How else can Chinese tide be played?

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These two years the Chinese tide in China is hot, so that many brands run off.Many of them are transboundary, printed with Chinese characters and embedded with chinese-style elements...This is no China trend, but this is clearly assembly line production.So what else can China tide do?Left and right sofa gave different answer.Recently, left and right sofa launched a joint collection of peripheral with the Palace Museum palace culture, which may let you to China fashion some new understanding.


Crossover and joint is not hard to come,that is more a natural outcome.The organic integration of products or the understanding of the brand concept is the completion of an upgrade of the Chinese tide.


Looking back, how many of those Chinese Brand joint do you remember?What can settle down is often the organic integration of those products, such as the white rabbit perfume to bring back your childhood childish.Or the idea of the brand, such as Left and right sofa joint with the imperial palace palace culture this time.It draws inspiration from the national treasure cultural relic "map of a thousand miles of rivers and mountains" collected by the Palace Museum to launch a series of household living Spaces.In the map of mountains and rivers over a thousand miles, author Wang Ximeng draws the outline of an ideal world in which man and nature live in harmony with each other by using green mountains and rivers, pavilions and cottages in maozhu.And such beautiful, green, natural way of life is Left and right sofa just advocate and pursuit all the time.






This also proves one thing that  the real Chinese tide is not the accumulation of traditional Chinese elements, but the superposition and fusion of a kind of culture.Sometimes, what we need to do is not hurry to joint, but to find common ground.The Shared brand concept will form a natural force that unites each other.


Chinese tide is not the tide of the surface, but the unity of aesthetic and practical functions.While maintaining cultural tonality, we should also take into account its function, which is what the new national products should look like.After all, the Chinese tide is an export of cultural content.



In previous Chinese tidal crossings, the balance was mostly tilted to one side.And left and right sofa is one of few that is in inheritance its beautiful foundation still undertook bold and practical design.In terms of appearance, it extracts mountain form, sea and sky, pinnacle and desert as design elements from the map of a thousand miles of rivers and mountains, which makes the majestic and beautiful mountains and rivers of the motherland pop into the eyes artistically.On the function, it will embroider mound and futon flexible combination, set court aesthetics and pragmatism in a suit.This better meets the diverse needs of contemporary youth.


It also features a "koi" couch.It not only caters to casual sleeping, but also caters to young pop culture.Lying on it, you immediately have a sense of deja vu with koi appendage.That is to say, both culturally and functionally, the left and right sofas are giving something new, which brings a spiritual and physical Chinese experience to young people.






The Chinese tide is not standing in the distance, but will reach the young.


Why is Chinese tide hot?Before the traditional culture has a sense of distance, now there is a sense of affinity.It went from a serious staid image to a lovely one.This change in painting style is very popular with young people.


So, left and right sofa did not sit in situ, but choose to take the initiative to be close.It uses a kind of interesting way to push thousand li jiangshan series household to push the path that young people USES two originality.On the one hand, it created a national style song "a thousand miles of rivers and mountains", united with the new music house, customized by xiaoyue boss and Peking Opera master liu kuikui.The song debuted on the netease cloud on September 26.In a sense, it is the debut of this joint venture.This music is really very beautiful that the first half of it can hear the clever flowing water, the second half can feel the majestic mountain.Together, it is a sound effect of a thousand li jiangshan painting.On the other hand, it launched an interesting H5.It tells the story of a "lost koi" court event in the form of a news broadcast.It uses this as a clue to take us to appreciate a thousand li jiangshan map at the same time, finally elicits the information that the koi sofa is newly released.





And, it still buried a lot of copywriting among them stem.For example, by endorsing the product with the emperor and the royal cat, the sofa is so comfortable that it puts you to sleep.


"Left and right sofa, sleep is sweet."

"My favorite sofa is around."




For another example, the corresponding scene slogan is used to convey the corporate values of harmony between man and nature.


"Green mountains and clear water are mountains of gold and silver."

"Garbage classification is a good thing, I should learn to learn."


In Domatters Digital Marketing China's opinion, these two things are not only fun, but also have a deeper function, which gives the traditional culture fresh vitality and makes it easier for young people to feel and like.Ultimately, it inspires a sense of cultural confidence and identity among China's trendy youth.Take a product as carrier, pass Chinese culture to young people, Left and right sofa uses this kind of means to make household new national goods.

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