How to write WeChat promotion copy in International Labour Day?

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WeChat is the most popular social media tool in China today. The WeChat official account derived from WeChat has also become one of the mainstream media platforms for enterprises and merchants. Regular Posting on WeChat official account is a means of marketing, which enables fans to interact with merchants.May Day, the small holiday is coming soon, and this year China is off for four days.Very cool!So have you written the WeChat promotion copy for May Day?How to write?


What effect does WeChat copy in May Day have in electronic business affairs?


  • Marketing through WeChat copywriting can reduce the cost of sales.

What effect does WeChat copy Which was writeen out in Mat Day have in electronic business affairs?

1. Marketing through WeChat copywriting can reduce the cost of sales.

To reduce costs, if a merchant or an enterprise wants to maintain the normal operation of the store, it needs to carry out a lot of marketing activities and promotion activities, such as SMS push notification, email notification and so on.As the number of users increases, the cost may change from 100 yuan a month at the beginning to 1,000 yuan or even tens of thousands of yuan.WeChat is free to push messages, and WeChat is a platform with a large number of active users, with great potential value.

2. Deepen the communication with customers, so that customers can have a deeper understanding of products or services.

Only after users follow your WeChat can they see the messages you send and interact with you.WeChat has the characteristics of accurate audience and high user loyalty, and it is a marketing model with great follow-up development space and sales potential.

3. Accurate positioning

4. High conversion rate.People usually certainly hate advertising, direct advertising for all businesses are the easiest way to promote marketing.But if the ads are sent directly, even big brands will lose some customers and arouse the dislike of fans.But WeChat can solve this problem very well.Use words to guide fans, so that customers naturally accept and take the initiative to seek more content, can increase the conversion rate during the May Day holiday.


WeChat copywriting form in May Day


1. Friend circle copywriting

2. WeChat public account

3. Graphic and text content advertising around the May Day material

4.Read the original

The latter two are more likely to arouse fans' interest and desire for reading.



Some common writing methods of WeChat copywriting in International Labour Day


1. Core expansion method: list the core ideas separately, and then expand and tell from all aspects that can present the views.

2. Breakdown method: introduce the characteristics of products or services separately.In the process of writing, it is necessary to pay attention to the cooperation between words and pictures, fully introduce the selling points of products or services, and attract users' attention through detailed description and eye-catching vocabulary.

3.the reverse triangle writing: the article will be condensed, the first paragraph is used to arouse the reader's interest, and then explain why to see this article, finally emphasize the advantages of the product, deepen the impression of the user.

4.May Day story guide method: through the story so that users fully integrated into the story plot, so that users have a reading interest.But make sure the story makes sense.


For specific copywriting, domatters has some ideas for you.


The biggest theme in May Day is the most glorious labor, coupled with the standard holiday: travel, traffic, small party.

Check out some of the best labor day posters from the past:








Wang Laoji王老吉




Cocola China


Others that you can reference:

  • food

All who live by labor have true ability.

Eat enough to do well!

Every foodie has a model mouth

Eat and move, labor is the most glorious! - WeiLong

Walking on the road is not congestion, and it is not boring at home.#If you are hungry and sleepy, drink something fragrant#--Xiang piaopiao



  • wine

Done well,drunk well.

Work hard and make a cup with all your heart



  • education

No pains, no gains.

Labor is the source of all knowledge


  • movement

Not afraid of the cold, afraid of the hands and feet

The body moves, the heart is happy!


  • social

When it comes to work, fall in love

Take action!

Don’t fall alone in May Day ! Everyone who wants to be loved wants to be loved!


  • The car

Make your own style!

Only by working together can we move forward together

Choose comfortable travel for pleasant holidays

Struggle of you is the most beautiful scenery-BYD

The man on the road is trapped by the scenery;Leaders can call themselves landscapes.Are you stuck today?-Audi

At 5,500 revolutions per minute, you have a strong heart to provide infinite power which can be out of a fearless world.- BMW

At 400 revolutions per minute, you will never be stopped by difficulties.Speed up again, just don't want to waste talent.- BMW



  • Cosmetics

Do a good job. be perfect yourself.


  • clothes

Law "clothes" combined, understand life, more understand you!


  • travel

Only a person walking on the road will seriously look at the scenery!


The above is the arrangement for you about the details that how to write WeChat promotion copywriting in May Day.We hope these can help you, please pay attention to domatters for more content.

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