Don't you know these five questions about‘Toutiao Spider’ to ponder?

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Last year, we found a very special Spider which called "Toutiao Spider" on the Internet.This makes us curious.Originally headline today also have spider reptile.


And at that point, a lot of questions came up:


1. Will toutiao only do in-site search?

2. Will it have a separate search portal?

3. What is the principle of fetching, indexing and sorting?

4. How does it deal with the relationship and ranking between product page and timeliness?

5. How does it balance SERP, business strategy cooperation and user search experience?

6. Whether it has certain research value?

After that, we gradually discovered some small details, such as:


1, PC terminal do not show the site content.

2, Mobile terminal will show some search results.


In this way, we think that whether the search display and ranking of PC or mobile terminals may be closely related to the following ranking factors:


1. Timeliness

2. Account weight (inside and outside the station)

3. Title (keyword matching)

4. Activity (comments)

5. Cooperative media

6. Commercial launch

7. Strategic cooperation


So, at this time, some partners may say that study these for the enterprise website will useful?


When doing baidu SEO or google SEO, to judge whether an industry is worth based on search marketing, we usually use a very simple strategy, that is to explore relevant keywords of the industry.If some words have commercial value, or can have a certain impact on the brand, have a certain search index, then, we can roughly judge that it may have potential value.


And the same is true for toutiao SEO research, which you can easily use:


1. Functional laboratory is bigger than hot word analysis

2. Data analysis tools outside

3. Related search on [recommended content]


Take a cursory look at and see whether your industry is worth researching SEO for headlines today.


After a period of research, we found that some related content plays a positive reference role in in-depth understanding of headline search ranking. These are five questions about‘Toutiao Spider’to ponder,such as:


1, headlines outside the site content, page relevance, and original degree, on the site search ranking?

2. Whether the search sorting of headlines is compared with the "fingerprint" of articles on the site, or even not indexed and displayed?

3. Do you review the SERP content and user behavior indicators outside the site for the internal search of headlines? Does it have any impact on the ranking within the site?

4, the first site search, commercial insurance strategic cooperation, the search order impact, for example, call baidu encyclopedia.

5, Will the search within the top site sorting is based on link relations, computing sorting?


In the actual research, we have obtained some preliminary results based on a small amount of data, but due to the limited amount of data and research samples, we cannot give 100% results, such as:


1. Whether a set of search sorting rules should be adopted for sorting the homepage, column page, TAG page and content page.(according to the test, we don't think so.)

2. The sorting among column pages, why are some pages high and some pages low? What is the sorting based on?

3. Whether the ranking of inner pages is based on Chinese word segmentation technology, keyword density, tf-idf and other algorithms, and whether it affects the ranking of search results within the site.


Now there are more people prefer brushing toutiao to brushing moments of WeChat.Headline optimization is really important.But what the headlines focus on is the recommendation algorithm, and the recommendation algorithm pays the most attention to the type of article.Therefore, it is very important to choose the type of headline number in the early stage. The second is the title setting of the article, which makes it easy for the algorithm to judge the core content of the article, so as to make relevant recommendations.


Finally, as a SEO personnel, we can not guarantee how the search industry will change in the future, whether to be replaced by AIO(artificial intelligence SEO). 


But Domatters very agree with this sentence that maintain a curiosity can make SEO thinking evergreen.What do you think?


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