" Economy" Is Popular:Millions of Cute Pets Make Hundreds of Billions of Consumer Market

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Fromm once wrote in his book: "in modern society, work and entertainment have filled people's lives," social animals "rotate like a top, become slaves of capital when they go to work, and anesthetize themselves in entertainment when they get off work. In contrast, people's spiritual life has been squeezed into a little space." People need to learn to relax in entertainment, to find the "sense of existence", and "pets" come into our lives at this time.




"It's economy" is popular:millions of cute pets make hundreds of billions of consumer market/01




In these two years, there have been more and more "excrement shoveling officers" and "dog walking officers." Wang Xingren "and" miao Xingren "are the main pet armies, who have invaded families on a large scale and become our family members and living partners. The" cute pet economy "has also been detonated. In 17 years, data show that there are about 59.12 million pet families in China, accounting for 17%. The market size of China's pet industry has reached 134 billion yuan, and the number is growing year by year.



Why is the pet economy so hot in recent years? What changes will the pet economy bring to the market? Today, domatters is going to talk with you about "its economy":



Why is "pet economy" born?



Today's consumer market, the post-90s generation has gradually become the main consumer, but also the main force of the rise of pet economy. In the user portrait collection of the post-90s consumer groups, "loneliness" is the key word. The post-90s and post-00s pay more attention to spiritual enjoyment, yearn for more company, and prefer to consume for their favorite things. Pets with "warmth" and "healing" attributes have become the main weapon to understand loneliness. Therefore, the pet economy has risen.



1. The single population is increasing. There are data showing that in 2017, the number of single people in China has reached 220 million, accounting for about 15% of the total population, which is also increasing year by year. The anxiety caused by the high pressure of life and the fast pace of work has also become a common problem of modern young people, and the tags of "sprouting and healing" of pets can bring happiness to young people in their spare time, so more and more young people take pets as an emotional sustenance, "sucking cats, rolling cats" and other hot words also follow, becoming the trend of modern young people.





"It's economy" is popular:millions of cute pets make hundreds of billions of consumer market/02




2. The emotional sustenance of the adult and the younger generation of pets. This year's young people pay more attention to spiritual satisfaction, such as high house prices, high life pressure, fast work pace, many young people living alone in their hometown and struggling outside... And the emergence of pets also just alleviates the "tension" of young people's spirit, becomes the emotional sustenance of young people, and becomes the "good medicine" for them to relieve anxiety.



3. Pets are a common topic of the younger generation. I don't know when the symbol of a young person's success has changed from "having a house and a car" to "having a cat". In a modern society, rolling up a cat has become a trend, "one person has a cat, and everyone envies it". This is also the reason why many young people like pets, which can become the "focus" in the eyes of all people, as well as a common topic among people.This is a "trend", but also a "talent talk".




Market changes brought by pet economy




Based on the huge market demand and strong development prospects of the pet economy, in recent years, all walks of life have begun to develop different marketing strategies around the pet economy, and the related industry market has also undergone tremendous changes:



1. Pet industry starts consumption upgrading. Today's pet consumer market, service projects can be said to be multifarious. Pet consumption is not only limited to the "food, clothing, housing and transportation" of pets, but also developed around more "spiritual food" and other characteristics of pet consumption. There is not only a wealth of pet food and daily necessities, but also the field of beauty and medical treatment is developing rapidly. More and more "pet park", "pet foster care", "pet hospital" and other service institutions emerge at the historic moment, from pet health products, fashion brand, intelligent products to pet furniture customization, from pet beauty, photography, wedding to pet funeral... The industrial chain is too big to imagine! The innovation of consumption concept also brings new demand to the pet industry, stimulates the product innovation of the pet industry, and the pet industry chain shows the trend of continuous growth.





"It's economy" is popular:millions of cute pets make hundreds of billions of consumer market/03




2. Pet element commodity market is booming. With the development of pet economy, more and more brands have added pet elements to their products in recent years. For example, this year's pop-up single "Starbucks cat's paw Cup" is very popular in the streets. Once it is listed, it will be looted. Some people even fight for it, and it was once fried to thousands of prices. Of course, hunger marketing and media promotion are also important, but there is no denying that people's demand for products containing "cute" elements is rapidly increasing.



3. Pet element enables brand communication. In recent years, major brands have begun to integrate pet elements into the promotion and communication of the brand, not only Xiang Diao brand and Weiyang of Netease, which have their own brands with relevant elements, but also brands that do not have the attribute of "animal" have begun to find ways to integrate them. For example, when Skyworth TV was promoting its products, it used the subjective perspectives of meow master, parrot, Husky and other animals to skillfully integrate the product performance into the life scene, which not only has a full sense of immersion, but also shows the core advantages of the product.




The thinking behind the pet economy and the development effect of the future market



In recent years, the derivative creation and creativity based on pet image emerge in an endless stream, and are loved by young consumers. From pet emoticons to derivative products such as film and television, animation, books and games, there is a continuous growth trend.



For communication, today's cute pet has become a powerful traffic tool on the Internet platform, and there are not a few pet bloggers with more than ten million fans on major short video platforms.



In addition, the combination of pet and catering industry is also one of the hot spots of pet economy. Cat cafe, pet restaurant and other catering formats integrated with pet theme have become the standard in major cities in recent years, and are the places where many young tourists "punch in". Not only that, the enrichment of pet products and services has opened up many new "brain holes". Intelligent pet products, pet photography, pet fashion brand, pet furniture customization and other new products have expanded the pet economic model, which also represents the pet economy from the original "companion + interaction" model to a richer one-stop simple parenting model.




"It's economy" is popular:millions of cute pets make hundreds of billions of consumer market/04

Meow planet cat house



With the growing maturity of pet industry in China, pet demand is also growing. Facing the rise of another "hundred billion market", both the pet industry and other brands will be a new development opportunity. ​​​​​​​

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