How does Top 500 WeChat official account rise fans through the comments zone?

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The people do WeChat official accounts who often hang a word, ‘who gets the fans,who will get the world’. This is certainly true.But this often falls into a thinking mistake which is to pursue "fan growth" desperately, but ignore "the fine operation of existing users"


How does WeChat public account operation activate the silent users?How do you make users feel relevant?In this era of content surplus, the precise and active users are more valuable than the number of superficial "beautiful" fans.Blindly looking for incremental, as accurate utilization of inventory.


From a data point of view, we followed the operation of the comment section of fortune 500 accounts.There is a statistic in this article that has caught our attention and thought: 16.2% of comments on top 500 content are answered.That's far less than we expected.You see, even with these large Numbers, there's still a lot of room for refinement in the comments section.



There are at least two main functions of fine operation in comment area:


First, promote fan activity.

Second, interesting and personalized comment responses are also an important part of the content.


Creating content with fans is not only to solve topic selection, but also improve stickiness of fans.


How to select the message of comments?

Whoever is on duty is in charge


At the moment of content push, in fact, the operation of WeChat public account may have just begun.According to the data, 47 per cent of comments occur within an hour of a tweet and more than half are replied to within 10 minutes.

The operator thirteen sister of WeChat official account ’Ge ShiSan’ said that she looked at the message and selected message is after the time which posted within half an hour immediately after the completion, generally selected and style of comments matching, such as humor, sharp, original views, or even the opposite point of view but reasonable.She chooses only a few of them to respond to.As long as the content of the reply is more exciting than the message, you can get high praise.


’Ge ShiSan’ says, "sometimes readers are emotional and will even forward an article for a particularly brilliant comment.The wrong message is not on the wall.Once on the wall is necessary to reply."


From the data point of view, WeChat public account "news night" and "reading at ten" become the 500 strong account comments users most public.


Shi guoli, the director of newsnight, told us that they always regard user comments as an important part of the content.Whoever is on duty is responsible. After pushing, the first thing for the editor on duty is to select the comments. If there are more comments, it will be more refined.Although there are no specific evaluation standards and reward and punishment mechanisms, shi said editors have made comments an important matter because of the emphasis on their importance.


The comment area of "reading at ten" also has a special person in charge of checking the comments and replies of all users who leave comments on each article.





"Give priority to messages with opinions, stories, and content.The responses to these comments focus on answering users' questions, deepening the mood of the article, and occasionally bantering to deepen the desire for discussion with the editor."Yajun, the content director of "reading at ten", introduced that it is mainly replied by editors in rotation, and original articles are replied by writers as authors.


Data show that Ai pao technology has been the fastest public number to respond to user messages, leaving many wondering what kind of speed it is.Upon inquiry, we found that there were only three people in the team's content and operation.Kai ji who is the founder of Ai pao technology, said they respond to messages in a concentrated way about half an hour after tweets are sent, with occasional updates to filter responses.The selection standard is "some positive, interesting, resonating comments, and then deliberately guide users to thumb up and topics, released comments are as far as possible reply".


Which messages impressed you? A comments message is for a topic.


There are countless stories lying in the background of every public number.


The most active "news night" start in the the midnight every day. During the process of selecting messages, the most common message in the background is that "I hope the editor take good care of his health and have an early rest".Shi guoli said he was impressed and moved by a post about the dangers of sleep deprivation -- "xiao xiao, you always tell us to rest and not stay up late, but what about yourself?"


Gershisan, which focuses on the emotional world of middle-aged people, has the following comment story that impressed her most:

Once, in an article, a girl told a story about her former dormitory dog blood.Then the other girl said she was part of the story.After a while, another girl will say, she is the scolded girl in this bedroom. These message section are like soap operas are on TV.





The quality of the comment section of the official WeChat account "crow movie" is also very high, with an average of 1,252 likes per reply.The ravens' operators were most impressed when a 10-year-old reader left them a message saying he was following their tweets every day."I was really surprised that we had such a young audience," the operator said.


Comment area is not only the direct communication bridge between operators and users , but also it maintain a good emotional bond.This can also be an important source of quality topics.


How does the comment area fine operation establish the examination standard?


This is a very fine granularity of the examination details.Although most new media teams have a good awareness of the refined operation of the comment area, they may not have clear assessment criteria.


"Because of the emphasis on its importance, editors have made comments an important matter."Shi guoli, the director of "news night" explained.For example, when responding to comments like "zhan hao", which is the most popular one, their standard for selecting comments is very simple. They only ask for messages that are vulgar, unhealthy and unhealthy.There are no more detailed standards and assessments.


However, on the intensive farming of the comment area, there are still a lot of large team operation ahead of the establishment of evaluation standards for the comment area operation.



Zhao xiaodong who is the content responsible person of "visual chi" introduced that their message area assessment will be divided into the number of fan messages, selected number, thumb up data, reply and other aspects.


More detailed rule making, "reading at ten" their assessment criteria is "each article selection rate of 100%, leave a message response rate of more than 50%".This standard may only apply to super large sizes.Take "reading at ten" as an example. The average number of comments on their top articles is more than 2000. Faced with so many comments, editors need to spend some time to screen them.


Many of the public number of messages are not so many, select 100 May be very difficult."Over 50% response rate" is a worthy assessment standard.In addition to quantitative assessment, there are some companies that have done well in fine operation. They not only require a high response rate, but also encourage editors to improve the quality of comments and replies through rewards, for example, those with a high number of thumb up comments and replies.


The comments section is the source of inspiration


There is no doubt about the importance of operating the comment section.For the founder of Ai pao technology, it's the first direct way to get to know fans.Operators can know what fans are concerned about and what problems need to be solved by commenting.


In addition to getting reader feedback, the comment section is an important way to build people and increase fan engagement, according to the operators of "crow movies."


Summing up his experience, uncle MoNa spent 70% of his time responding to his comments, which were the source of inspiration for the topic.Every day, WeChat receives nearly 10, 000 messages, and their response rate is more than 95 percent.


Zumeng, the co-founder of uncle MuNa, said that in the past few years, they have accumulated a lot of fan letters. The new program is positioned to face the "nine out of ten disappointments" in life with fans and write a reply to them every week.


"It totally inspires all of our fans backstage to share their stories.We found that users who are experiencing emotional failure, seven-year marriage itch, child care troubles and school troubles...The whole world was behind the scenes, and we were all so moved."ZaoMeng said.



ZaoMeng thinks that not only is the comment area operation, the comment is just a display surface, but also the community, private domain traffic.All jobs are the same.It's not just a matter of setting up the message board so that other things can be ignored.Because someone is willing to leave a message, someone is willing to WeChat communication, someone is willing to community interaction, all different.


"You said you do private domain traffic, even comment on the most intuitive display of the public domain traffic, you do not interact, that private domain traffic how to play?Right."ZaoMeng said.


Shi guoli, the director of "news night", also said that they not only regard the comment area as an important part of the content, but also believe that the comment area is a flow pool that can be developed.Since a lot of users start looking at content with comments, it's conceivable that comments can drive traffic.


Has your WeChat WeChat official account been set up?How is your comment section working?Hope this article is helpful to your business in China.


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