How do enterprises do Internet promotion in the era of Internet + with live streaming?

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Recently, when we opened Weibo, you will find that using live streaming to bring goods is a hot topic in China's two sessions this year. It is actually "Internet +" sales promotion. With the advent of the 5G era, everything starts to interconnect, and we have entered the Internet + era. Internet technology is becoming more and more developed, and it has brought us multi-faceted, multi-angled and multi-level influences.


For example, companies selling fresh fruits and agricultural products use the Internet to help farmers and help agricultural products be sold throughout the country. There are also government officials, such as governors and county magistrates, who take the lead in bringing goods on live broadcasts to promote local economic development, strengthen economic ties between cities and rural areas, and promote common prosperity. Another example is that many people are beginning to use smart home products, and most companies are also concerned about the Internet sales market connected by the Internet. Internet promotion is also highly valued by many companies.





Internet technology is constantly updated and iterated, so that products and services have different ways of playing. For enterprises, how to manage their brands with the times under the "Internet +" environment has become the primary issue for future development. What are the common Internet promotion methods under Internet +?


Today, Domatters will share with you several successful and effective application methods for Internet promotion.


1. Upgrade your website content


The content of the website must be updated daily with at least one original or washed manuscript. A website that can often see the latest trends of the company is a very fresh and active website in the eyes of visitors. It is a charming enterprise company. That can further improve the reasonable conversion rate of the company's online marketing.


2. SEO in China.


Chinese people like to browse the Internet for information. They like to browse various search engines and websites such as Baidu, Sina, Toutiao, etc. to learn any necessary information. For example, today, no matter whether people buy things online or offline, they must search for information on the website in advance, such as discounts and so on. Many Chinese people like a company with a story and a good brand image. They like to browse Baidu Encyclopedia, Sogou Encyclopedia, 360 Encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia and so on to view corporate brand introductions. This is a complete Internet encyclopedia, equivalent to foreign Wikipedia. Encyclopedia creation has now become one of the basic means for enterprises, brands, celebrities, etc. to conduct online publicity in China.


Enterprises can promote the Internet based on keyword rankings, increase website weight, user evaluation, etc. That way, when the customer retrieves it, they want to grasp the query, and then they decide whether to buy or not. Therefore, the company should pay attention to its ranking in the search of major engines, try to rank high-quality content as far as possible, and expand the influence of its own enterprises and products.





3.Products and services.


Whether it is offline marketing or online promotion methods, product quality and brand advantages, after-sales maintenance services can reasonably generate customers and promote the improvement of order information conversion rate. On the contrary, when your products and services cannot be guaranteed, once they are spread on the online platform and cause the necessary economic development and loss of life and economics to the netizens, then you will lose the gains.


4.Word of mouth marketing.


Now this era has transformed into an era where information and products come to find people. With good products, you still need to spread his word of mouth, that is, let everyone know that you have good products and good brands. Word-of-mouth marketing is a relatively low-cost promotion method in online marketing. Word-of-mouth marketing is highly targeted and interactive.Maybe after you post the post and answer the question, someone will find you to buy your product.


5. Chinese social media marketing promotion.


With the increasing popularity of the Internet, there have been many social networking sites and some instant chat tools in China, such as WeChat, Maimai, Momo, QQ, etc. Chinese people like to use social networking sites, such as Weibo, WeChat, qq, etc., because it can help us share photos or videos with friends and family, and it can also integrate life and entertainment.


The popular Internet media at this stage include Sina Weibo and WeChat. Among them, the popularity of the WeChat public platform cannot be ignored. The company can publish promotion texts on some high-quality WeChat public platforms or set up WeChat public accounts of its own products to expand customer loyalty. Although the establishment of the WeChat public platform is very simple,but after the establishment of WeChat public platform, the maintenance must be done with great care. Many WeChat merchants use WeChat Moments to sell goods. Some retail companies selling goods, such as apparel, home furnishing, cosmetics, fresh fruit and other companies, use these WeChat resources to carry out social new retail on WeChat and QQ to expand their industrial chain. This effect is still very good.


 Enterprises can also promote other products online through various social media sites such as live broadcast platforms, Douyin, Xiaohongshu, etc. There are many publishers who can promote other products through various websites and blogs.




6.Video and live broadcast promotion in China


Live streaming to bring goods is a hot topic in China's two sessions this year. Chinese people like to watch live broadcasts to buy goods because it is more intuitive and easier to understand the production.Even our President Xi Jinping has appeared in a live broadcast room promoting agricultural products, becoming the biggest broadcaster. Many county magistrates also personally battled to promote local products and promote economic development. In China, live broadcasters and internet marketers are nationally recognized occupations. Enterprises can establish their own live broadcast accounts to share products regularly according to your own needs and development. Of course, you can also cooperate with Big KOL and Internet celebrities to promote products. As long as you master a good method, you can also generate revenue in minutes.


7. Information flow advertising, such as brand marketing on major websites in China, to expand the coverage of information content. Enterprise brand promotion is willing to guarantee the actual effect of large-scale publicity planning. It must integrate several online platforms and carry out a variety of promotion methods.


At present, China's major information flow advertising platforms, such as: Tencent, Ali, Baidu series products, NetEase, Sina, Toutiao, Xiaomi, 360, Zhihu, Meiyou, bilibili, Kuaishou, Douyin, community forums, self-media platforms, etc. . The company can integrate a variety of methods to improve the actual effect of covering publicity planning.






Of course, there are other effective promotion methods. If you want to know more, you can contact Domatters.


 "Internet +" connects thousands of households of people all over the world, making the vast world smaller in front of ordinary people. Domatters believes that the Internet will change every aspect of people in the future. Dreams can become reality. We need to keep up with the footsteps of the times and let our brand shine gradually.


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