What are the platforms for on-line marketing in China?

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On-line Marketing or E-Marketing, as the name implies, is a new online marketing method which is based on the international Internet, using digital information technology and online media interaction to promote. On-line Marketing is centered on customer value, service-oriented, and the use of social media to achieve efficient channel sales of user business goals!


As a content operation service provider in the digital economy, Chinese 0n-line marketing occupies an extremely high advantage in the economic field, and it has become a driving force for future economic development.






At present, Chinese 0n-line marketing (Internet marketing) platforms mainly include the following:


  • Word-of-mouth platforms that collect information through software and tools (such as Baidu, Sohu,toutiao etc.)


  • To promote the e-commerce platform of the supplier sector (such as Taobao, Amazon, etc.)





  • Platforms that provide competitive products, lifestyle fast-moving products, fashion consumer demand, etc. in the vertical field or parallel subdivision (such as Pinduoduo, Jingdong, Meituan, Dazhongdianping,are you hungry?, etc.)


  • There are also platforms that provide goods-carrying services in the form of social networks (such as Tencent, Maimai, Douyin, Kuaishou, Xiaohongshu(Red), etc.)



  • Other extended network platforms, mainly third-party network marketing (such as Alibaba, China Netcom, Chinese manufacturers, China Sanitary Ware, Shangjie, China Glass, Wan Guo Commercial, etc. third-party B2B platforms .


  • There are also targeted domain platforms, such as Baidu big data precision marketing platform for search engines, Vipshop, Dangdang, Global Sources, Lily, Marriage, Dana, ECVV (the world ’s first pay-for-performance B2B well-known international website), China Negotiation Network (to build a global buyer platform for honest brand services.)


  • Other






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