China's Popular Cities of Tourist Photography

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      Trip shoot is also called travel photography, short for travel photography. On the way, use aperture and shutter to record all the scenes of the unknown world. It's "record in travel.". The person being recorded can move or be quiet. The difference is, what kind of mood does the photographer have, why and for whom. If you feel that your level of photography is very general, then it is necessary to take a tour. Domatters has brought China's top tourist cities for trip shoot. Please come to China as soon as you like.





      Friends who have come to Sanya in Hainan know that Sanya is very good in terms of the style of taking photos, food and play, and the overall atmosphere is quite good. Sanya is suitable for travel shooting all the year round. From March to October, it's the off-season in Sanya,you can pay attention to the climate. It's relatively hot from May to August, so if you choose to shoot in these months, you must do a good job in sunscreen. In the off-season, the traffic is relatively small in Sanya, but if you choose to shoot in this time, you won't Feel "crowded."





      Lijiang, a city many people yearn for, is a tourist resort. There are ancient charming towns, which let you feel the stone and wood ; there are continuous mountains, which make you feel full of green. This is a place far away from the noise, pure and uncontested. Stroll around the ancient city to feel the plants and trees in the leisure time, and let the afternoon sunshine occupy the heart of the softest place. Dayan ancient town, Shuhe ancient town, Yulong Snow Mountain, Blue Moon Valley and Lugu Lake are all scenic spots worth picking.





      Dali is a place with unique scenery.Many people come here not just to play, but also to take pictures to leave their youth memories. Small editor was first attracted by the travel shoot is in the circle of friends, a friend asked for a travel photography in Erhai Lake. It's really beautiful.Dali is a beautiful place, so when you travel to Dali, you can leave a group of beautiful photos which are also very rare. How about the effect of a photo? location selection is very important, When you go to Dali for travel, you can choose to go to Dali ancient city, Erhai, Haidong Road, Xizhou ancient town,etc.





      Qingdao is surrounded by mountains and sea, there are many trees everywhere, the climate is very mild and pleasant. There are only 65 days in summer every year. In August, the hottest month in summer, the temperature is only 25.1 ℃. People call Qingdao "summer resort" and "summer paradise". Qingdao wedding photography scenic spots include Qingdao seaside scenic spot, Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center, May 4th Square, Laoshan Mountain, golden beach, Qingdao trestle and so on.





      Many people will travel to Xiamen, especially Gulangyu, which is very famous, it's a world cultural heritage. Xiamen has unique buildings, good scenery, good weather and sea. It's not allowed to miss the sea view when taking wedding photos in Xiamen. It's recommended to take photos in autumn, when the weather is not cold or hot, the sky is clear and the air is crisp. Kulangsu, Huandao Road and other places are worth visiting.



Hong Kong


      As for Hong Kong, there are many ways to open it. Some people just want to buy and some like to eat. In addition, don't forget that Hong Kong is still a film making holy land. Hong Kong is indispensable from the red photos on the Internet of INS to the shooting sites of the major men's groups. The old buildings on the street, the exquisite shops, the crowds, the city and the bustling intersection. Hong Kong, this strange place, has too much content to shoot while walking.







      Lhasa is the first stop for many people to enter Tibet. It is suitable for sightseeing and photography all year round. Different seasons have different sceneries, and you can take different travel photos. The ancient city of Lhasa is overlapped, with white walls and red tiles. It's a picture that doesn't need to be retouched with monks rotating Scripture tubes, believers kneeling reverently, little butter lights, the voice of reciting six words of truth from the wind, the Dazhao temple with smoke curling up, the solemn Potala Palace, and the clean and smooth slate road . If you want to leave something for your pilgrimage, it may be a good choice to take photos.


      The above is the inventory of popular tourist cities in China brought by domatters. If you know where to go, you can choose a satisfying destination from it. Photos are the media to remember the past and leave something for those who love to travel. Travel doesn't have to go far,use a pair of eyes that find beauty to take the most beautiful memories.

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