Which platform of content should you choose in China in 2019?

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Which platform of content should you choose in China in 2019?


In China, Internet companies are either content platforms or commodity exchanges.The former consumes users' time, while the latter consumes users' money.Some old Internet people even refer to "Internet companies" in narrow sense as "media platforms" to distinguish them from "e-commerce companies" selling goods.


In recent years, both media businesses and e-commerce businesses regard "content" as the magic weapon to improve user stickiness and keep active for a long time.The form of the content has changed a lot, as long as the user see, including text, video, short video, listen to such as music or audio, touch such as the game are called "content".Content has gradually become the source of the flow of fresh water.


In the second half of the mobile Internet, the incremental dividend of users faded, the Internet giant traffic solidification has been a commonplace.Domatters believes that in 2019, it is the right time to settle down and choose one or two platforms to dig deep into content, build personal IP, and make high-quality we media that can truly output valuable content.

In contrast to previous years, when various content platforms led to highly fragmented communication channels, toutiao tops the list in 2019 in a highly competitive environment.Head content platform barriers are built, rules are clear, the traffic gap between the first and second is often unimaginable by the outside world, head platform to high-quality content creators to support the flow, and give subsidies.Therefore, it is particularly important for we-media, MCN and cultural media companies to choose the right platform for deep cultivation.


If you want to do text, short video, audio and other content marketing in China, which platform should you choose?


1.Text media.


For Domatters, the essence of the problem lies in the content distribution channels of "we media". Media websites face old sites that are not included by baidu news sources.However, "we media" does not have too heavy a burden. In a short time, the search content is called "party content".Improving content quality ultimately depends on how the platform distributes traffic to quality content producers.


Public number graphic content information overload, such as WeChat online to have a look, revised information flow, friends point good selection and so on are trying to introduce new traffic for quality content creators.


Anxiety, however, the more traffic, in the "flow" under the title of the party, the draft and poison chicken soup, stories and rumors bad phenomenon does not alleviate the trend, good money after bad money, a lot of the media have a dot to the headline Numbers, hundreds of Numbers, such as platform for migration, and some received hefty subsidies income, and number of advantage search stock power flow, also have the momentum of the overtaking.


Domatters suggests that if you consider doing text we media, you can focus on the number of 100, headlines in addition to the public number, if other platforms have subsidies or high traffic can also participate.


2. Short video platform.


Short video isin flow dividend period at present, the competition is also white-hot.Chattering has caught up with the daily users of the fast hands in 2018.Do you want to make a chattering sound?This has also become a concern of many "we media" and enterprises.Based on the experience of Domatters' operation, we analyzed the following: chattering fans get through toutiao number, and the chattering short video is synchronously uploaded to the small video of toutiao. In the system of toutiao content, the order of magnitude of flow is the short video, >, micro toutiao and >.


Previously, chattering is a super MCN with strong centralized deployment of traffic operation, and it is difficult for "we media" to make profits from advertising.Happy entertainment scenes are hard to transform, perhaps not as good as the fast hand decentralized fan stickiness and brother culture high conversion rate.Because the quick hand has tencent investment, the talent to stay WeChat ID guide powder is more convenient.


In January 2019, the social software "multi-flash" incubated by "chattering sound" was launched, focusing on chattering sound users' tying bank CARDS to send red envelopes. The addition of social media and payment scenes to all content platforms will bring light to the realization of "we media" and "web celebrity".


For that reason, Domatters thinks it's going to be tough to get a third out of 2019 when the short video is still home to two shufflers and two fast hands.


3.The potential of audio content


Internet audio online platform has grown into a prince on the Internet content platform after several years of IP resource wars, knowledge payment wars and category expansion.The user time of audio FM platform is relatively long in commuting, family and other scenes. At present, the penetration rate of user time is 10%, which is far from the ceiling. It is a "value depression" ignored by many individual "we media" and content producers.


The number of online audio users in China is expected to grow to 485 million in 2019, with an average annual compound growth rate of 25.6 percent, according to iresearch.


The online audio platform is always the competition between dragonfly FM and Himalayan FM.Both content is of high quality. Himalayan content featuring UGC begins to weaken the concept of knowledge payment and emphasize the integration strategy of software and hardware.The main PGC dragonfly emphasizes quality, covering nine content matrices including cultural celebrities, women, new youth, finance and economics, children's growth, original homemade, super radio drama, film and television IP, and open cooperation with hardware manufacturers such as mobile phones, cars and smart speakers through open source content.


It is reported that the total number of users of dragonfly FM is 450 million, and the monthly ecological flow of live users will exceed 100 million in December 2018, becoming the first MAU online audio platform to exceed 100 million.


Therefore, in terms of flow volume, Domatters is positive about audio content creators' deep work on dragonfly FM and Himalayan FM platforms. In 2019, Domatters is ready to record and broadcast some dry media articles on dragonfly FM, and grab the flow bonus of this area.


In China, content creators and "we media" replace webmasters to become active entrepreneurs of mobile Internet. Text, short video and audio are the mainstream media of "we media" content production. Mobile Internet platforms that conform to the rising trend of individuals can quickly find the direction of transformation or breakthrough.


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