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Many SEOer spend the majority of their time each day writing original or pseudo-original articles and Posting advertorials, replacing industry-irrelevant friendlies.But year after year, day after day, the ranking of keywords still ranked in the top 100 -20, they are very worried.Look at the competitor's website, contains not good, outside the chain is not much, index quantity is not high, domain name registration time is short, but the keyword still has a good ranking, the heart is very uncomfortable.This is a road I believe many SEOer have followed.We wonder that domatters have touched your sore spot.


Why is it that many "better ranked" websites are not of high quality but rank well?

Can these sites really improve the user experience?Does it really address user needs?



For example, the yzjlydq.com domain name is only 2 months old.In other words, the site is only 2 months old.However, there was a keywords in the homepage keywords index of more than 1000, which ranked the first in baidu.



Let's analyze this website. First of all, we use the site instruction to check the inclusion of this website. Domatters is surprised that the number of entries is only 14.The number of links on the site is zero (anchor text is not counted).

Although the inclusion and anti-chain can not determine the keywords in the search engine ranking, but there is one thing can be determined, the site contains the URL more, the site URL in the search engine proportion of the more, the higher the natural traffic.Since there is traffic, then the ranking of website keywords will naturally come.


Search engines rank on dead principles, but we are alive.We want a piece of the search engine so we know exactly how it ranks and why it ranks you.At the same time, we also have to continue to explore its vulnerabilities, so as to earn their own traffic.


Although the inclusion and anti-chain can not determine the keywords in the search engine ranking, but there is one thing can be determined that the site contains the URL more, the site URL in the search engine proportion of the more, the higher the natural traffic.Since there is traffic, then the ranking of website keywords will naturally come.


Search engines rank on dead principles, but we are alive.We want a piece of the search engine so we know exactly how it ranks and why it ranks you.At the same time, we also have to continue to explore its vulnerabilities, so as to earn their own traffic.


Quick permutations are easy in search engine algorithms


If the overall quality of the site is not high, then why does it have a good ranking?According to Domatters, this is the result of swipe-and-click quicksort, which is one of SEO quicksort.Many friends say quicksort is easy in search engine algorithms.That's true, but you should learn to play by the rules of the game and not touch the bottom line of search engines.Why do a lot of websites do fast ranking but not K sites, and the ranking is still strong?Because it follows the rules of the game.


Common SEO brush click quicksort software in these years is in the cusp of the Angle.This quicksort technique is a technique favored by many quicksort workers to rapidly improve the ranking of keywords.It enters the official website through the anchor text outside the chain or hyperlink form of the chain and it can also visit the official website through the search engine search box specified keywords,and then stay in the website or visit page longer and more, thereby improving the ranking of a method.


So, there are a lot of beginners to imitate this quicksort technology, but the effect is not ideal, or even serious so the search engine algorithm.For example, baidu's "thunder algorithm 2.0" led to the site being K.Why does the website to be K?That's because your click is abnormal which was found by the search engine, in other words, your click is too abnormal and too obvious.


How to immune search engine algorithms?


Search through the search box to specify keywords to visit the official website should first rank better competitors website click on 2-5.Bidding sites can also be properly clicked.This purpose is to simulate the click mode of search users, and to increase the bounce rate of competitors' websites and immune to the algorithm of search engines. When you click to your own website, you will stay for more than 2 minutes on the page related to the keywords and URL topics, and the number of clicks can be appropriately increased every day.Do this for about 7-10 days and you will see significant results.


The process of ranking quickly click algorithm


I. IP environment


Regional relevance limit, non-local IP click does not score.PS: some industries have this restriction, such as regional tourism industry websites. For example, Shanghai travel agency must have local IP click in Shanghai, otherwise it will not add points. Multiple use of non-local IP click will not add points and will make the website enter the blacklist.So why many friends brush rankings when no effect, first to investigate whether the IP environment is normal.

Under the same IP, click on the same website, the same keyword at most three times to calculate the score.


2.Flow inlet


Multiple browsers get higher scores, especially search and sogou.PS: many friends are brushing rankings, but the effect is not good.Because if you use a single browser, long-term click even if you switch IP to click will cause cheating suspicion, resulting in a ranking decline.


In addition to the different browsers, you need to pay attention to the web sites from which traffic enters.Do a quick ranking click when you need to pay attention to different url sources into the search.For example, 123 navigation, 2345 navigation and so on, the more natural the traffic entrance will make your click data more real to the search engine.


3.Across the page click


Double search across pages is valid.One cross-page search is not valid, two or three cross-page searches are valid.So in the click of optimization keywords, such as "SEO", then in the click of the first search SEO tutorial, SEO training and subject related to the high search, and then search subject and then page click, this is more natural and real for search engine records.PS: a lot of friends like to search the need to brush keywords directly and then click the website finally put the keyword ranking point to 100, in many cases are due to cross page click incorrect way.


4. Bounce rate


There is no correlation between the bounce rate recorded by search engines and the bounce rate in the so-called traffic statistics tools.This time difference is called the site's stay time.If you search SEO on baidu and enter the xx website, and open yy website on the search page one minute later, then the one minute browsing time from xx website to yy website is called the staying time of xx website.If the website stays longer, then the website jumps out rate is lower, conversely is higher, search engine reason does so, it is to use simulation user normal search.

There is also a situation that if the search for a keyword to open the site, immediately shut down the baidu search page, this effect is the best, because the search engine will judge that the user has found the need, do not need to conduct related search.So when doing the click must handle good, don't directly click on your web site, you can click the first ranking good website, and then click to find your website, then to enlarge time or directly close the search page, so click will become more real, let search engine to web site click points.


5.Processing of cookies


Search engines have a unique visitor id.The visitor identification code will record the user's click, and the visitor identification code is generated by cookie, especially in the case of broadband dial-up with different IP, it should be noted that cookie value needs to be emptied after each click, but not all clicks need to be emptied.Because search engines record visitor id Numbers, it's easy to cheat if all the visitor id Numbers are new users, so you can occasionally leave them open.PS: the visitor identification code can be seen from the traffic data sources of baidu statistics. In general, a computer has a unique visitor identification code.


6.Domain name search


Click search in order to increase the role of keywords to improve the ranking, domain name related search will also calculate the ranking points, for example, the optimized website is www.baidu.com keyword is baidu, then in the search can be carried out "baidu www.baidu.com" search, this will be www.baidu.com and baidu these two words will be ranked points.


7.Click trajectory


This step is the most important point in the click process and determines whether your click is valid or not.


① Before clicking, clear the browser cookie data, open the browser, and select a navigation url to enter.This website can be directly baidu.com, or www.hao123.com and so on.


② Then you search for the long-tailed words that are most relevant to your subject.Long tail words only need to be searched, and scroll up and down the search page without turning the page, just stay for about 30 seconds.

③ Then you search for the subject you want to optimize (e.g., 15 bits [page 2, page 5]).


④ After the search subject, you can click on a bidding page, click after immediately close, and then click on the natural search ranking 1, 7 and so on, the more natural the better, click and then immediately close the page of these sites, do not need to remember.


⑤ Then turn the page and stay on the second page for a few seconds to scroll up and down, find your own website, click open, then home page stay 1 to 3 minutes best, then browse 2 to 3 internal pages, click finish.The more natural the click trajectory, the more consistent with the user's normal search, then the click is easy to become a high quality click, the more points in the ranking, like the chain has high quality chain and garbage chain.


8. The quantity of clicking on


The number of clicks on the first page is keyword baidu index *10% to 15%, the number of clicks on the second page is keyword baidu index 5% to 10%, and the number of clicks on the third page is keyword baidu index 3% to 5%.If the keyword index is over 300, the number of clicks should not exceed 30 per day, and the number of clicks should be cycled gradually.For example, it is better to click 5 times on the first day and 8 times on the second day.Do click when the best with relevant keywords to optimize the click, so that the best effect.However, this is only a reference value, under normal circumstances, the click is best to add the site to baidu webmaster platform, search engine search ranking is more search keywords click rate, rather than click.Such as site keywords on the front page show a 1000, click on the 100 times, clickthrough rate was 10%, website b 200 times are shown on the second page keywords, click on the number 50, clickthrough rate is 40%, so obvious website effect better than keywords. A, b through after the updating cycle of search engine, ranking will be relatively greater than or equal to a.


9.Click period


Relatively speaking, it is better to focus on the daytime and click a little at night to form normal user clicks.


Here is the full click algorithm flow.In addition, because the search engine update cycle is different, so generally speaking, the best ranking is the top 30 start to click the best effect.Finished these, domatters believes that many friends have used many fast ranking software on the market, but why some good some bad, actually in the final analysis is to click on the algorithm of the software is very perfect, the above steps once there is any a point there is no perfect good will cause invalid clicks, so a lot of friends brush ranking no effect is caused by the imperfect algorithm.


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