How does a brand integrate traditional Chinese culture like Pepsi to develop products with Chinese elements?

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What do products created by combining with traditional Chinese culture mean in China?


First of all, China's excellent traditional culture, revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture are the spiritual nourishment for the survival of the Chinese nation and the whole connotation of Chinese civilization.Without culture, political, economic and social development would lose its foundation.Of course, culture is a long process of accumulation, development and innovation.Today's Chinese traditional culture has been accumulated and continued for more than 5,000 years.


Secondly, Chinese culture is one of the best cultures in the world.The five-thousand-year Chinese civilization has a strong sense of identity around the world.Especially in China, Chinese people have a crazy love for Chinese traditional culture and its derivatives.The Cultural creation of the Palace Museum is a successful case of combining traditional Chinese culture and it has become a hot IP.





Why should the brand integrate into Chinese traditional culture and create peripheral products?


1. Since the report to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the Chinese government has attached great importance to the publicity and promotion of the fine traditional Chinese culture nurtured by the 5,000-year Chinese civilization.Therefore, in the big context of China goverment striving to inherit and develop excellent traditional culture, it is easier for many enterprises to seize this trend for creation and brand promotion.


2.In recent years, the quality of people's spiritual life has been increasingly demanding.With the popularization of "Sinology" and the popularity of cultural variety shows, more and more consumers like to add Chinese elements into products, and traditional culture becomes popular again.When the enterprise brand is combined with the profound traditional culture, the new form and new connotation not only realize the product innovation, but also attract the attention of young people for the novel consumption experience.As a result, many commodities have reached the goal of market replacement by virtue of the power of culture, and thus the influence of enterprise brands can continue to expand and inherit.


What are the main representative things of Chinese traditional culture?


  • Peking Opera, folk opera, drama, martial arts, Qigong, traditional dragon boat race, folk land boat, Yangko dance.
  • Chinese characters such as oracle bone script and seal script.
  • Calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, wood painting and so on.
  • Couplets, riddles and allegorical sayings.
  • Chinese ceramics, cloisonne, lacquer painting, bamboo weaving.
  • Noodle man, sugar man, paper cutting, kite.
  • The four treasures of Chinese study: paper, ink, pen and inkstone.
  • Chinese silk and bamboo instruments, percussion instruments.
  • Embroidery: Su embroidery, Shu embroidery, Yue embroidery, Xiang embroidery.
  • Traditional tricks: folk tricks, folk acrobatics, folk circus.
  • Others


What are the peripheral products that combine traditional Chinese culture and trends? Let's take Pepsi as an example.


Excellent products need not only technical content, but also cultural value. Nowadays, Domatters believes that designers of many brands developed in China have realized the importance of culture to design and actively seek directions from traditional Chinese culture, but the effect is not satisfactory. Most designs only mention imitations that remain on the surface, but do not get the connotation of traditional culture, because they do not know how to correctly combine traditional culture with product design.The Brands should be innovative and original and find a better way to integrate traditional Chinese culture with the modern world, advanced technology, and non-Chinese culture.Let's take a look at how Pepsi does it.




IF you want to see the video,you can click the picture above or click the URL:


The 2020 Pepsi Gai Nian Store has recently launched a new line of products, including hot pot, Chinese chess, folding fans and other peripheral products. When traditional Chinese culture meets contemporary trends, Pepsi uses love to deconstruct China's millennium national heritage and uses heritage to condense traditional culture! It will love pouring traditional culture, deconstructing the essence of regional characteristics, and condensing the power of the thousand-year national heritage. Together with its spokesperson Yang Yang, we will witness "the love is more than ever, the reconstruction is endless"!


1. Pepsi & Jingyun Hotpot

Pepsi concentrates the most traditional Chinese food and drink style on the extraordinary copper pots created by extraordinary craftsmanship and hand-crafted, designed with cyberpunk futuristic, giving it a new modern connotation and recreating the new generation of traditional love. (Note: This single product needs its own induction cooker for heating).





2. Pepsi & Chinese Chess

Ingeniously reconstruct the chess game and recreate the cultural rebirth. Pepsi integrates the soul of the game into translucent chess, allowing young original power and non-legacy national rhyme to achieve each other. Playing chess pieces, the thousand-year chess game regained vigor.





3. Pepsi & Oracle Carpet

Pepsi's ingenuity reconstructs the classics, and the Eastern style resonates with the Western charm. Pepsi uses cyber technology and post-modern color matching to weave Chinese oracle bones into the design of contemporary home carpets to bring the source of Chinese character culture to life. Feel the revival of the Chinese cultural trend.





4. Pepsi & Qiankun folding fan

Reflective folding fan with Pepsi blue as the background, the innovative fusion of cyberpunk and ancient Chinese rhyme. Under the blessing of the Mithril texture, the folding fan has a new life, one opening and one closing, unique style, and this summer Pepsi may "reveal".




5. Pepsi & Street Skateboard

Classic black collision Pepsi blue, release the pioneering temperament of skateboarding. Pepsi upholds the street spirit of freedom and fearlessness, endows the skateboard with a cool appearance, and uses superior design taste to inject a new style into the street culture.


6. Pepsi & Coldplay shoe box

Pepsi shoe box is mainly black, with a futuristic fluorescent design, breaking through the trend boundary, showing a young attitude, making tide shoes storage an art of display.




7. Pepsi & Zhou Dongyu DONGDUCK water cup

When the cute little yellow duck meets the cool and cool Pepsi, the Pepsi X DONG DUCK co-branded water bottle is reborn. Play with colors, reconstruct elements, and show the new trend of diversified crossovers. With its sweet and cool accompanying "duck" power is invisible, Pepsi "exposure" is possible.


8. Pepsi dare attitude T-Shirt

It's cool to wear attitudes without talking. Super dare attitude Tee, bold and uninhibited. Everything has an attitude, and Pepsi may "disclose" it.


How else can brands cross boundaries with traditional culture in China?


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