Jay Chou joined Kuaishou. What is the difference between Douyin and Kuaishou in the celebrity battle?

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On May 29th, the account with the ID "Classmate Zhou" appeared in Kuaishou, without official announcement or comment, but the account introduction of "the only one in the whole network, only in Kuaishou" made the news of Jay Chou's entry in Kuaishou spread. The number of fans has risen to one million levels. On June 1st, Jay Chou's Quick Hand account was officially opened. Three videos of a suit were shot and said that when the number of fans reaches 10 million, the strongest magic live broadcast will be performed. Jay Chou's quick fans have now reached 16.698 million, and only four of them have nearly 400 million video views. "This will bring huge traffic value and commercial value to Quick Hands."


All generations in China in the 80s and 90s knew Jay Chou, who created a myth of the times in Chinese music. It took 11 years for Weibo to manage Jay Chou, but now it is done by Kuaishou. From Oreo, OPPO, Baique, hand-held cake, Emma electric car, Youlemei to today's fast hands. "Lao Zhou is still that rustic old Zhou." But in the view of Domatters, this has nothing to do with the "scent of earth". What Kuaishou value is Jay Chou's personal brand effect as a second-generation star and its appeal to fans.



Jay Chou's Kuaishou account



"The combined MAU of Kuaishou and Douyin has exceeded 900 million, and the overall user scale of short video in China Mobile Internet is about 800 million, which means that the user overlap between the two is getting higher and higher, entering the close combat stage, mutual To grab traffic, user growth is getting harder and harder." an investor said.


In this battle for traffic, the two sides began to explore each other's borders. Judging from the recent actions of both parties, the star flow pool is their next melee battlefield. In this regard, Douyin's layout is earlier, with a first-mover advantage, and quickly winning Jay Chou's series of rights and interests is equivalent to filling up the top flow vacancies.


What is the difference between Douyin and Kuaishou in this celebrity battle? What abilities do they value? Domatters will analyze and compare the three dimensions of traffic, copyright and bringing goods in this article.



Traffic dispute: catching up with each other and overtaking


Signing Jay Chou, the first thing to compete for quickly is traffic.


Jay Chou, who accompanied the 80s and 90s, is an absolute top star in China. Two things happened last year are enough to prove his powder absorption ability and commercial value.


In July 2019, we still remember a battle between Weibo and Super Chat about Jay Chou and Cai Xukun. Compared with the number of fans of the two, Jay Chou, who is more than 3 million in difference, won the position of the list in the shortest time, and the influence instantly broke 100 million.


In September, Jay Chou's new song "Say Good, Don't Cry" was launched on three music platforms owned by Tencent Music. Its sales exceeded 20 million yuan in less than 24 hours, making it the highest-selling digital single in the history of QQ music platform.





In the Internet, everyone who has more traffic will have enough say. Looking back at the contention between the two front runners Douyin and Kuaishou in the short video track, you know why the Kuaishou invited Jay Chou to help.


The watershed between the competition between Kuaishou and Douyin traffic, that is, Douyin's first super fast hand, appeared in the first half of 2018. In early 2019, Douyin became the exclusive social media communication platform of CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2019 and settled in Spring Festival Gala as a sponsor. By the beginning of January 2019, Douyin had exceeded 250 million daily activities in China and 500 million monthly activities. Since then, Douyin has been super fast in MAU (monthly live) and DAU (daily live), and the advantage has been maintained so far. Kuaishou has also entered a chasing state since then.


The next major turning point occurred in June 2019, which is the famous "K3 target". Suhua and Cheng Yixiao, the two founders of Kuaishou, sent an internal signal to employees to call all members into a fighting state, and set a KPI of "reaching 300 million DAU before the Spring Festival 2020". From the data point of view, the "wolf sex culture" of Kuaishou works quickly, and the retention rate on the 30th is quickly alongside Douyin. Almost all of the second half of 2019, all the people of Kuaishou are working hard only for this goal. 300 million DAUs were dismantled and refined and implemented in different departments. Judging from the official results announced in February, Kuaishou successfully completed his goal early this year. And its opponent Douyin announced a breakthrough of 400 million DAU a month in advance.


 The coming epidemic disrupted the Spring Festival plan of Douyin and Kuaishou, and a series of high investment in exchange for a period of high growth, but did not achieve the expected retention.


Related to QuestMobile's "2020 China Mobile Internet Spring Report",we can see that the daily lives of the two short video platforms Kuaishou and Douyin reached a high point on the Spring Festival Gala. The gap between Kuaishou and Douyin gradually narrowed. However, after the Spring Festival Evening, they all fell quickly. The average DAU of Kuaishou in March was 215 million, and the gap with Douyin remained at around 100 million.


In this battlefield, Douyin is deployed earlier than Kuaishou. We see some data on the situation of the stars who have settled in Douyin and Kuaishou on the Internet. It is found that the stars who are stationed in Kushou are far less capable of sucking powder. The stars with a fan base of more than 30 million in Kuaishou are basically zero, 1-2 million The number of stars with a base of 20-30 million fans also lags far behind Douyin. Now quickly sign Jay Chou, can be said to fill the top vacancies.


Data as of June 4 at 22:00


After "Classmate Zhou" settled in Kuaishou, Kuaishou claimed in Guanwei that Zheng Shuang had joined Kuaishou on June 5, and the position was a partner of Kuaishuang Innovation Lab. At present, the number of fans on her Quick Hand has exceeded 9 million, which is three times the number of fans on her vibrato account.


Copyright dispute: Kuaishou is finally catching up with Douyin





Jay Chou put his Chinese social debut in Kuaishou and authorized his music copyright to Kuaishou. Anyone who understands the importance of BGM for short video platforms knows how much this impacts Douyin. On May 30th, Kuaishou officially announced that they obtained Jay Chou's copyright authorization from Jewell Music, which means that Kuaishou creators can use Jay Chou's songs and music videos as soundtrack materials.



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