How many tricks can you play in a breakfast?Breakfast in China tells you about it.

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Have you ever eaten Chinese breakfast?Have you eaten any special local snacks?Do you eat breakfast every day?How long has it been since you've had breakfast with your family?Recently, ‘breakfast China’, a documentary about breakfast, kicked off our breakfast feast.Chinese food culture has attracted a large number of friends at home and abroad.Chinese people can film a hundred episodes just for breakfast!In the fast-paced era, we are faced with traffic pressure, commuting distance and other practical dilemma.Breakfast is often the easiest thing to ignore and deal with.What you don't know, however, is that breakfast is the aesthetic start of the day.Breakfast is also magical.When the stomach is smooth, everything in life is getting better and better.



Shredded meat powder from changsha, hunan province; sour soup powder from kaili, guizhou province; pig's blood soup from shantou, guangdong province; fried buns from fu 'an, fujian province


In the morning, the sunlight seeps into the crevices of the city's high-rise buildings to give way to the street shops, accompanied by the sound of bicycle bells and the cries of shopkeepers.The steaming ravioli tray and ravioli bowl consist of a pyrotechnic Chinese breakfast scene.People chew two steamed stuffed bun or wordy a bowl of powder quickly.This is plain, real and ordinary.



Whether it's 'a bite of China', 'life together', or 'taste of yunnan', these good food documentaries have one thing in common.They are not only about food, but also about the story behind food and Chinese culture and feelings.Breakfast in China is also a documentary with a lot of attention to content, poster and copy.The poster starts with a personal story.Behind every sentence there is an ordinary true story which touching people's hearts.


We may live in different cities and we have different hours, we work different hours and we wake up at different times.But it doesn't prevent us from enjoying a breakfast together, which brings a warm feeling from the stomach to the heart.The story of the world actually begins between breakfast.People who sell breakfast, enjoy breakfast, and long for breakfast are the morning cycle of our city.



This taste is the taste of home, sitting on the street also left tears.

Breakfast is a prologue to the aesthetics of life.

The reason to love a city begins with the taste of breakfast.

Hard as it is, we'll have breakfast first.I'd like to add an egg today.

I asked myself if I'd done anything wrong in my life, except ignore my mother's breakfast.

If your partner likes you, having breakfast together is true love.


There is also a set of hand-painted posters according to the characteristics of the breakfast around the figure of the vivid description.Copywriting is full of life.Maybe it's your hometown or the place you've been, or the place you've had breakfast and the place you've came.But what you don't realize is that that place, that people, that breakfast, actually constitutes a wonderful moment that deserves to be recorded and celebrated.



Will the children grow up someday?Is there any hope?

Although day to day is a little boring, I still want to do a word of mouth shop.

Husband and wife are like teeth and tongue that there will be bumps.

After I do not do fried dumplings, I will take the aunt to have a romantic play.

Everyone has a different definition of comfort, and I think it's great right now.


Different from the food documentary ‘a bite of China’, breakfast in China uses modern fancy subtitles, short and concise editing and shooting methods, and plain but human telling methods to walk into every corner store.The real life of this group of workers is shown in the camera. This group of people with ordinary dreams and persistent struggle for it, they go out at dawn and return home at dusk.Breakfast in China has more than 100 episodes, each lasting just five minutes.Although it is short, each episode introduces a traditional breakfast and the modest "breakfast philosophy" that belongs to the shop owner.After watching this documentary, we feel that breakfast has more depth than lunch.Like dinner, it plays a transitional role between work and family, career and life, inside and outside.


Breakfast video:


A chinese-style breakfast can see the inheritance, secular culture, human changes in temperature.The most ordinary breakfast hour is always together with the morning sunshine.Plain, real and beautiful is also the most earthly pyrotechnic gas ceremony.This is the best time to spend with our family.


Breakfast video:


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