Why do brands prefer to cooperate with platforms in influence marketing?

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KOL promotion becomes the socialization marketing key point


AdMaster advertisers intention survey research shows that more than 80% of advertisers will increase social marketing investment in 2019 and the average increase in the budget of 21%.KOL promotion topped the list.Nowadays, mobile social network is full of people's life. Stars and opinion leaders (KOL) are the main disseminators of commodity information, and the content they publish or cooperate directly affects consumers' purchase decisions.Related to people's various consumption behaviors of food, clothing, housing and entertainment, the corresponding brands in different vertical industries have increased the utilization rate of KOL significantly, and have chosen a richer way of "implantation" of content.


In addition to food, cosmetics and other industries with high purchase frequency and low unit price that have been mature in cooperation with KOL, automobile, luxury goods and other industries also begin to favor KOL promotion along with the extension of KOL's influence on fans' lifestyle.


KOL, like flowers of every kind are in bloom, influences consumers deeply in their own fields.There are both opportunities and challenges for advertisers.Advertising marketing has entered an unprecedented era of diversification and prosperity.Marketing threshold is lowered, advertising forms more diverse.At first glance, this looks like harmony.However, the new challenge is how to make accurate and effective delivery in the diversified choices for advertisers.


Where do we find KOL even though we all know KOL is good?What kind of KOL is appropriate?What is the cooperation price and way of KOL?These are the primary problems of communicating with a KOL in a single marketing campaign.


According to 'the white paper of Chinese KOL marketing strategy' released by iresearch in 2019, KOL marketing promotion has already broken the early one-to-one communication mode, showing a trend of putting matrix and complicated decision-making.


1. The value of KOL matrix becomes increasingly prominent, and the delivery mode tends to be aggregated and intelligent



Based on the background of the vertical development of KOL and the constant maturity of influencer marketing mode, the mainstream strategy of KOL marketing gradually transforms from single point operation to matrix linkage. From the deep cooperation mode of spokesmen in the early stage, to the multi-point distribution of KOL in the middle stage, to the current KOL matrix with organic linkage, the matrix effect of "1+1 > 2" becomes more and more prominent.


Therefore, the traditional cooperation model of direct communication with KOL is no longer applicable.KOL marketing will gradually usher in the aggregated delivery mode in the future. The KOL marketing of head service provider will continuously accumulate KOL resources and continuously build a one-stop delivery platform and technology to provide brand owners with more intelligent and efficient KOL selection and delivery services.


2. As the media environment becomes richer and more complex, media selection becomes more critical in KOL marketing



The key to traditional KOL marketing lies in the KOL itself. Choosing the right KOL is equivalent to finding the audience group behind it.With the emergence of new media, the marketing strategy of KOL becomes more and more complex. Even the same KOL has different characteristics and audiences in different media.


Therefore,the brand side in the future will only be half successful in selecting the right KOL in the process of KOL marketing.Media choice will be a key factor in the success of the other half, and it will play a more important role in the whole marketing decision.



Brand owners will face a more complex environment in KOL marketing. In addition to customizing the marketing form and content according to KOL's personal Settings and characteristics, factors such as the characteristics of media and the differentiation characteristics of KOL in different media should also be fully considered.


To sum up, in the face of increasingly complex customer needs and diversified media choices, platforms with the ability to integrate social media commercial resources emerge.Brand cooperation with the platform directly becomes the first choice.


Why you need to choose a platform?


In this new media era, KOL helps brands establish shorter communication paths with consumers.The commercial value brought by social word-of-mouth fission will be far greater than that of traditional media.The future must be the efficient collaboration with KOL driven by technology to bring the communication effect of 1+1>N to the brand.Therefore, choose a trustworthy platform will make your brand communication effect with half the effort.


The Domattes platform has three undisputed advantages:


Advantage 1: transaction security


Among the problems often encountered in new media marketing, information transparency and brand security are the biggest headache for advertisers and "We-media".For example, the price changes at a moment's notice, the payment before cooperation, the amount of data flooding, the appropriation of ideas, the leakage of materials, etc., which make advertisers and We-media both shrink back.The Domattes platform makes these process specifications much more reliable.  


Advantage two: service guarantee


On the technical level, Domatters platform makes reasonable pricing according to the data analysis of "We-media" number of followers, PV/UV, impression, click, forwarding, comment quantity and other data to ensure that customers have basis for each decision.


In addition to directly communicating and trading with a single account, Domatters platform can support multi-dimensional assessment methods such as exposure or reading volume, fan followers, application download, etc. to fully meet any needs of brand social communication.


Advantage three: media resources and commercial integration ability


We-media resources of Domatters platform are as high as 860,000, bringing together the popular KOL of social platforms such as weibo, WeChat, Tik Tok, live broadcasting, audio, etc., with absolutely leading advantages in resources.


In terms of media combination matching and delivery effect evaluation, the platform has incomparable advantages.


Based on the objective data and professional service experience accumulated by Domatters platform, KOL was selected and its value was reasonably evaluated, and the target and budget of different platforms &Campaign were integrated to develop the optimization strategy of KOL release.


The trading data of the platform itself will also form the recommendation of the big data algorithm based on the KOL historical communication effect, and conduct scientific KOL matching based on the content type.


After the end of delivery, WEI+ tool of Domatters platform will provide quantitative effect evaluation based on objective effect data and qualitative effect evaluation report based on comments and public opinions, generate propagation path analysis including key communication users and core tipping points, etc., so as to make KOL delivery effect clear at a loss.On the basis of the effect data report of the last time, Domatters can provide guidance and Suggestions for the optimization of the second time, so as to truly provide advertisers with evidence for their social media release.


For more information,please contact Domatters at www.domatters.com.


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