Three major highlights worth sharing for Baidu employees "was on leave" on Children's Day

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Today, June 1st, the Internet giants who have always been known for their welfare have a strange operation again.


For example, all the employees of Xiaodu received a leave slip automatically generated by artificial intelligence Xiaodu.





There are two options for this leave application requesting to get off work 3 hours in advance on Children's Day. One is that you have a cute baby at home. Hurry up and go home to watch animations and play games with your baby. Happy holidays! The second is that you are still a baby. Today belongs to your holiday, so hurry and go to the festival! These two content options can be said to be natural and not missed, so that all employees can be easily "one-stop". It not only takes care of employees who have small babies at home, but also ignores those babies whose appearance is mature and whose psychological age is still six or seven years old.No difference in pampering. It treats all people equally. Anyway, everything is baby.


In this way, Xiaodu's employees not only enjoyed the 3 hours of June 1st inexplicably, but also received gifts from Xiaodu's Children's Day. They were so happy that they were transformed, and they all showed off their leave requests.





Xiaodu's official blog also issued this AI leave that looks very much like a joke + prank.




Baidu employees in Shanghai were also inspired when they saw it, and they all spontaneously downloaded leave requests and took the "cloud leave" to the leaders.


The majority of netizens are scrambling to have the same vacation. Look, this is someone else's company. On Children's Day, they not only have gifts to receive, but also AI take the initiative to ask for leave. (I don’t dare to call @my leader here)


As a "little master" in the AI world, Xiaodu fulfilled others by the way, while also fulfilling himself—it helped himself to take leave. As for the reason for its leave, Domatters couldn't bear to refute it. That is, it is busy all year round and walks with the baby every day. On June 1st Children's Day, Xiaodu wanted to take a break.




There are also Xiaodu official blogs that apply to all users for leave, and invite Weibo users to take photos of their own small vacations and participate in the sweepstakes.






(Some users replied: I can't take the vacation myself,do I have to take pictures of others?) Netizens still play superbly, and they have contributed a lot of gratifying UGC while taking photos:


Let's go back and look at Xiaodu. Although it is naughty, it still appeals to the users in such a way that it hopes that the parents who are busy with their work after it leaving on June 1 will be able to accompany their children.


Is this a change in style, and are you suddenly poked by Xiaodu?


Let's go back to the marketing level and watch Xiaodu's wave of June 1st which is so hot and warm. It has three major highlights worth sharing by Domatters:




It strengthens Aojiao's personal settings and communicates brand temperature


Xiaodu proudly wants to celebrate Children's Day on June 1st, and it is also intimate in its proudness, that is, the holiday must be shared with the user. Users who are familiar with it will be amused, and unfamiliar will be attracted to find out.


This strategy of seeing the big from the small is consistent with Xiaodu's consistent style of communication. While doing things that match the positioning of an artificial intelligence assistant, it secretly conveys care and love like family and friends. While it allows users to feel the brand's temperature, it also doesn't make you feel artificial and too hard.






Create a sense of contrast and highlight human touch


Xiao Du's due diligence has always been obvious to all. For example, the performance in the recently popular variety show "Longing for Life":


Not only does it respond to all kinds of needs at any time, it also shoulders the important task of "reminding Peng Peng to eat only a bowl of rice", it also needs to be wise to respond to touts like "You are so cute", and occasionally make bursts of laughter in the mushroom house.


This time, Xiaodu, who was on call, was absent on June 1. This sudden contrast of people can not only catch the eyes of users, but also trigger the thinking of "why should Xiaodu ask for leave". It is therefore logical to pass on the small brand concept. That is to say, although Xiaodu with baby artifacts can help parents become "lie-win parents", parents are always irreplaceable for their children's companionship. Xiaodu's initiative to ask for leave is for children to call for their parents' companionship, and also reminds parents to try Accompany the child.



Retrograde marketing


The operation of asking for leave is also "a long history", and April Fool's Day asked for leave on the grounds that "AI can't lie and can't harm humans".


In-depth bundling with users is the vision goal of most brands, but the small degree is more sensible: knowing how to retreat in communication strategies, timely extraction and blanking, but let users feel the importance of products. Recalling the previous video of "The National Record of Parents Collapse", it is foreseeable that once the small leave is taken for too long, it is likely that the "Parent Giant Collapse Event" will be staged again.


In general, Xiaodu's wave of leave operations not only highlights the brand's will, but also takes into account the needs of users, and has not forgotten to give of the benefit on children's day-so thoughtful and funny, it can be said that this year The paradigm of June 1st marketing is clear.





Finally, Domatters opened a brain hole and had a creative thinking-


Xiaodu is AI (Artificial Intelligence). When we regard AI as Pinyin, it is "ai", which means "love" in English.


So Xiaodu "begged for a holiday" on Children's Day, which may also want to remind us that the older adults are the following:


When human beings enjoy the convenient life brought about by the development of science and technology and the digitization of information, we must not forget the importance of face-to-face communication and true companionship. These are things that AI can't do. For example, when people face each other and their breaths intersect, there is a certain atmosphere and warmth flowing in the air. It is the most precious time that we should experience and cherish....



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