10 tips on how to promote your wine brand in China

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Today we talk about promoting wine and red wine in China.


China is the world's largest consumer of spirits. The types of spirits on the Chinese market include liquor, Vodka, Whisky and Brandy. In terms of the consumption structure of beverage and wine in China, wine only accounts for 1.5% of the total annual consumption.But Chinese wine market has huge market potential.China is the world's fastest-growing market for wine consumption.Over the past decade, the consumption of traditional wine consumers in the world has remained basically at the same level, while the Chinese market has emerged and wine sales have been on the rise.This has also made the world's winemakers flock to it.


The sudden outbreak this year has accelerated the industry's reshuffle. Only enterprises with good products and strong brands will achieve greater development. Under the epidemic, Chinese domestic wine manufacturers are also seeking change. They can only find ways to recover some losses as much as possible. On the one hand, they slow down the pace of purchases, and on the other hand, they develop new sales models, such as online sales and live sales using social media. If you want Chinese distributors and consumers to accept a new wine brand, you also need to carry out fruitful marketing efforts in China.




Here are 10 tips on how to promote your wine brand in China. Domatters Digital Marketing China hopes it will help your business in China.


1. Promote wine education


In China, countless wine tastings are held every year. Each wine tasting event combines wine culture and Chinese special culture-"relationship". Wine is a product with rich connotation. From it, you can see the cultural characteristics of a country or region, the trend of globalization in the world, and a healthy and elegant attitude to life. Through wine tasting, it can make Chinese people more willing to buy wine while increasing their understanding of wine. Now, WSET training in the UK is the most popular wine education course in China. In addition, golf courses and wine tastings are great places to meet high-profile Chinese people. Affected by the epidemic this year, many offline wine tasting sessions have been postponed. However, with the development of the vaccine, the improvement of the new crown epidemic, and the recovery of the economies of various countries, Domatters believes that it will resume prosperity and liveliness later.


2. Invite wine experts to join


In order to make your wine brand more credible, you need to invite wine experts to join. Sommeliers or French professional wine workers can win the trust of consumers. If you want to sell wine online, you can invite a prestigious sommelier to shoot some videos about product promotion and put it on the website for promotion.


The Internet is the main channel for Chinese people to obtain information. Chinese people like to learn information about wine regions, varieties and brands through professional websites. Therefore, establishing a good wine brand image online is very important for marketing.



3. Take the story and culture behind the brand as the highlight of publicity


The Chinese are always very interested in the history of wine. A winery with a long history is often easier to gain the trust of Chinese consumers. Multimedia is a powerful marketing tool. The Chinese are very capable of accepting new technologies and digital media. Beautiful videos and beautiful pictures can effectively convey the characteristics of a brand.





4. Use QR code


In China, QR codes are very popular. By simply scanning the QR code, a lot of information can be obtained. Now, some wines have added a QR code to the wine label, which allows consumers to quickly obtain relevant wine information. Therefore, adding a QR code to the wine label has a non-negligible role for brand promotion and product promotion.


5. Brand building


If a brand really wants to enter the Chinese wine market, it must first understand that it needs to pay a certain cost for brand building and promotion. A few years ago, you could find distributors or importers in China who are willing to promote and sell your wine. But now, competition in the Chinese market is getting fiercer. Before Chinese people decide to invest in a wine brand, they will first check to see if it has a reliable product supply line. They will also thoroughly understand its current status and development potential. Therefore, if you want to find a better distributor or importer in China, you must first build your own brand.


6. Borrow the influence of news media and public opinion


You can communicate with consumers through the media, such as online media and news newspapers, to promote their brand image to consumers. You can also hold some wine tasting events, and invite some reporters to the scene, establish direct contact with them, and use their influence to promote your brand. In China, the role of opinion leaders, KOLs, and celebrities are very powerful. Although their number may be only 10%, it affects another 90% of the people.


7. Product positioning


It is important to understand the different levels and needs of Chinese consumers, which can help you correctly position your wine and find your target customers. In China, the phrase "wine is good for health" is often used to encourage consumers to drink wine. Many websites and radio programs are promoting such information that many scientific studies have proved that a glass of wine every day can contribute to good health.


8. Focus on e-commerce


Chinese e-commerce is booming. China has a variety of member malls, especially the professional wine member malls. The development trend is very impressive, which is the mainstream channel for wine e-commerce. You can consider building a wine website yourself. If you don’t, Domatters can help you build a professional website. You can also open a wine shop on Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong, etc. If you need us to help you replace operations, you can also contact Domatters to help you.




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9. Use social networking sites


Many wine brands will open a Sina microblog (It's called weibo in Chinese.) account after entering China in order to have close contact with Chinese consumers. A well-managed Weibo account can win a lot of followers and let more and more people know their brand.


The new marketing model has gradually become the mainstream of promotion in China. Prosperous sales of catering, prosperous wine shops, fan base, and Internet, this will be an important model for future regional market dynamic sales. With the establishment of major channels such as e-commerce, Wechat, Kuaishou, DouyinMeituan, Pinduoduo, and 1919, the advantages of new marketing channels in 2020 will become more obvious, and the costs will be relatively controllable.


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10. Try placement ads in websites,movies, TV series, TV shows or TV news, etc.


Implanted advertising is a relatively popular advertising method that can be used to implant products, brands, or services into movies, TV series, TV shows, or TV news,etc.. This method can effectively target consumers and make consumers remember a brand in a subtle way. At present, there are relatively few wine brands promoted in this way, but there are many successful examples.


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