A summary of how to improve your creative thinking

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Creativity is a mysterious and not readily available thing.It's both scientific and mysterious.It is both rational and emotional.It is both divergent and focused.It has a lot of methodologies, and sometimes you have to throw out all of them.


Is there a way to train creative thinking? Of course!


If you're used to seeing creative cases and still run dry, here are 10 funny ways to train your creative mind.


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It's kind of nerve-wracking to give yourself a keyword,any word is OK and then spend the whole day or several days running around it.Anything you see these days (people, things, animals, landscapes, etc.) should be associated with this keyword and mixed up.


For example, if you set the key word to be "car" and you see a dog on the road, you start to freak out like this:


What happens if a dog drives a car?What about a pack of dogs?

Could this dog be an alien?

Could the dog be a car man?

What does the dog think of the car?

Can a car look like a dog?

What if the dog's four legs turned into four car wheels?

Why is it barking at the car? What is it saying?




No constraints, no limits, give your answer!


  • The method of exaggeratively hypothesis


There are so many things in life that we think are impossible. What if they are impossible to be possible?What's going to happen? What's the results?Exaggerating a little, assuming an impossible reality, and then thinking about all the possible stories and situations.This is the method of exaggeratively hypothesis.


What would happen if animals understood what people said?

What would happen if aliens lived on earth all the time?

What happens if you suddenly turn 4 years old?

What if the dinosaurs hadn't died out at all?

What would happen if the tathagata fought Jesus?

What if tomorrow was the end of the world?

What if qin shi huang came to modern times?



Exaggerated assumptions will make things eye-catching. If you can integrate your own brand and products, it will be creative and quite shocking.Take a example, the Kitadol menstrual lotion AD, Get her back.When a woman menstruates, her endocrine imbalance can affect her mood and temper, making her fierce and irritable which is just like a boxer.




  • The method of Subject associative divergence


Set yourself a theme keywords, and then unlimited expansed around the theme on the basis of the theme of the relevant theme of divergence.Thinking can be creative, but always focus on the theme, looking for different characteristics, different thinking directions and different entry points.This method of creative training can be used to think in a grid, but also can be used to divergent mind mapping.The creative method of the 9 squares is actually a process of infinite extension of imagination, one square after another square, and so on.



Domatters suggests you just draw it on a blank sheet of paper.The point is to train the mind. There's no need to spend time on tools.An example of this is shown below.


  • Rashomon method of thinking


It's so simple and nerve-racking that it's sometimes called schizophrenia.Rashomon which you're probably familiar with is to think from the standpoint of different people.Even if it is the same thing, different people stand in different angles with different ways of narration, then their psychological feelings and views are different.You will find the world is wonderful, everyone's idea is different and very interesting.So this kind of creative thinking breeds infinite possibilities.


For example, if you see a dog peeing under a telegraph pole on the road, then you can go insane again.Time stands still, pictures freeze, and your mind switches back and forth:


What was the dog thinking now?

What's this telegraph pole thinking now?

What's the dog's owner thinking now?

What's going on in the heart of an uncle eating bread nearby?

And what was the mind of a women dog in the distance?

What is the old man thinking of now who is beside the seat to read newspaper slanting eyes of ?



You can also call this method the playfully transpositive way of thinking.If you are capable of soul shifting, you may exchange yourself for anything, even air.For example, to say last year's system bully circle of friends case, "the first session of cultural relics play fine assembly" in Douyin is definitely one.National treasures are alive to release themselves, a play than a fine.But behind this is actually a group of creative actors, they switch themselves into these national treasures of the role, to play the imagination.




  • The method of asking 100,000 why


To be creative, you need to be curious, not just passively accepting things and information, but always asking yourself why.



Why do apples fall from trees?

Why do we move when we look at the clouds in the sky?

Are the clouds watching to see if we move or not?

Why is the hive in that shape?

Why do you laugh when others laugh?

Why don't men wear skirts?

Why did marvel set the snap motion?

Why are dogs more clingy than cats?



There is a point to pay attention to that asking why is not to exercise everyone logical thinking ability, but the ability of divergent thinking.So you don't have to limit your thinking to common sense to give a scientifically standard answer.You can fly your mind and have all sorts of different perspectives.


Like why did the apple fall from the tree and hit Newton on his head?Maybe it's beacuse apple don't like Newton!Why are eggs most afraid of tomatoes?Because tomatoes scrambled eggs...



This looks a little bit like the theme of number three, but it's different.The former is divergent on a theme keyword, and this is relay divergence, keyword after keyword association.

Such as:


Childhood - animated film - TV - the Spring Festival gala -the host -debate with someone-said the exotic to dandruff-anti-schuppen-Head&Shoulders-wash hair-water - small boat-the west lake-The Legend Of White Snake - childhood...


This kind of thinking, such as gu ye's article is one theme related to another, and then to a god advertising.




  • Super lianliankan way of thinking


Now many people like to play games, such as lianliankan, eliminate music.This way of thinking can be said to be a super enhanced version of lianliankan, without you to connect, directly to find two unrelated things (people, things, animals, landscapes, etc.) in common.Many admen seem to call this method inverse analysis training, or common sense training.


For example:

What do helicopters and dragonflies have in common?

What do 80-year-old men and 8-year-old boys have in common?

What do mirrors and eyes have in common?

What do song hye-kyo and song joong-ki have in common?

What do trump and the Eiffel Tower have in common?

What do shoes and boyfriends have in common?

What do condoms and bubbles have in common?



  • The method of divergent functional thinking


This method is also very interesting. You choose a common or popular product that can be easily seen in your life, such as cups, mobile phones, underwear, tissues, garbage cans, WeChat, douyin...


Give yourself a set amount of time, for example 5-10 minutes, and you say as many things as you can.For example we say the cup.Who says cups can't be used as flower POTS, right?Now a lot of potted plants are made of different kinds of cups, and they are very beautiful.Domatters also heard that there are three treasures for cycling on the sichuan-tibet line: red bull, condom and sanitary napkin!Red bull goes without saying, plateau riding self-drive tour, replenish energy.But why are there so many condoms and pads?Don't get me wrong, here's the thing:



Condoms and sanitary towels are of great use on the sichuan-tibet railway.Condoms can be used to keep water out of areas where it rains a lot. They can also be used to hold water when riding, which you might not expect.And sanitary napkin can be used as cushion.The most uncomfortable part of riding sichuan Tibetan line is not the feet, but the buttocks. The buttocks can't bear when riding for a long time.Of course, it can also be worn in cushioned shoes.



Distance association is a classic method of creative training, which was first used to study a test method of creativity.It's the opposite of the associative divergence of the subject.It is to come up with several unrelated keywords and then associate them with a common related word.For example, "red, round, elastic", its related word could be "basketball".


Creative thinking is the process of reintegrating associative elements. The farther the associative distance between newly combined elements, the more creative the thinking process or problem solving will be.You can also try, for example:


Hard, bitter, plastic - What can you think of one of their common associations?

Fly, goldfish, turtle - what is their common association?

Competition, monsters, heroes- what is the common related word you can associate?

Spider, Wolf, gorilla, what is the common related word you can associate?

Taobao, WeChat, douban, what is the common related word you can associate?




The so-called five senses are: shape, sound, smell, taste, touch, that is, people's five sense organs: vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch.If you describe something dryly, it is not interesting.Using the five senses to describe the details of things will make the description more pictorial and tension, which is also a kind of creative expression ability.So you might as well give yourself a task, in ordinary life can see things deliberately with the five senses to experience and observe.Then use your imagination and association to write down your five senses of something.This not only trains your creative skills, but also enriches your creative material pool.



If you can stick with a few of these 10 techniques, Domatters believes the help will be huge.



Finally, Domatters Digital Marketing China gives us another tip that we must remember to do creative training at any time, prepare a paper or mobile note can be.Write down every interesting thing you see, joke, idea or conversation.Creativity comes from life.


Of course, don't waste those little moments of inspiration when you're on the subway, in the bathroom, eating, in a daze or watching a movie.


For example, when you go to the toilet, you have a pen and no mobile phone.You could take the toilet paper and write it down!Just remember to save some for yourself.


Okay, that's it.You've got a lot of creative ideas, and you're going to have to put them to good use.


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