Influencer Marketing/KOL Marketing

Influencer Marketing/KOL Marketing

You may already heard that internet celebrity boost China E-commerce sales in recently years.  It is a huge chance. Want to access China KOL/internet celebrity, living streaming? Want do brand awareness improve in China?  Interest in China influencer marketing strategy?

Send email to [email protected] to get specific info.  And find KOL source directly from Domatters Chinese official website today.  

KOL, better known as Key Opinion Leaders, are what consumers are gravitating towards in hopes to filter the clutter that digital advertising has created.

Key Opinion Leaders work double-duty: they not only connect with their audience, but in most cases, they also have a specific target demographic.

Domatters will assess what influences are most obvious to the target audience, will ensure the right people, and wants future customers to see it. After discovering the relevant influencing factors, we can provide you with better services.

More service we provided: web develop, SEO, link building, translation, copywriter, China commercials video production,China mobile search drop please feel free to contact us.

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