How popular is 5G era

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      With the rapid development of the Internet and 5G, our life is also more and more convenient in the new network era.In the past,4G from nothing to the rapid development process is just a few years, the emergence of 4G has greatly improved our life.Before the mobile phone network speed as slow as a snail, but after the popularity of 4G mobile phone network speed as fast as a rocket.Average person can watch video, play games on the mobile phone with 4G network, their own experience of the network is a qualitative leap compared to the previous.4G era slowly faded out of sight,5G came along.






         For ordinary people, the most relevant to them should be 5G mobile phones. After all, mobile phones as our daily essential electronic equipment, mobile phone upgrade, bring us the most obvious changes in life. For the upcoming 5G era, 5G mobile phone manufacturers are doing a good job of laying the groundwork for this market. As far as we are concerned, there are already a number of mobile phone companies, such as Huawei, vivo, OPPO, Xiaomi in China,have produced 5G phones.IPhone 5G phones had came in 2020, following the footsteps of the 5G era.


     With the advent of 5G, there was more advances for mobile phones, not to mention other things like just watching video. It bringed us a more smooth and clearer direct feeling. And, because of 5G, mobile phones will be further improved from device to performance, which is great news for people who value mobile phone performance. The smartphones we use now may also become "old school" in the future. Because 5G came,there are certain requirements for devices. A phone that wants to use a 5G network needs the processor to support 5G baseband, support UHF band, maximum speed and upload speed to meet the standard. Future processors will probably be up to the standard of computer processors.


    5G mobile phones have been gradually popularized in China.Other applications of 5G will require more and more companies to join in. For example Intelligent home enterprises, the production and promotion of intelligent robot enterprises.


      After all, many people have the idea that with the advent of 5G,when they get up in the morning and their 5G phone automatically controls their smart home devices, slowly adjusting the light in the room and playing lilting music to wake them. When puted  up their slippers, their weight, body fat, and other data is also captured and sent to the cloud.






      We also found that 5G s very closely connected to our lives. For a simple example, 5G  drived the development of VR, AR and smart cities. That is to say, perhaps in the near future, we do not need to travel in the very trouble to make our own plans; when we want to check the hotel before checking in, we can easily understand the structure and configuration of the hotel through VR; after we drive on the road, we can easily  cross the congested road.......



5G is a big trend in the era.The enterprise which conforms to this development of 5G will obtain the future convenience.


     Looking to the future, some of the high-tech closely related to life for faster and stronger network demand is more and more obvious, 5G is like opening a fast lane for all devices that need wireless data transmission, so that our life in high-tech driven better and better.

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