Hot is no big deal, don't let refresh become the highest standard of the brand!

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Do brand now, whenever we see those refresh cases that those hot style refresh every time are often up powder 1 day up powder 4W fans, 2 days up powder 10W, 24 hours 10 million exposure, 1 hour brush explosion circle of friends and so on, let every person see are very excited.


The highest standard of all brand communication is refresh.Whether you should brush or not, refresh is awesome.In fact, this is a huge misunderstanding of the brand.You should be clear to have a point that you refresh everyday namely, but it is not represent what you do is refresh.And  that refresh brand is strong, no refresh is not good.Brand marketing is never about refresh.Not to mention a lot of so-called "refresh", it is the PR draft that later period looks for a person to package actually just.What you see is not necessarily what happens in the world!


Find data, post cases, dump ideas, make a beautiful PPT.Then you set up a stage, he sing a play to the effect of the hype.Leaders seem to be fools if they don't apply.Then get the budget and do the content vigorous , no matter how calm the outside, the inside must be earth-shattering,no matter how trouble.In the end, the good news is that it's refresh in the circle, so celebrate it regardless of whether it works or not!!If it don't brush up, they will find a few channels to write some case analysis continued.Someone really asked about the effect, they may answer that now this age marketing is so like this,you see who who how to do....


In this way, you will find that doing brand has not considered that what stage is your brand now, what is the problem to be solved, what is the big strategic direction.


What's the strategy?Anything can be a strategy. The word has long been overused.


What matters is how you understand the strategy. The strategy must be based on the current problems of the brand. It is to solve the current problems of the brand and promote the brand to achieve the set goals.


Whether it is marketing strategy, brand strategy, communication strategy, or product strategy, all should have its purpose.And to do that, it doesn't have to be refresh, and refresh doesn't necessarily work.





Indeed, Domatters Digital Marketing China knows that many enterprises, especially some small and medium-sized enterprises, do not pay much attention to brand strategy.There is no strategy, only change.Plans never keep pace with change, and change never keeps pace with reality.But when you're doing branding, you have to at least figure out where the brand is, what the problems are, what's urgent, and what's not.Then, figure out what to do and what not to do, what is the right thing to do and what is the wrong thing to do.What's in the circle is what's important.As for whether or not it's refresh, that should be beside the point.If refleshing can solve the problem, that is good, but there is no need to force, never refresh brand can be stronger and bigger.


If refresh saves a brand a few times, the highest paid people in the world are estimated to be creative artists.Now the problem in the industry is that refresh is awesome.A lot of people think that big brands are playing refresh, if you don't brush,you will out.And they don't think about how big brands are actually step by step to achieve the current brand.


The big brands are certainly worth learning and imitating, but in addition to what they are doing now, the most important thing is to learn how they built the brand step by step, how they did in the past, what their strategies were at this stage of our enterprise, and what they did.


Domatters always thinks that brand marketers should be a mix of innovators and historians.Innovators are all about it, but a lot of people forget the historians.


We need to analyze what major events in the history of the big brands have done to change their status and how they have done the brand at each stage, what strategies they have used.Do not blindly imitate, or it is easy to ignore their current stage.Completely follow the footsteps of others now, it is likely to go bad.


We can divide the operation of the brand into three stages: split the mind, supplement the memory, brand sublimation.There has a lot of reference significance for this theory to those brands shouting every day to refresh brand .It’s best to do refresh simple and rough, which directly carried out in consumers' minds like Diao ye's refresh.The goal is to compete for consumers' minds through a series of marketing strategies that remind them of a particular brand whenever a certain need arises.


Of course, refresh is only a small part of the marketing strategy.


Splitting the mind means letting consumers know that there is such a brand on earth.Knowing is the most important thing at this stage!


Supplementary memory is to strengthen the mind of consumers through constant contact with them, so that the brand recognition is gradually enriched.Understanding is most important at this stage!


Brand sublimation is to achieve spiritual resonance with consumers and become emotional symbols by constantly shaping the values and concepts of brand spirit.Falling in love is the most important thing at this stage!


Each stage has its purpose.At each stage there is a lot of branding to do around this goal.Not every stage is playing brand sublimation.Basic brand action has not been completed, but also brush what screen, see light dead.


To do refresh, just keep one thing in mind: refresh is just one last move. Do you have everything you need ready?







Do not let refresh become the highest standard of the brand!When you know that "you optimize the first conversion process" and "improve some brand touchpoints" are better than "refresh", it won't be so fabulous refresh.Brand people don't live entirely on the Internet.You should know that pure refresh is not great, let your service brand is recognized by many people, really strong is great.


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