These 3 ways to increase millions of fans in Douyin with a monthly revenue of 400,000+!You must know it.

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You must know these 3 ways to increase millions of fans in Douyin with a monthly revenue of 400,000+!



In this Internet age, traffic and content are really king. In this special period of this year, the most worrying thing is the passenger flow. Coupled with the fact that June is coming, half a year has passed, and the profit is not much. Not only are there not many people in the store, but even online video players who are transitioning to play short videos and live broadcasts are worried about traffic. So where does the traffic come from? Today, Domatters will share with you the secrets of Douyin! Hope it will be helpful for your business promotion in China!




The meaning of this sentence is very simple.The most direct way to attract fans is that you have to make enough exciting and interesting content. In this way, when the fans brush your video, they will find this very interesting and want to follow you.





Of course, wonderful videos are not easy to make.This can be done slowly. We can start by imitating the good videos taken by others, and analyze what the videos with high volume and high praise are.


For example, you pay attention to what shooting methods they use, and then try to shoot yourself to see if you can shoot the same effect. If you can't shoot once, you can shoot more times, and slowly explore and summarize.



People who often use Weibo, you will find that you should often see words like "Don't rub the heat of the idol of our family". In fact, Domatters said that the hot spot is a bit similar to this. It's just that most of the microblogs are popular with popular stars.


In Douyin, the way we rub the heat can be changed to this way, which is to use popular songs to shoot videos. Some time ago, when a Chinese TV series "Predecessor 3" was broadcast, almost all the streets were a song in this TV series. At that time, a lot of videos on Douyin used this song as background music. And their playback volume is a lot.


In addition to the selection of music, we can also imitate popular videos, such as "Learn the Cat Meow", which is very popular recently. If your video is good, the playback volume is usually hundreds of thousands. In addition, there is also a hot spot to participate in hot topics in the square.







In the process of watching the video, comment interaction is also a very important link. When we click on the comments, we can see that the humorous and interesting comments will also get countless praises.


There are two types of comments:


One is to directly comment on each other under the popular video, so that you can attract people who have the same needs as you to help you increase the click-through rate of the video. Everyone watches each other's videos and helps each other.


The other is to leave a wonderful comment under the popular comment. Of course, this requires a certain amount of skill, so as to become a humorous comment and get a lot of praise. Maybe someone who is interested will visit your homepage.


Of course, in addition to these three methods, there are many ways to quickly increase fans. Welcome to contact Domatters Digital Marketing China for more information.


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