How to open WeChat video number?

Posted by zaiwu 22/05/2020 0 Comment(s) estimates that 80% of WeChat users can now see the "Wechat Video Number" column under the circle of friends. If you don’t see it, as long as someone forwards a link to the video number to you, this column will appear soon after you open it (Domatters has a personal test).


How can this permission be granted? Domatters shares several methods for you:




1. Find a friend who is doing Tencent-related operations to open it. The earliest users were from employees of Tencent or friends of Tencent. For example, Liu Xingliang, a self-media person, was invited by Zhang Xiaolong on WeChat.

2. If you are a big vip of these short videos with Douyin and Kuaishou, the WeChat video number can't wait for you to open it immediately. If you have millions of followers who have not opened, it is because they did not find you.


3. Open the video account through the official link. This channel is currently closed. Of course, this channel has little effect, because 90% of the applicants are insignificant.


4. The following is the most feasible method. If your WeChat account is an associated operator with a functioning public account, WeChat will most likely invite you to participate in the inside.


5. Wait for a random invitation. For example, several video numbers of many people are randomly opened.


How to open it if there are no above conditions?


In this case, basically you can only wait. Because now WeChat has closed the application link. Of course, if it is not closed, you will not be able to apply in a high probability situation. You can think in advance whether the video number is valuable to you? If it is valuable, what are you going to do and how to do it?



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