Chinese people pay tribute to the special tomb-sweeping day in 2020

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The vernal equinox has passed, and Chinese Qingming Festival has arrived quietly. Qingming Festival is also called the tomb-sweeping day or Taqing Festival. It is one of the traditional festivals in China and the most important festival of sacrifice. On this day,our Chinese people will sacrifice our ancestors. Chinese Qingming Festival originated around the Zhou Dynasty. In 1935, the government of the Republic of China designated April 5 every year as a statutory holiday. On May 20, 2006, with the approval of the State Council of China, Qingming Festival was listed as the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage.

Do you know what are the customs of Qingming Festival in China?

1. Sweep the grave. Tomb sweeping in Qingming is called "respect for the time" of the ancestors. This year opened a new trend of online holidays.

2. Cuju. Ju is a ball. The surface of the ball is made of leather, and the inside of the ball is tightly stuffed with wool. It is the ancestor of football today.

3. Willow

4. Outing

5. Flying a kite


Many of these events have been called off this year.

Domatters believes that 2020 is an exceptional year for all people around the world.Under the influence of the global new coronary pneumonia epidemic, this day of mourning and mourning for the dead in 2020 has a particularly heavy special meaning.The sudden outbreak of COVID - 19 has put Chinese society and public life into a state of suspension.The "closing the city" initiative which is like a broken man's wrist and "The whole country a game of chess, united front" public health mobilization, coupled with unprecedented large-scale isolation operations, have made the Chinese people have a hard time with the determination to fight the virus. However, we were just stuck at home for three months, but some people stayed forever in this spring.


The State Council of China issued an announcement deciding to hold a nationwide mourning event on April 4, 2020.In the morning, after the national flag was raised in Tiananmen Square, the second half-flag ceremony was held to express our deep condolences to the martyrs and compatriots who died in the outbreak of COVID-19. During this period, the national and foreign embassies and consulates mourned at the lower half of the flags, and public recreational activities was suspended throughout all China. The Chinese people of the whole country observed three minutes of silence from 10 o 'clock on April 4.At the same time cars, trains, ships whistle, air defense alarm sounds.


We lit candlelight for the deceased, leaned over and bowed, and sent the message of condolences and thoughts. Behind the heroic city, the heroic people and the heroic against the wind, there are lively and vivid people with some section of stories with laughter and tears. Domatters borrowed an inscription on the Monument to the People ’s Heroes: “the people's heroes who lost their lives in all these battles will never die.” Today, we pay tribute to the heroes who fought to the last second of their lives to combat the epidemic. The heroes are immortal. These departed backs will eventually become the strength of our relay. Our tomorrow is beautiful because it is carried by the hero. Today, the hero is forever remembered by us. The hero is gone,we wish the deceased rests in peace!



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