4 steps to create your own site optimization notes

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A lot of people have been building websites for only a few days, and they've been thinking through the night about a little bit of ranking that whether it's up or down and whether it's indexed in Baidu or not.Website optimization is not a thing that you quick to finish.Here, Domatters Digital Marketing China recommends the most effective method of website optimization, which is to establish your own notes of website optimization through 4 steps.With this note, you'll know exactly why your site's ranking is up and down, and your inclusion is not stable, and you'll be able to correct it accordingly.


The devil is in the details. If you want to really optimize a website, data analysis is an essential work.The establishment of website optimization notes is the most obvious and direct method that Domatters Digital Marketing China thinks.Therefore, domatters is recommended it here that we hope to help you.





  • Be prepared to optimize and adjust based on the experience of others


Learning from others is one of the fastest ways to learn about website optimization.You'll be inspired by the numerous optimization articles on the web.For example, if someone says it's easy to get a ranking by including certain keywords in and around the title, then you can include relevant keywords in future updates.For example: "search engine ranking", then add "global search engine ranking" to Title and its surroundings.Attention, do not do hot keywords.Although the methods are the same, but in accordance with others to do, you need to find a notepad to summed up the optimization methods of the URL and Title .


  • Modify the page and improve the content


Then apply the optimization method to the website and make notes of the changes.This is convenient for you to know in the future to modify where the inclusion of increased income.


  • Keep track of the relevant data for inspection and analysis


Today's statistical tools generally have a specific column page analysis.You need to include the typical web page modified into the tracking data, and then review and analyze it later.


  • Adjust the error correction and enter a new loop


After a period of optimization, there must be many errors that need to be fixed.If you find that the "global search engine rankings" of your site don't rank better than you did optimization before, you can start the cycle by looking elsewhere.


This cycle can be self-paced, from days to months.You can also adjust according to the update rules of baidu. You should take notes during the adjustment and record the content, time and data before the adjustment.After a while you look at the tracking data, compare it before and after the adjustment, and record the time and data, so it's easy to draw conclusions.


It can be recorded in notepad, word, online form, personals, etc.If you have more than one tuning idea to implement, it's best to do it one by one, and if you tweak too many places you may not know the real reason for the change in data.


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