4 ways to improve SEO without establishing links

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When it comes to improving SEO on a website, the advice of most SEO optimizer and digital marketing agencies includes focusing on building links.There are good reasons for this, and it is indeed very effective for certain industries.


Of course, there are other ways to improve your ranking on Baidu and other search engines, maybe even better. In this article, Domatters will show you how to do this!


What is link building?


When we talk about link building, we are talking about inbound links which let others link to your content. The way most people do this is to find stale or outdated links on high-weight sites in your market segment, create replacement content, and then market to site owners to use their links to create new content. (If you haven't done it, Domatters still recommends you to do link building. After reading this article, if you don't know yet, or want to find someone to help with SEO, you can contact us at any time.)





Other methods of establishing links include:

A. Find a resource page suitable for your content and contact

B. Use, Baidu, etc. to create links

C. Conduct paid online celebrity marketing activities

When it comes to the effects of inbound links, the focus of inbound links is that quality is more important than quantity. Establishing 15 links with low and medium weight sites is not as good as establishing 5 links with medium and high weight sites.


Link building can be an effective strategy, but it also has disadvantages. First, everyone is doing it, so competition is fierce. Second, you must work hard, and the results may not always be satisfactory. Third, in terms of time, this can be expensive, especially if you decide to take the celebrity marketing route.

The good news is that you can get inbound links without having to spend all your time looking for opportunities on other sites. Try these 4 strategies to improve your website ranking without spending a lot of time creating and promoting content.


Strategy 1: Build great products


This method is called "product-led growth" (PLG). Basically, it can be used as a marketing channel for products or services provided by enterprises.

Strategy 2: Provide free value-added products

If you already own a premium product or are planning to develop a premium product, then at least part of it will be given away as a tool for paid marketing. That is the free value-added model.




Strategy 3: Create linkable resources

If you don't have the budget or resources to build a free product, you still have the opportunity to create linkable resources. Very simple, linkable resources are designed for the purpose of expressing clearly, the purpose is to make people link to them.


Strategy 4: Use self-media to publish content

If you decide to build tools or linkable resources, please post content on the headlines, Baijia, Dayu, Wukong Q & A, Zhihu or any website that is suitable for your industry.

However, you need to be cautious when promoting products in the community, especially when it comes to knowing. Please read the rules before publishing and consider using paid advertising so that you will not be banned for violations or links.

Using more industry websites is a good way to get eyeballs. If they like your content or product, some of them may eventually link to you.


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