How did these Chinese Internet giants such as Ali, Tencent, Suning, and Meituan help the "street vending economy"

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After the blessing of China's national policy, the "street vending economy" became popular overnight. Alibaba, Tencent,, Suning and other interconnected companies have launched market stall economic support plans to enter the market one after another to chase the trend!



Alibaba: Introduced the support plan for "street vending economy".

As the initiator of the Internet-assisted the street vending economy, Alibaba's support for the street vending economy is to support stall owners who can purchase goods on credit on the 1688 platform and provide interest-free credit purchases of more than 70 billion yuan. This provides a complete one-stop plan support for the stall owner from finding goods to selling goods. The policy is very conscience!



Tencent: WeChat Pay released the "National Small Shop Fireworks Program".

After Ali, Tencent also followed up, announcing WeChat's "street vending economic support plan to launch four new digital policies, such as payment integration, welfare subsidies, merchant training, and business security output, to help small and micro merchants. released the "Starfire" economic support plan for stalls owners.

Subsequently, also followed up the economic support plan for street vending economy. It said it would start with the three aspects of ensuring supply, helping operations, and promoting employment.It even released more than 50 billion yuan in quality sources and provided shop owners with up to 100,000 yuan of interest-free credit, supporting the stall and the small store economy!



Suning: Launched the "Night Walk Partner" support plan for the stall night market.

Suning decided to provide low-interest support for 2 billion night market start-up funds for the "street vending economy" support plan. At the same time, it opened 10,000 freezer storage services in Suning stores across the country for night market stall owners to apply for free cold chain storage services within 3 kilometers. It also provides free live broadcast and community platforms, provides one-click live training for night market stall owners, and supports 1 billion live red envelopes. This is full of sincerity!



Meituan launches Million Stores Program of "Spring Breeze Action"

With regard to the support plan for the "land spread economy", Meituan has launched a million store plan which is named "Spring Breeze Action", providing six major initiatives including online operations, preferential loans, safe consumption, supply chain services, and online training. This can help the store survive and live better.





Stall Culture and the street vending economy has existed in China since ancient times. It is estimated that many countries around the world also have land stalls. With this wave of e-commerce giants and policy blessings, the land-sharing economy has gradually been revitalized.


The stall business will also be a "catfish". If it can benefit from nationwide liberalization and become a trend, it will also have a certain impact on China's commerce.


Now, compared with 10 years ago, the background of open-end business is now in a background where Internet life is more popular and more powerful. Therefore, the liberalization of the stall business may not be a simple repetition. It may have a stronger background in the times and the Internet than in the past.


In addition, the operation of the stall business has a strong local characteristic, which leads to tools such as live streaming that will make the market more subdivided, or the business form may also be combined with the stall business. Therefore, if the market stall business can become a trend, then it is also possible to open a B2B market, and online sales of the past market stalls and related distribution and wholesale procurement links. It is as successful as online wholesale distribution.


If you are a small entrepreneur, or you simply want to invest in a store, and you want to find a source of goods, you can pay attention to these policies in China and the support plans of major Internet giants. Although Domatters don't know how long the street vending economy can wave, but this year's market, the street vending economy is an outlet. Even if it is better than nothing for small and micro-entrepreneurs, it is not enough to make a fortune, making a living is still a good thing!



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