconstruction of mobile ecology?


From Domatters's view, this can be interpreted in three ways as below.


  • Continuation of user search behavior.


Baidu is deeply rooted in the search field and has led the Chinese search market for many years.According to statcounter, baidu had 70.3 percent of the domestic search engine market in December 2018 in China.Baidu's market share is also reached more than 70% in the mobile terminal search engine market.Therefore, baidu can accurately learn users and needs through search, and as to meet users' needs for information and services, intelligent mini program is obviously the most direct way.


  • Active distribution of information streams and personalized recommendations.


For example,the users of baidu App, Nice video and short videos for all are growing strongly, and the length of information flow users increases by 112% year on year in 2018.Together with over 1.9 million content creators of baijiahao of Baidu, it builds a diversified content portal through graphics, texts and video.Baidu also recommends personalized and contextualized content based on users' interests.According to the data disclosed by baidu, the daily recommended volume of information flow has exceeded 15 billion.


  • In addition, baidu has accumulated rich experience in traffic distribution. Through JZSearch, fuzzy search and shell search, it further improves the flow acquisition of mini programs, breaks the original application boundary and reconstructs the mobile ecological pattern.


JZSearch can support efficient index of text, number, date, string and other data types, rich query languages and query types, and search in minority languages.You should be able to understand without much explanation.


Fuzzy search means that the search system automatically performs fuzzy search according to the synonyms of the keywords entered by users so that more search results can be obtained.Take qijia intelligent mini program as an example. Users can see qijia intelligent mini program in search results by entering "decoration must not use diatom mud" and "heating tile" according to their daily context and usage habits.There are already thousands of search terms associated with smart home apps, according to nygjequity.


Shell search realizes the fuzzy matching between the search keywords and the content inside the intelligent mini program.For content - and service-based smart applets, shell search can come in handy.Domatters searched the "green book" key word in baidu App, and the search results directly showed the information of the cinema inside the intelligent program of cat's eye movie, the arrangement of films and other information.


Users, content, services and developers are effectively linked together by baidu search.When the user opens the applet directly from the search results, the access path is shortened.Mini program developer becomes the host of traffic again with nearly free search fission obtain traffic.And operation cost and traffic cost are reduced greatly.Mobile terminal unified years of fragmentation, is through baidu smart mini program ecological reconstruction and change.


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