How do Domatters plan for online store in Chinese marketing?

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Item No.

Service Name


Delivery date


Products supply

Find products in China marketing. Prepare products list with details info & price/delivery time

both English and Chinese version



Keyword research

Very basic task for online marketing. Each Chinese keyword will have searching volume based on human-being thinking simulating and competitor research

Keywords in Chinese & English

Within 10 working days.


Web localization

Your site need re-design so that to gain trust to visitors.We must do it as “trust” is the key factor for conversion. I will help to re-develop your web, including UI design and wechat embed as well as others issue to adapt China marketing.  Also will help you to purchase an appropriate hosting if you don’t have one.

30 working days


Web localization

Prepare content+translation

All content should be translated to Chinese well in Chinese thinking.

I thought you need me to create “trust” content for you. It will be copywriting work.

translation from English to Chinese

Chinese copywriting

20 working days before web develop






Item NO.

Service Name


Delivery date


Sogou/baidu PPC ads

Pay per click ads on or Sogou is a popular search engine in China. Baidu, sogou and 360 are top 3 search engine in mainland China. Your ads will be in top of results of when people search keywords.

If you want to test  that whether get a good conversion from Sogou search engine,we can also test it for you,but we will charge 20% additional as our commission fee .

With in 1 day once deposit


7 days quick ranking

You will have hundreds of thousands of long tail keywords rank in top of baidu, 360, sogou, etc. And you will have couple of results ranked in top at the same time. According to experience, you may get 200+ real& high quality traffic per day.  We do it by JS redirect, not black seo.

Within 7 days to see result


Hiring local support

I will help to hire a local background customer service. He or she could work in my office temporary to play as your call center/customer service. And he/she will do any other administrative things you may need. We provide every basic thing he/she need, e.g. space, computer, phone number, management, train,etc.

Depend on. Normally, we will hire a stuff to work as customer service executive.

And we charge additional as our commission fee.

Within 15 days to hire a good guy







Service name


Delivery date


Sina Weibo

Weibo means Microblog which is 新浪微博 in China. It is a good place for overseas medical treatment. We create and manage your webo account. My job is to create content daily, to purchase “水军”online fans Navy to improve your influence and make trust as well as traffic.

Need 7 days to apply a weibo account.

You may need to purchase a weibo account as you don’t have a Chinese ID.


Baijia hao

Biajiahao is one product under baidu. Baidu give very high authority and lots of traffic to baijiahao. We could get hundreds of thousands of readings/article. It could be a very useful method for marketing. 7 articles/week.

purchase a baijiahao account and manage baijiahao.

Need 15 days to purchase a baijiahao.



One last suggestion, you may could hire me as full time working for you at the very beginning. We will not charge you against different service. We could be your China marketing entry advisor. And provide you with one-stop service. We could provide all above service including part no.1 , part no.3 and item 1&3 in part No.2 without commission fee under monthly service.



After your business set up done, then you could think about to invest more in future, more stuff, more marketing/advertising. 



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