How to deal with the dead chain which was indexed in baidu and 404 error page?

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Dead chain in baidu official meaning is that the address of the server has changed and can not find the current address location.It includes two forms: protocol dead chain and content dead chain.The causes of dead chain are website server setting error, some folder name modification, path error link into dead chain and so on.


The harm of 404 error page on the website and the impact of SEO:


  •  Loss of PR


PR values are passed through links.The existence of dead links in the site will undoubtedly cause the loss of internal PR value.


For example, even if the site structure layout of a website is quite good, but there are many dead links in the site, then the site structure design is good, also can not play a role.


  • Loss ranking


First of all, when a page becomes a dead link, a dead link is not very friendly to search engines.The unfriendly consequence is that search engine spiders are no longer willing to crawl your site, and the search engine ranking of this page will be lost in search engines in no more than a week.They can even be demoted.It also significantly reduces the user experience.The consequences are serious.


There are a lot of dead links within the station for search engines, if a spider crawling in website encountered a lot of dead links, cause the failure of normal crawl, and there is no correct death chain processing, then the search engine will reduce the scores of websites, the spider crawling also don't want to waste time on these sites, thus affect the collection.

  • Loss of user experience


For users, the number of hits on the page, are basically open, and did not do 404 prompt users to return.Also, there is no correct dead link processing which will have a great impact on the website bounce rate and lead to the overall data quality of the website decline eventually.This is a very common phenomenon.


Do not ignore the impact of a dead link, to know that user loyalty also depends on the accumulation of.The user experience is the cornerstone of the site's ultimate development.


The website has a dead link but you don't know what to do with it?

If these dead chain has been included by baidu, what should you do?


The best way is to collect detected dead links, and organize them in TXT text documents, and according to the requirements of the webmaster platform for dead links to submit.


The solutions about Dead chain  404 error page



If you want to target search engines alone, you can set robots.txt to prevent search engines from crawling these pages.When a spider visits any website, it will first visit the robots.txt in the root directory of the website, and the spider will abide by the protocol and not crawl the banned pages.


Of course, the above method will not treat the root cause, we have to consider the user experience.


You can use the dead link detection function of webmaster tools to detect which are dead links.



Submit website dead chain on platform of baidu stationmaster:


First you have to register an account in the baidu tool, which will be logged in directly.Make sure your website has verified baidu webmaster platform, if there is no verification, you can verify it.If you need help to register the account,please contact Domatters.


In the left toolbar, find "web crawl > dead link submission".After clicking it, find the site on the right to submit the dead link, and click add data.


Now here's the key point.When many webmasters submit dead links, they make mistakes in this area.


Create a new TXT text document called silian. TXT.Then copy and paste the dead link address into a text document and upload it to the site's root directory.Baidu webmaster platform to submit new data, submit this document address.


After submitting, wait a moment, refresh the page, and it will take effect.


Hope this blog can help you.Read more information,please contact Domatters.


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