The secret you don't know about the selling of ikea——taletelling

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How does ikea use storytelling to sell its brand?


Products that sell well often have a good story behind them.For example, Chu shijian's Chu orange,the clothes of Chanel, the craftsman spirit of new balance, and the secret recipe of Coca Cola, etc.Nothing is more appealing than telling a good story.



Almost every family has or wants to buy several pieces of ikea furniture.IKEA's furniture is affordable and designed to build our lives today.However, as a well-known brand selling all over the world, if it only depends on the price of products, the good times will not be long.In other words, ikea's successful business model is the reason why it becomes a famous company living in the discussion.These include low-cost supply chains, efficient retail outlets, and the ability to telling stories and so on.


For example, you go to ikea and see a group of sharks jumping rope, don't be surprised, although the scene is very "shark loser".



Because the popularity of the storyteller is not too bad, and storytelling brands will attract the public love.Once you've seen the brochure, the ads, the store layout of ikea,you will find Ikea is the master of storyteller.


  • Based on human stories


Ikea knows what kind of people its users are and is good at understanding their living conditions and then telling their stories.


For example, the super transformation of auntie zhang's betel nut stand.   see the viedo


A ten square meters areca stall, four children, two grandchildren, composed of the story of aunt zhang.In auntie zhang's eyes, areca stall is not only a simple business, but also a dream of better survival.What ikea wants to do is to give this dream the space to come true.


The 5-minute story not only shows the functionality and practicability of ikea products to everyone directly, but also fits the theme of ikea's "big dream with small space".The most attractive part is that it is real enough. The story happened in auntie zhang's betel nut stall is very similar to the story that every one of us has experienced, which makes people trust and feel good about the brand in this process.


  • Product-based stories


The common feeling of customers coming to ikea is that they cannot go home empty-handed, and the attractive price is of course the most basic reason.But a good story also plays a role in how to make a product cheap and not vulgar.


So every time I go to ikea, I have to touch the lamp and lie down on the sofa. I feel that they are talking to me. It's not my dreaminess, I think it's because I have seen too many ikea advertisements.


An impressive version of Everyday Heroes begins with an epic tribute to a group of Heroes.At the end of video, you know it's all about hangers, mattresses, soap racks, toilet paper, toilet brushes...


see the viedo


In the whole ikea system, everything appears in the name of the story.Chairs named after men, children's objects named after mammals and birds.There is also a great sense of substitution of product copy.

Does Martin want leave me?

Never mind, an ikea Martin chair is only $45.



The alarm clock of Deka

A thousand times to bring you back to reality;

No dream is more beautiful than life.


Every piece of furniture has a story and vitality.These feelings of the person that this kind of furniture brings let trivial life added the reason that enjoys among them.


  • Scene-based stories


As a home furnishing retailer, ikea has always used shopping malls as its effective retail space.Therefore, ikea stores should not only give customers a stimulating and smooth shopping experience, but also display high level and creative commercial advertising ability.How to occupy the above standard advantages in the competition and meet the increasing expectations of customer service year by year?Ikea cleverly provides consumers with various life solutions through the scenario story.


For example, "ikea quarrel" and "ikea break up" became the curiosity stories in the ticket circle.The following dates at ikea may be a worthy attempt to turn around ikea's "love killer" image.


see the video


Undoubtedly, different from the perception of offline retail scenes, emotional scene stories can create more associations for users.Even if it's renting, if you want to live comfortably and decently, come to ikea.If you want to take things a step further, come to ikea.Come to ikea for a date.Couples plan their future, come to ikea.The couple build a new home and, if they don't have much money and don't want to settle too much, come to ikea and so on.


You see, ikea doesn't sell furniture, but it sells "home-related solutions."This kind of cognition related to ikea has been widely popularized in various scenes and stories built by ikea.


Storytelling is part of ikea's branding.So how does ikea tell the story well? Domatters China digital marketing will tell you.


First,Mining the stories of commodity


The shopping of modern consumers is not just about completing the purchase, but also about finding more meaning and explanation in the market with so many products.The goods that end up in the shopping experience are more like souvenirs, commemorating their heartfelt stories of recognition.


No matter it is the bo ang armchair that has been selling well for 43 years, or the Klippan Loveseat sofa that goes with all kinds of changes, or even the hard-core FRAKTA frata shopping bag of 4.5 yuan, there is an exclusive story behind each product, such as the creator, creative inspiration and different families it enters...


Before putting them on the shelves, ikea takes the time to think about the unique perspective each item represents and present it in a way that consumers can easily relate to and understand.After all, consumers want a clear, human story that gives value to a product's raison d 'etat.


Second,Mining the stories of users


If you want to impress users with a good story, you might as well start directly from the user.


You have to know what kind of people are using your product, or what kind of people you want to consume.By understanding the state of their lives and their inner needs, we can explore the stories that can relate to their lives and mindsets.


For example,"You'll always be a boy to me," tells the story of a mother and her son who has just turned 18 and is leaving home.”Where life begins” is the story of a single mother.”Space for every family dog is no exception” tells the story of mother-to-be, father-to-be and dog.Ikea is the place where the story takes place. The stories are different, but equally touching, just like everyone who has been to ikea has experienced the same story.


And ikea member magazine LIVE, full of happy stories from customers around the world: how to build a smart house?How to have fun?Etc etc...After you know it, you'll have an explosion of "I want this life too," which is exactly what ikea wants to see.





Three.A story framework based on brand value extension


In Thailand, ikea's story is exaggerated and absurd. In Britain, it turns into a literary style. In China, it goes the route of loving family.


But I don't know if you have found that no matter in which country, whether it is a story of life, art or innovation, ikea cannot do without its brand value -- To create a better everyday life for the many people.But this is an abstract concept.Therefore, ikea will interpret it with different story languages to perfect the appearance of consumers' ideal home.


Hope this article is helpful to your brand promotion in China.Please feel free to contact domatters if you need any help with seo in your business in China.


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