How do 999 cold medication cross-border play with long Johns and masks?

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In recent years, all kinds of big brands are very fond of cross-border.For brands, cross-border marketing can often arouse consumers' curiosity and stimulate their sensory experience.The best example in China is the Palace Museum culture and innovation. They cross the boundaries of clothing, cosmetics and other fields.They are the absolute king of cross-border.While continuing to bring freshness to consumers, it has also brought considerable benefits to the cultural and creative industry of the Forbidden City in China.It is known that in 2017 alone, the revenue of the Palace Museum cultural and creative center reached 1.5 billion RMB.When a brand chooses some irrelevant elements, it can often form a strong contrast effect, which can cause a discussion on social media to spontaneously form a topic, thus achieving an unexpected effect.


Now, even the 999 cold medication ,which is a brand of the most familiar of our childhood and also is a brand you'd never think of, is playing cross-border.Yes, it is this familiar green,as below:



So what can a drug do to cross that line?Is it a crossover drink?Severe is, 999 cold medication is long Johns...


A playful brand is always a surprise.999 is the fashion equivalent.Here are four different styles of long Johns.Yes, they are: not cool juvenile style, wear long baoling style, health punk style, kneeling and licking customer style.They are also high-waisted, showing long legs, narrow waists and keeping warm.They are also super stylish, super quality, super beautiful posters.



Can't appreciate it?Fashion is not meant to be appreciated, but to guide the aesthetic.


For brands, the primary purpose is to attract consumers' attention across the industry.The second purpose is to strengthen the tone of the brand.


Remember the AD for 999 cold works?"Someone's always in love with you secretly."This time it can be aboveboard love you.Here are four sets of heart-warming long Johns.This deep combination of internal (999 cold medicine) and external (999 long Johns) is the most effective protection for your health...The content of its copywrite is also excellent.Build warmth brand, undertake this one criterion 'warm, very close' after all.


not cool juvenile style  :kan shang qu hen ku qi shi hen nuan

Social road chill cool heart feel warm good

It looks cool but it's actually warm

Wear long Johns on social roads

Warm heart is not cool


wear long bao ling style:yue chuan yue nuan yue nuan yue ling

Wear longer salary higher 999 lover heart warmer

Promotions, raises, and promotions

Warm and caring sanjiu cold spirit

How to treat a cold just clever?


health punk style:beng di jie qian chou gao yao nuan xin tou

Ginseng-coke-Go ji-beer Disco chill cool 999

Kneel lick client edition

The bigger the LOGO, the better

A full body is the warmest

The customer is really warm


kneeling and licking customer style:ke hu nuan cai shi zhen de nuan

Logo bigger feeling warmer

Dancing is the answer to thousands of worries

A high waist warms the heart

Ginseng cola and wolfberry beer

Long Johns 999

Oh no, 666



Crossover test is adhesion, new user attraction, old users find everything new and fresh.It doesn't necessarily appeal to all users, but it's a very successful case.Especially its own brand reputation is good, perfect.Cold medicine with long Johns shows you can wear long Johns if you don't want to catch a cold, and take cold medicine if you don't want to wear long Johns.If you don't buy my pants, you'll have to buy my medicine.


From the perspective of brand marketing, 999 subdivided groups carry out differentiated marketing, not only for those who have caught a cold, but also for those who have not caught a cold.


999 cold medicine is the product of sanjiu group.Sanjiu group is a large state-owned enterprise in China and a wholly-owned subsidiary of China resources (group) co., LTD.In the first half of 2018, China resources 39 earned 6.472 billion RMB in revenue, 827 million RMB in net profit and 1.083 billion RMB in net cash flow, up 39.17 percent year-on-year.Forced transformation can be ruled out, the sale of long Johns is 999 for the active, active crossover.From announce the time node that sells long Johns to choose to go up, can see clearly 999 look in, it is feelings only, not be sale volume.Because the best time that sells long Johns, it is autumn season undoubtedly.But choosing February 2, 999 can only use long Johns as an accessory, rather than a major product in the future.


999 as a super thoughtful student

Check out the bubble mask


This cool promotion video applies elements such as chinese-style clothes, paper folding fans, oil-paper umbrellas and swords to the fashion trend.Every model is wearing the mask of explosive bead, mysterious and fine, as wonderful as Chinese sichuan opera face-changing.From the name alone, I know that wearing it will become a sea of people with super head.



"Say no to dislike" and "keep it cold" are labels for this beaded mask.Its design is exaggerated and retro and bold.Blue green and red blue collocation very grab an eye.It's impossible to keep a low profile.Compare with tall waist long Johns rise, explode bead mouth-mask is the little sister of inside collect apparently.


This is 999 and secret fan baixi bureau jointly launched, has been in the fifth season of Shanghai fashion weekend new retail platform debut.Domatters can rule out that this is going to be a godlike babe with a dent on it for a while.Don't look at her provocative design.It is from the idea of bai juyi "pipa line" in the line "big beads small drop jade plate".The unique feature of this mask is that each mask contains 2 peppermint and wild chrysanthemum scented explosive beads.Before putting on a mask, you can feel the fresh and elegant smell of peppermint and wild chrysanthemum, as if every breath is the first kiss!


"Reject virus, fresh air, real material" is the functional selling point of the mask.Although the model is cold, wearing it is really cool and warm.


This time, 999 cooperated with mifan baixi bureau of "fashion model Chinese style" to improve the design of common beaded masks.The whole style of 720 ° big shift, innovative personality trend.This is totally a fashion must-have for young people.999 is a lot of fun.



As a pharmaceutical company, 999 does not forget its essence when entering the fashion industry.Long Johns keep you warm while face masks filter the air.These are closely related to people's health.It's the flu season and this mask comes in time.


In addition to this time 999 cold medication, before this, Lao ganma, wang wang, liu shen also because exceed contrast to cross a boundary, cause industry concern.

  • Lao ganma



In 2018, a red hoodie from Lao gan ma was a hit with consumers.The overall design of this garment is a combination of Chinese and western casual design.Chest is a prominent brand logo printing, the left sleeve printed "national goddess" four characters, the right sleeve is printed with English words, is very unique.


  • wang wang


Wang wang group, which mainly focuses on snacks, has also cooperated with popular logo TYAKASHA in mainland China to launch a series of co-branded clothes, including sweaters, socks, sweats, bags and other products.In order to highlight the classic graphics of wangzai, the styles of these pieces are also different from TYAKASHA's previous styles and more inclined to simple fashion


  • liu shen​



In 2018, liu shen, a time-honored Chinese brand, partnered with RIO cocktail.The two intersected and produced a fantastic "chemical reaction" that resulted in a limited edition of the six gods cocktail.In one minute, 17,000 six-pack cocktails were sold out.It turns everyone's imagination on its head.


On the road to cross the boundary of the brand is not only these, cross the boundary is also a kind of publicity for the brand.This is very helpful for the brand image.Cross-border marketing can often arouse consumers' curiosity and stimulate their sensory experience.Because some irrelevant elements, in sharp contrast, can often cause discussion on social media spontaneously form a topic, so as to achieve unexpected effect.Now crossover cooperation, IP enabling has become a new way of brand marketing in China.


When customers are less likely to like brand-related products, using new products to win customers' favor is indeed a smart marketing method.Nowadays, in addition to many traditional brands producing other products across the border, many high-end luxury brands are also stepping into the mass consumer goods industry.Actually, to the enterprise, consumptive market and consumptive group, psychology are in ceaseless beg new beg change.There is nothing wrong with blindly focusing on its own traditional fields, but it should also take precautions to diversify its product structure.This is the brand management of the long-term solution.Isn't it?



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