Lucky for ball fans!This wave of ball fan marketing of Tmall is really blast!

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In recent years,there are more and more NBA fans.The growth of ball fans and the increasingly complex crowd structure seem to be sending a signal that ball fan marketing will be the next fine marketing battlefield.So, how to play ball fan marketing?In the summer in China 2019, NBA stars gathered in the Tmall fan day to set a pattern which opened up unexpected ideas of ball fan marketing.


Identify the pain points of the brand and users to create a series of exchange season marketing


A superficial brand marketing is not as good as a deeply designed ball fans interaction.Tmall ball fans day is around the concept of "exchange" and it creates a series of marketing activities "exchange season of blood ball fans".Insight into the emotional points of NBA fans and basketball culture, Tmall ball fans day captures the "exchange" and a highly emotional and interactive way for ball fans to connect the brand and ball fans, and link the top sports brand with the core resources of NBA.


For the brand or IP, it not only increases the stickiness and popularity of ball fans, but also it is a highly fit form for brand tip goods to launch and explode.For ball fans, not only can they get their hands on custom-made or limited-edition big-name starting gear in exchange season, but they can also enjoy a richer and more interesting form of experience to get up close and personal with NBA stars.Finding the core marketing grab for the brand and meeting the core needs of the fans will undoubtedly occupy the high ground in the sports marketing market.


Let's take a look at how Tmall ball fans day is "exchanged".


  • Exchange gifts, pay tribute to legend.


From the beginning of July, from the "Tmall ball fans day & China tour of Li ning Wade " this " "exchange season for passionate ball fans", the momentum and results have been very strong.With the official launch of the topic of "passionate fans exchange season", all kinds of basketball KOLs have joined in the discussion, leading fans to share their gifts with wei on social media.At the same time, a video from Wade's ID broadcast to the Chinese ball fans to send chartered flights of wine to the scene of the exchange invitation, triggering the ball fans to participate in the "answer certification" interaction in Tmall.And Tmall ball fans day took the opportunity to launch a "customized gift box for wade fans" together with li ning brand to promote this pair of Chinese line matching wade boots.It also reaches the core potential buyers through the form of basketball expert trying on experience, unpacking explanation and so on, and guides them to return to the Tmall venue for buying.At Wade's event in China, fans were able to exchange gifts with their favorite stars.At the same time, Wade personally showed off the starter's gift box.




  • Exchange ideas and create combat boots


Tmall ball fans day rekindled the enthusiasm of fans during the "exchange season for passionate ball fans" in August.In mid-august, Tmall ball fans day joined hands with xtep brand and created the ultimate fan experience activity of ''Exchange ideas and create combat boots''of "passionate fans creation club" with the opportunity of Jeremy Lin's endorsement of xtep and China behavior.Through collecting the creative concept of sneakers from ball fans online and inviting fans to participate in Lin's offline meeting and interactive experience field,ball fans can exchange ideas of boots with their beloved stars and finish the creation together.At the same time, Jeremy Lin's customized equipment and fan gift box were released for the first time in the main venue of Tmall, which won the favor of fans and effectively converted fans' consumption. 





  • Swap roles and share tips     


At the end of August, Tmall ball fans day joined with Puma for a trip that NBA stars Danny green and rozier to China . The concept of "swapping roles" created an interesting experience for ball fans.Here,ball fans can share their roles in work and life with their favorite stars, holding hands to teach them how to make moon cakes, learn garbage sorting and so on.Only Tmall fan day has managed that.




  • Exchange culture and experience kleinism


 On September 7, Tmall ball fans day joined withThompson China tour of Anta to provide ball fans with a rich experience with the concept and form of "exchange".With the opportunity of anta's starting KT5 combat boots, both sides started from KT culture of "klinism" and gave ball fans the opportunity to have a deep understanding of Thompson's concept through the content and form of "11 training", which also enabled Tmall fans to exchange Chinese culture with Thompson.Meanwhile, a new generation of KT5 combat boots was released.The red-hot red alert color KT5 is part of the "customized gift box for passionate fans," which debuted on Tmall.





The marketing series of "exchange season" for cross-cultural promotion


On September 21, Tmall ball fans day united with NBA to create a tide power carnival in changsha.Together with NBA basketball stars, Chinese rap stars and street culture talents such as hip-hop dance and skateboarding, it has become a carnival feast for young cool fans.This is the final chapter of the "passionate fan exchange season," and this time the exchange is "culture."The collision between basketball culture and street culture is also a kind of cultural crossover.


On the spot, it's easy to get into the culture.The whole atmosphere was one wave after another.First up, Scottie Pippen, the NBA superstar, went straight to the scene.Wherever he went, there was a sea of people.Second, the various talented people each show his ability to let the entire hall restlessly hot again.There are street ball fights, street dance performances, b-box games, and the popular rapper's crossover basketball battle...Once again, hedgehog live takes you into the music world.People like Wang Yitai, Yang hesu, liu cong, da sha and fox all brought their strong individual Show.




In addition to the familiar street culture, there are many interesting experience area projects on site.Professional hairstylists and tattoo artists sat down to carve fans' love of the NBA on their heads, faces and hands.There is a handmade section and fans can make a small skateboard by hand.There is also the NBA cultural district, which makes people feel the strong street and basketball culture.Online, through the "fan answer certification" interactive play, Tmall users can give more exclusive and extreme rights and interests.For example, NBA China game tickets, star signature equipment and so on.At the same time, Tmall ball fans day has teamed up with NBA sponsors (mengniu, chivas, anta, mobil and dexis) to create a rich fan lifestyle venue for passionate fans.It takes NBA customized theme money as the core, and by broadening the consumption scene, let fan culture penetrate into all aspects of life, and further enhance the realization value of NBA.In addition, according to different dimensions of the crowd, Tmall ball fans day also shot three virus video, corresponding to the main promotion of the venue.This not only attracts a large number of fans, but also realizes the wysiwyg consumption experience.



The marketing series of "exchange season" for cross-cultural promotion


This cultural crossover is a parallel intersection of offline and online, and a deep integration.Offline, it creates a scene of power and gives fans a multi-sensory experience.Online, it creates a living room and offers fans customized products.And the linkage of other brands to broaden the consumption scene let the NBA culture infiltrate into the life of eating, drinking and walking.




Assignment of IP of ball Fans can create a new model of sports marketing


With the "passionate exchange season", Tmall ball fans day has grown into a new IP.


  • Fans interaction, precipitation users


It attracts ball fans to actively participate in the interaction initiated by Tmall fans day at the social end and the amway end through the extreme rights of meeting football stars and the rare equipment of football stars, which not only causes hot discussions, but also can flow back to Tmall platform to deposit accurate fans and fans for cooperative brands and store water for sales.


  • Build hot style, expand consumption


It locks in the resources of the brand as the first tip goods for stars, customizes "passionate fans gift box" for fans, and carries out unpacking experience and other forms of content through KOL at the end of new media, so as to attract accurate crowds to flow back to the store and support the core hot style of the brand.At the same time, it creates and broadens the consumption scenes of fans, drives the growth of basketball category, and achieves the outbreak of brand overall business.


  • Resource integration, extreme experience


It captures the event hot spots and core resources of stars in China, and plans a more unique and rich offline meeting and interactive experience field for fans x stars together with cooperative brands around "exchange", igniting the enthusiasm of die-hard fans, helping the brand gain a higher favorable impression and strengthening the sports mentality of Tmall platform.



We can see that the "exchange season for passionate fans" marketing model has great potential.On the one hand, with the help of Tmall which is a marketing platform with 700 million consumers, Chinese consumers can truly keep pace with the world and enjoy the latest and most complete NBA products and rights.On the other hand, it brings rich and accurate online and offline content and consumption experience to ball fans through big data and various technological means.


It is in this way that Tmall ball fans day is constantly reconstructing the effectiveness of sports marketing for the IP side or the brand side.According to relevant data, Tmall has hundreds of millions of pan-sports people and nearly 100 million basketball people.In this way, the Tmall ball fans day IP seems particularly strategic.It can be a sports dimension for Tmall to fulfill the ideal life of young consumers, providing ball fans with better experience and better goods.


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