Baidu launches VidPress: articles can automatically generate videos

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Domatters saw a message when browsing the web today that Baidu Research Institute recently launched a new AI artifact: as long as less than 10 minutes, the text can automatically generate graphics and video.


Multi-modal creation: Graphic generation video




Baidu provides multi-modal short video automatic creation capabilities, quickly realizes the intelligent synthesis of graphics and video to video, and strongly empowers content creation. It automatically extracts key information from input articles and synthesizes narration words and dubbing. At the same time, it obtains real-time related pictures and video materials, and completes material selection and automatic alignment of visual content based on semantic visual understanding and matching technology. In the end, it can synthesize natural and smooth short videos in a short period of time, improving creative efficiency.


The launch of this black technology has caused a sensation in the video industry. After that, it will be used to make a video, and it is no longer necessary to work overtime to search for materials, change scripts, add special effects, render and export.


In this way, video producers and film and television producers have to go offline! Do you have a sense of unemployment crisis?



How to apply for Baidu VidPress?




Enter the Baidu Brain AI intelligent creation platform-to CreateLab-to the experience hall-to multi-modal creation (graphic and video generation video)-to apply for a trial.


Attachment: VidPress "cut the film" specific steps


First, after applying for the test, you enter the "VidPress" page and click "Create first video" to jump to the page.


Second, you copy the link of the news content you want to convert to video and paste it into VidPress. After selecting the voiceover, video duration, and clarity, you click Generate.


Finally, you check the narration and subtitles, edit the copy as needed, modify it with one click, and cut it off!




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