Did your Baijiahao account survive this disaster?

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At the end of march, a large number accounts of Baijiahao were closed. Did your company's Baidu account marketing survive this disaster?


On March 28, Baidu Baijiahao began to block user accounts on a large scale. According to Domatters' investigation and analysis, the blocked accounts are silly, no matter what type, they are blocked, and even the original authors were not spared.




For this batch of titles, Domatters  summarized the following points:


1.Many completely original accounts have also been blocked;


2.Some accounts that haven't posted for a long time are also blocked;


3. The banned clauses include the following:


A. Article layout is confusing and there are irrelevant text symbols.

B. There are many typos, sick sentences and punctuation in the article.

C. The article is clearly inconsistent with the field of account registration,

D. The quality of the article is low. The content of the article is vulgar and disgusting.

And so on


The Baijiahao was mostly blocked with these very vague definitions. More and more people feel that it is not easy to be a media person. They can only speak and write and cherish!




Because Baijiahao is a platform for Baidu's articles to be indexed very quickly, Domatters believes that many companies or self-media have their own Baijiahao whether it is in the promotion of increased exposure or other reasons. It is the only self-media platform that has been profitable, so a large number of self-media have joined in a short time, but this large number of bans has somewhat hurt the self-media of some original articles. Other media platforms, such as Baidu Post Bar and Weibo, are even more popular!


A small ball holding a cat: Does Baijiahao have some accounts innocently blocked in this block account operation? Can Baijiahao guarantee 100% absolute blocking is correct without accidental killing? If it cannot be guaranteed, please ask these accounts because Who will bear the losses caused by being mistakenly blocked?


Yu Gong's strange talk: Everyone has noticed this. It turns out that the feedback issue on the Baijiahao post bar will also be blocked. At first I thought it was a problem with my account. Later, I gave feedback on the post, but who knew it was blocked.


Miao Yiju: Baijia, you said that my account for Baijia is closed. Then no matter how much trouble you can also offline my article. Anyway, you think I'm plagiarized, then please offline all of them.


What do you think of the phenomenon that a large number of Baijia accounts have been blocked?


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