How to optimize,be indexed, rank first page and have free traffic for Baidu image search?

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01 What is Baidu Picture? What are the benefits of Baidu Picture Optimization?



What is Baidu picture? It is a vertical picture tool for searching pictures of Baidu. Extract pictures from billions of Chinese web pages, currently more than 500 million pictures can be retrieved!


What are the benefits of doing Baidu image search promotion well?


One is that Baidu APP currently has 200 million+ live daily, and Baidu image search has more than one million levels every day, with a large number of potential users. The second is that if you can include your own pictures in Baidu, it may attract a lot of free traffic.



02 Basic principles of Baidu image search be indexed in Baidu



How to make pictures be indexed in Baidu? Here, we must first know the basic principles of Baidu pictures be indexed. There are three main aspects:


  • The web dimension of Image


A. The picture should be consistent with the theme of the website. In this way, Baidu Image Search believes that the webpage image is highly reliable. For example, search the PCB circuit board and click to enter the screenshot of the webpage where the picture is located as follows. The website is also a PCB manufacturer.





B. There are relevant text descriptions around the webpage where the picture is located, and the picture has an alt tag attribute. As shown above, ALT text is added to the picture: circuit board. View the source code as shown:




C. The webpage where the picture is located has no permission requirements, that is, it is not necessary to log in to view the webpage content and pictures.


  • The website dimension of Image


The website dimension of the picture is also divided into two points:


First, Baidu has a rating for the website. As long as it is a regular SEO, the general website is better ranked, and its website pictures will also perform well.


The second is the stability of the website where the picture is located, which is very important. Many people say that their pictures are not indexed in Baidu, but their websites often cannot be opened due to instability, so why not them?


  • The self dimension of the picture


In addition to the web page dimensions and website dimensions of the pictures of the two major stations above, the third dimension that may be captured by Baidu image search is the image itself!


The first is the clarity of the picture. The higher the clarity of the picture, the better the ranking.


The second is the image size adaptation content.


The third is the image watermark. Not that it cannot be, but the watermark should not block the main part of the picture, you can put it in the upper left or lower right corner of the picture.


The fourth is novel and special pictures, or scarce pictures. Because this is what Baidu pictures need. It is best to add a description at the end of the picture.



03 How to do Baidu picture optimization?



Baidu image optimization is actually on-page SEO optimization, which is divided into three steps:


  • The first step: optimization of the picture itself


A.Pay attention to the size and size of the picture. It is generally recommended to be larger than 450*450. If the picture is too small, it is not good for the user.


B.Optimize the size of the picture. Generally, the pictures on the website are too large and compressed properly to increase the opening speed.


C.Note whether there is a third-party watermark in the picture. For example, the content and pictures of many websites are collected from other people's websites, but the picture watermark is still someone else's.


  • The second step: optimize the combination of pictures and text


This includes optimization of alt attributes of images, optimization of title tags, optimization of surrounding text, and naming of images.







Tin-spray multilayer PCb circuit board (circuit board) processing manufacturer

alt="circuit board" is ALT label optimization. It adds three words of circuit board.

title="Circuit board". This optimizes the title attribute.

Tin-spray multi-layer PCb circuit board (circuit board) processing manufacturers, this is the text description around the picture.


  • The third step: Picture optimization in the website


It is recommended to upload pictures locally, not online pictures. In addition, you should make good use of the "width and height" tab to set the picture width and height adjustment.



04Three tips for Baidu image search ranking



In fact, regarding the image search ranking skills, there are the following three points:


  • Find high-weight third-party websites


If you look at it, you will find that certain categories of keywords news site pictures are indexed and ranked relatively high, which is more obvious in the news pages of the early four major portals.





So, if you want to rank with pictures, this does not necessarily require your own website, you can consider vertical websites in the industry, such as Tiger Sniff. For example, you can post news sites, or social networking sites, such as Sina Weibo,zhihu,douban.


  • Do high-quality web content


A. What we mean by high-quality content mainly refers to the content carrier of the web page of the picture, and fully explain the picture clearly.


B. Web page title (title) covers the keywords of the ALT tag of the picture. (There are examples of optimization above


C. Picture context, written around the relevant content of the picture.


D. Describe the name in the picture. The position of the picture that needs to be ranked should appear as the first picture at the top of the page, preferably centered.


  • Improve web page loading speed


Now set the mobile priority to be indexed to ensure that the home page loading speed is best within 1 second! It directly affects the effective crawling of page elements by Baidu Crawler. Of course including image capture, so this speed is very important!


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