China UnionPay Chinese banks is naughty! Great ads!

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Domatters recently found an AD released by Chinese Banks.China's major Banks collectively changed their names and co-produced a hypercombustible AD.


The address of the video of the AD is here.


‘Zhong guo gong shang hen xing’,which means that Chinese Industrial and commercial are very good.

‘Zhong guo nong ye hen xing’,which means that Chinese agriculture is very good.

‘Zhong guo jian she hen xing’,which means that Chinese construction is great.

‘Zhong guo hen xing’,which means that China is very good.

Because ‘Zhong guo ren ming hen xing’,which means that the Chinese people are very good.




Chinese UnionPay



This wave of operation of China UnionPay can be said to be naughty with calm.


Mischievously, it took advantage of the similarity of Chinese characters to change 'yinhang' to 'henxing', and which means is from' bank 'to' very good'.This is actually a new use of the old joke.The joke is that a foreigner comes to China, goes out for a walk and comes back and says: I heard before that Chinese people are very modest, but now I find it seems that is not the case.Because the road signs everywhere said that China's agriculture is very good, China's industry and commerce is very good, China's construction is very good, China is very good.


To be sure, the idea fits China unionpay perfectly.Beyond that, it's hard to find a second brand that matches.What's more, October 1, 2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.At this point in time, China unionpay is using this hypercombustible idea to rally the power of the banking industry to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the motherland.It can also send its own message of "China getting better and better is our reward" and a birthday cake of all walks of life.


The case of China unionpay also illustrates a point.Strategic diligence can mask tactical laziness and even a sense of four or two million.With ready-made easy jokes, it is a good completion of the brand pattern output.In addition, the excellent production of advertising video also show China unionpay's intentions and efforts.These iconic buildings have sprung up, giving us an exciting idea of what Chinese speed is.


‘Zhong guo gong shang hen xing’----Shanghai lujiazui has become a global financial center.



‘Zhong guo nong ye hen xing’’----Breeding for drought-resistant crops has turned deserts into vast fields.



‘Zhong guo jian she hen xing’’----China's celestial eye, the most visible radio telescope in China



‘Zhong guo jiao tong hen xing’----China has built hong kong-zhuhai-macao bridge,whichis the world's longest cross-sea bridge.



‘Zhong guo hen xing’----The new era of China's high-speed railway is a national card to prove it.



Because ‘Zhong guo ren ming hen xing’’----The figures in these pictures come from all walks of life, including farmers, workers, architects, researchers, financial elites and so on.But they have a common identity, that is, they are the builders of China, in order to make China better and better.So, Chinese people are good.



Finally, Domatters came up with two other cases and had some inspiration from this wave of China unionpay operations.


The first is that ideas come from the masses.A netizen gave fast handwritten a copy "when you feel happy you clap fast".With a keen sense of smell and strong execution, kuaishou really made this advertisement.


The second is that creativity comes from everyday life.In addition to China's "great", there are many life stories.For example, shandong, guangdong, zhejiang, hunan, hubei, henan...If you go to xx app, you will 'save'.


As the slogan goes, "no pains, no gains."Every case as long as the effort, it will definitely get positive feedback from the market whether it's a light effort or a heavy one.Domatters Digital Marketing China hope this article has given you some inspiration.


If you need to launch an APP in China or a small program or a new website, or you just need domatters to help you with SEO in China or creative copywriting or other digital marketing works, please feel free to contact us.



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