How to operate Douyin well in China?

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How to operate Douyin well in China?



Today we will show you in the form of mind map.


  • Accurate positioning
    • Mainstream
      • Dominance method
      • Expertise method
        • you are good at and you can collect relevant information
      • character setting method
        • Establish a true personality with distinctive characteristics
    • Unpopular



  • Confirm indicators
    • 1. How many fans and videos are there in a month?
    • 2. Use this to define learning imitation goals
      • Find the similar indicator account
        • If it is appropriate, how to learn from it?
          • Learn+imitate
            • Take its essence + own innovation
          • consult+Give
            • Strengthening oneself (embodied value)
            • Pay the corresponding price
        • Eliminate inappropriate accounts



  • Use recommendation algorithm
    • Guide the user to continue watching for three consecutive times
    • Adjust the release time according to users' habits
      • 7am -9 am
        • People will wake up with a Douyin content
        • Or They are bored on the way to work and have a look at Douyin for fun
      • 12am-13pm
        • When people eat, they will hurry to scrub the douyin videoes.
      • 16pm-18pm
        • People are accustomed to relax and wait for get off work.
      • 21pm-22pm
        • This time is just after class or after get off work.
    • Participate in the official activities of Douyin actively
      • This will give you traffic supports. You need to cooperate with the official of Douyin.
    • If Douyin suddenly pushes your previous videoes
      • This shows that you did not maintain your account and comment in time




  • Video content production
    • BGM
      • It is the soul of Douyin.
      • Choose a good BGM, because it may make a video become popular.
      • How to choose BGM?
        • Choose according to the style and emotional tone of the video
          • For example:
            • Gourmet short videos generally have a soothing effect
            • For gourmet short videos, you can choose some light and cheerful music
            • Short videos of fashion and beauty generally have very obvious fashion attributes. You can choose some fast-paced music, such as pop music, electronic music, rock music.
          • Gourmet short videos generally have a soothing effect
          • For gourmet short videos, you can choose some light and cheerful music
          • Short videos of fashion and beauty generally have very obvious fashion attributes
          • You can choose some fast-paced music, such as pop music, electronic music, rock music,
        • BGM rhythm should be consistent with the video rhythm
          • In this way, the overall picture will look more harmonious and have a sense of substitution
        • Explosive BGM is not a flow guarantee
          • BGM with a high frequency of appearances can easily cause some users to have a strong boredom
        • BGM don't take the lead and grab the limelight of the video
    • Copywriting
      • 1. No subtitles
      • 2. Has subtitles
        • By refining the essence, setting the suspense, highlighting the notice, the true feelings, and the tongue content
          • This allows users to swipe the video while eating with copywriting
        • Extract essence
          • Example:Sister Maomao sent short videos without subtitles before she is become popular.
          • After the short video of Sister Maomao's "Hao hai ou", she added captions uniformly for her videos.
        • Set suspense
          • Example: If you don’t know xx, you can watch the last video
          • Example: The next video reveals the answer
      • 3.the punchline
    • Cover
      • If one of your videos arouses the user’s interest and he clicks on your homepage, then the title and cover are particularly important at this time
      • It’s best to choose the most exciting picture in the video
      • The unified cover format will become your unique tone and memory point.
    • title
      • The headline should be large, the font should be bold, and eye-catching
    • content
      • Rubbing hot spots
        • Special festivals, news, entertainment,etc
      • Mainstream content
        • Funny, face value, etc
    • Extension-Features of Educational Explosion Video
      • Chasing the hot spots
        • Follow popular BGMs, topics or challenges
          • For example, "SoEclass singing teaching" will release teaching videos
        • The festival is also a key node for educational accounts to make explosions
          • "Ziyi Handwritten Newspaper" which a douyin number once published a handwritten newspaper template about Qingming Festival
      • The teaching category is more vertical
        • Create specific content for specific groups and subdivide your own teaching categories
      • You can share the scarcity and systematicness of knowledge
        • You must establish your own unique recognition
          • For example, "Geography teacher Wang Xiaoming" It focuses and shares geographic knowledge and regularly releases cold knowledge across the country



  • Increase exposure
    • Hold the thigh of the big brother account
      • After you have seriously commented, you will receive indirect attention when his video is on fire
    • Do data (normal)
      • Collect highly recommended copywriting and topics
    • Team account push
      • After commenting each other, when the video is on fire, you will receive indirect attention




  • Account maintenance
    • nickname
      • Good memory brand name, domain +ID
    • Avatar
      • Design, star, real person
    • Head Figure
      • Focus on key points
    • Signature
      • Lead attention
      • No early marketing content
      • No contact information (small black house warning)
    • Detailed address
      • Set to an area with a lot of people in douyin ,so that the convenient system can recommend it to more people 



  • Editing tools
    • Computer pc
      • Pr
    • Mobile
      • Tweet, cat cake, music show, clip show, etc.




  • script
    • Its effect
      • Improve shooting efficiency
      • Keep the short video theme clear
      • Reduce communication costs and facilitate teamwork
    • Its type
      • Shooting outline
        • News documentary, part of feature film
      • Split shot script
        • Every picture must be under control
      • Literary script
        • Suitable for short video creation that does not require plots, such as teaching videos
    • How to write a script?
      • Clarify its theme
        • Second confirmation to strengthen the impression
      • Build a story frame
        • Characters, scenes, events must be set up
      • Fill in the details
        • The contents of each part in the composition of the script



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