360 took Xiaohongshu as the standard: launching a "special selection" of good species grass platform

Posted by zaiwu 15/06/2020 0 Comment(s) China Social Media Marketing, Doing Business in China,

360 launched its e-commerce business in a low-key manner. It launched a 360 version of a good species grass platform "special selection" which is “qing xuan” in Chinese language, which is equivalent to social e-commerce platforms such as Xiaohongshu and Penguin.


It is currently available on Android and iOS, and its Slogan is "good life, easy choice". The product positioning of "special Selection" is a good species grass community. Users can not only share all kinds of grass-like things in the community, but also get the discount information they need on the whole network. The system will also automatically monitor the price of goods for users.






360 has never entered the e-commerce business before, always playing in the network security "360 security" and the search business "360 search". Unexpectedly, it suddenly started on e-commerce recently. Recently, 360 launched the "360 version of good species grass community"special selection”,which provides grass notes, coupons, product questions and answers and other services, and supports buying products to jump to third-party platforms such as Tmall and JD.com. This is a bit imitating the model of Xiaohongshu. At present, the "special selection" website and APP have been fully laid out and open for registration. It seems that 360's incoming e-commerce business has been premeditated!


However, since the "special selection" has just started, there is very little content on the platform. But this is good news for those who want to do e-commerce business in China. After all, this has added a new marketing channel. And the new platform has fewer restrictions and more opportunities for presentation. Everyone can pay more attention!



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