How should we optimize the images on the site?

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We have been doing website keywords, inside keywords, tags and so on.But many of my friends are ignoring how to optimize the images on the website.In recent years, baidu image recognition, 360 image recognition are constantly upgrading functions, and have been very perfect.So we should optimize the image of the website.Friends who need to do SEO have to pay attention to it.

Today, Domatters China Digital Marketing shares with you how to optimize the pictures in the website.I hope this article is helpful for you and your website.



We are all familiar with Alt tags, but title tags are ignored by most webmasters.In fact, Domatters China Digital Marketing thinks that the title tag is as important as the Alt tag.Text appears when the user hovers over the image of the site.This has great use to the visitor experience, and it will also be one more keyword appearance in the site keyword density.


  • Sharpness optimization of the image on the site


In many cases a good article is the picture inside the article.We give an example, such as an article about "The map of home decoration ". When the user comes to visit the site, he just wants to see the details of the decoration structure through the picture.If the picture is not clear, even if the text is good and the content is rich, the value to users will be greatly reduced.So a clear picture is helpful to improve the quality of the article.



Now search engines are attaching more and more importance to original content.A lot of collecting is harmful to the website but not beneficial.Most stationmasters still stay on content originality only, but ignore picture to optimize this part.No doubt the original picture is also liked by the search engine spider.Think further, if webmasters spend a lot of time making a satisfactory picture, baidu and 360 and other search engines will also consider the original degree and quality of this article is very high.


  • Customize the size of the picture


The form of illustration is liked by baidu and users.However, when adding pictures, you should pay attention to the size of the picture.In fact,when Baidu display pictures in the search results page,not all pages as long as there are pictures will be displayed.Show a rule of the picture is the size of the picture is close to 121:75 that the stationmaster can be based on as a reference to adjust the size of the picture.In addition, the size of the picture will affect the speed of page opening. If the picture is too large, the page opening speed will slow down, which is not friendly to user experience. According to the 3-second principle, if the page cannot be opened for more than 3 seconds, the user may leave the page.


  • The text before and after images of the site


In addition to adding text like copyright notice, baidu and 360 will also refer to the relevance of surrounding text to guess what the picture is about.



  • Name pictures


This point may also be overlooked by most webmasters, who think that as long as images can be uploaded to the site You know, SEO is all about the details to be success.We want to name these uploaded pictures, and we can try to avoid using some meaningless letters or Numbers to name.Domatters suggests using Chinese pinyin to increase the relevance of the article, which helps search engines to identify, there are some benefits to ranking.


  • Alt tag optimization for images


The Alt tag is actually a text prompt for an image on a website, which is an explanatory property of the image.Adding keywords to Alt tags helps improve keyword ranking.Alt tag optimization of images is a basic technique, but the more basic it is, the more important it is.Don't forget to add the Alt tag after you upload the image.


Note of ALT tag writing:


1, the first way to write: <img SRC = "xxxxx.jpg" Alt = "" />.This is the most common, but also the worst way to write it.


2, the second way to write: <img SRC =- "XXXX. JPG" Alt = "SEO SEO optimization website SEO website SEO optimization" />.This is also used by many people, but this is the most dangerous and undesirable way to write it;Why not?The reason is simple.It's keyword stuffing, which search engines don't allow.


3, the third way to write: <img= "XXX. JPG" Alt = "website SEO optimization knowledge".This is the best way to write it.Keep the text short and include the keyword "SEO optimization."Domatters China Digital Marketing wants you to understand that the best way to write ALT tags is to write short sentences that contain keywords for your site.


Image ALT tags can be added to the place as much as possible, especially the site logo must be added with the alt tag.Baidu spider how to judge the content of images depends on the Alt tag, but you should be careful not to pile up keywords in the Alt tag.Domatters China Digital Marketing suggests using the title of the article as a good choice.


  • Save the images locally


Spend a lot of time to create original images although the original rankings and users have a great advantage, but due to time constraints, it does not show a little.Therefore, Domatters China Digital Marketing suggests that when stealing similar pictures, it is better to store the pictures locally in its own server.So others in the copy of your article when you can also give your site to add an external chain, your own site weight will be a high point.


Website image optimization can give users a good experience, increase the search engine included, we recommend to pay attention to the optimization of the pictures.We hope it is helpful to you and we also wish you can give us your precious advice to help us to serve you better.Please feel free to contact Domatters.


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