If you want to do word-of-mouth marketing well in China , these 5 "T" can't be less

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In the Internet age where everyone is self-media, the importance of word-of-mouth marketing is certainly self-evident. In addition to its low cost, its advantages are absolutely powerful, and it is not inferior to, or even greatly exceeds, various modern advertising media. This is mainly because of the two unique advantages of word-of-mouth marketing: Firstly,Information fission and multiplier effect characteristics.Secondly,Word-of-mouth communication can make consumers eliminate hostility through the special status of relatives, friends or users. The positive nature of the information allows it to achieve the best communication effect. In the context of the eyeball economy, all we need is attention and discussion to attract more exposure. Only by using word-of-mouth marketing can we obtain a steady stream of traffic and new users.


Domatters believes that because of China's history, culture and habits, no country in the world is more suitable for using word-of-mouth marketing than China. However, also because of China's complex culture, thoughts and behavior habits, it is relatively complicated and difficult to implement word-of-mouth marketing in China. In this article, Domatters will share with you the specific strategies and methods for implementing word-of-mouth marketing in the Chinese market for your reference when operating word-of-mouth marketing. please see below:


Three common ways of word-of-mouth marketing communication



1. Word of mouth


Initially, when the media was not developed, word-of-mouth communication was spread by word of mouth, and it is still the main method of word-of-mouth marketing. In modern society, word-of-mouth communication still applies. If you want to deliver advertising information through word of mouth, the premise is that you must have good products and services as the basis to satisfy customers. At the same time, you use some marketing methods, for example, you can reward old customers who recommend new customers to consume. Another example is to find people who have a quick and extensive walk of information, such as the elderly who are willing to meet and chat, and salesmen with extensive social relations. Of course, the specific method needs to be determined according to the information transmitted and the characteristics of the objects to be delivered.





2. Traditional media communication


Disseminate a well-designed word-of-mouth marketing event through newspapers, TV, radio, etc., which can expand the spread of word-of-mouth marketing. You can either actively disseminate it yourself, or create attractive themes to attract the media to actively disseminate.


3. Internet communication. Now in the Internet age, this form is also mostly used.


Internet communication has more initiative, and its effect is amazing when used properly. It also uses an event as the content of communication, and publishes information in forums, BBS, and blogs where audiences often appear, and then guides the communication through opinion leaders. These opinion leaders can be public figures or experts that influence the target of communication. For example, if the target of communication is a girl who pursues fashion, then the remarks of some idol stars have a great influence on them.


When we do word-of-mouth marketing, we better forget that we are doing a kind of advertising, but we are spreading a novel and interesting story. A good story has a long history, and how to tell this story depends on the author and the protagonist of this story. Business intelligence. Sometimes, a good word of mouth can be attributed to mistakes. Sometimes it is the result of careful planning.






So no matter what, the following five Tips are the basic literacy that everyone needs to have to do well in word-of-mouth marketing in China.


  •  Talkers


A talker refers to a group of people who will discuss your product brand with others. They may be your customers, ordinary people, or they are avid fans, voluntarily disseminating your information. The best talkers are probably the customers who deal with you every day. They are happy to have the opportunity to talk more. For example, a fan of a band. They spend hundreds of dollars to support and promote their favorite bands, and also strongly urge their friends to do so. They are eager to spread their opinions and are even willing to spend money on them (eg buying music CDs, concert tickets, T-shirts and posters).


In life, we pay more attention to and talk about the various topics related to our own interests. Word-of-mouth marketing must directly or indirectly connect the content of the communication with the target audience, which is particularly important in the Chinese market. For example, the success of "Super Girl Voice" is to use the communicator as the main body of the event, not only to pay attention and participate in it, but also to actively spread and invite relatives and friends to pay attention and participate, which has a strong multiplier effect.


Once you have identified these groups of talkers, the next challenge is to give them a topic that they are willing to discuss in order to start talking.


  • Topics. This is also an opportunity, which is what we often talk about.


The characteristic of word-of-mouth marketing is to fight big with small ones. It must be good at using all kinds of powerful potential energy for its own operation-it can rely on natural laws, policies and regulations, emergencies, and even rely on the potential energy of competitors.


When Pepsi was just founded, it was blocked by the old beverage giant Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola used its long history and traditional American culture as a selling point. It mocked Pepsi as a brand that had just been born and had no history and no culture. It compares its "old" and Pepsi's "new" in various ways in advertising. Indeed, such advertisements have convinced many consumers that Coca-Cola is more authentic. At the time, as a startup brand, Pepsi did not have such a great strength to refute or confront Coca-Cola through advertising wars. They came up with a way to establish the brand image of Pepsi with the help of Coca-Cola's "old and new theory". So, Pepsi-Cola chose An advertisement with the theme of "a new generation of cola, a new generation of choices" was played to promote the benefits of new cola and to target young people who like to try new things. The result is that Coca-Cola's overwhelming advertising helped Pepsi establish a new generation of Coke brand image.


In addition, Wuling Automobile, which we shared a few days ago, took advantage of the trend of the street vending economy to brush a wave of "magic car of stalls", and its share price has increased by 126 times, greatly promoting its own brand.





When you find a funny topic that will inspire word-of-mouth talkers, the next challenge is to provide tools to promote conversation. This information does not have to be very peculiar. Special sales, excellent service, great new features, unique flavors, funny names, or beautiful packaging, etc. are all sufficient for this task. What kind of information is really irrelevant here. But it must be a good enough topic, concise, clear and easy to repeat.



  •  Tools (push tool) should be new


Novelty and peculiarity are an important factor in the success of word-of-mouth marketing.


Word-of-mouth marketing is also known as viral marketing. Its core content is the virions that can "infect" the target audience-events. The strength of the virions directly affects the effectiveness of marketing communication. No matter how good the topic is, communication needs some promotion. The biggest role of word-of-mouth marketing is that they provide transportation infrastructure for information travel. In today’s era of information explosion and flooding of media, consumers are extremely immune to advertisements and even news. Only novel word-of-mouth communication content can attract public attention and discussion. For example, the incident of Zhang Ruimin smashing the refrigerator was a topic that caused a lot of public debate at the time. Haier has thus gained wide spread and high praise. However, similar behaviors of other companies were reported later, and almost no one paid attention to this matter. Because everyone is only interested in novelty, accidental, and what happened for the first time. Therefore, the content of word-of-mouth marketing should be novel and peculiar. The earliest form of buying and giving has achieved unprecedented success. But now we have bought a gift-type promotional form that is commonplace today, and the effect is no longer obvious. But if you run a shop or restaurant, make sure you have something you can pass on to your friends when you go out, such as a menu or coupon.


Kiehl’s cosmetics store is famous for its free trial products. When the customer leaves the store, they all hold a small bag of snacks and more than one, making the customer have something to transfer to a friend. If someone is willing to talk about you, try to help them do so. For example, various magazines realized this very early. Why every magazine spreads subscription postcards into your home, like a storm is coming (this is indeed a bit exaggerated), that is not without reason. People share magazines. These postcards are the promotion tools that help spread the subscription of magazines.


  •  Taking Part


Many people are nervous when they think of joining word-of-mouth conversation. Once the door of word-of-mouth conversation opens, it can no longer be closed. Controversial topics are likely to cause widespread dissemination, but disputes often have some negative content. Enterprises should grasp the scale of disputes when spreading word of mouth. It is best to make disputes develop in two positive opinions.


When you meet people in reality, you can encourage them to talk about your brand. They also want you to participate in the exchange. If you reply to the information in the email, open the comment function of the blog, join the discussion on the message board, and answer the phone.


For example, if a blogger wrote a blog post about you, you need to thank him. In case of complaints, you have to find out the reasons for such negative talks and remedy them. If you do not join the conversation, the conversation will die. Joining the conversation at the beginning will make people nervous, may also attract negative feedback, and even meet crazy people. But at the same time, you will also win the respect and praise of customers and build a strong long-term relationship with them.


Another example is that in China, in order to attract media attention and spread the word of mouth, a company plans to use Kylin as a symbol of China and intends to make it into a mascot for the exhibition to solicit opinions from the society. This also aroused the public's attention, and the enterprise helped fuel the public and led the public to discuss. Should China use dragon or Kylin as a symbol ? The company found out several reasons why Kylin symbolizes China. There are many supporters and naturally there are opponents. In the discussion, everyone knows this exhibition. The mascots appeared at the exhibition, and they were all happy.







  •  Tracking (tracking understanding) private communication


Many of the most widely spread events in the world used to be secrets. This is because each of us has an interest in listening to private things. The more private things, the more we can stimulate our interest in exploring and discussing. Involving private content is one of the most effective and interesting means of word-of-mouth marketing communication. However, when creating private events, you must avoid making mysteries or giving the audience a feeling of being fooled, which is not worth the gains.


Now that we have good word-of-mouth talk promotion tools, we can know how word-of-mouth conversations are spread and track what consumers are saying. It's much easier to track and understand what others say to you and your company. For example, you can see every comment under each blog post and message board, and you can see it immediately after it is sent out.


Online communication can master consumers' real thoughts about your brand, your marketing and your products. This high level of in-depth understanding has higher credibility and timeliness than data obtained by traditional analytical techniques.



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