Major sporting events in China in 2019

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    The year 2019 is an important historical milestone which is marking the 70th anniversary of the establishing of new China and the 70th anniversary of the milestone of new China in sports.


    Although 2019 is the traditional "little year of sports", there are still many focus events worth paying attention to, among which the most representative one is undoubtedly the FIBA basketball World Cup China 2019.In addition, football Asian cup, world table tennis championships, sudirman cup, women's volleyball national league, women's volleyball World Cup, CISM Military World Games and other events will also be the focus of Chinese people's attention, these events also have a very high marketing value.


    Domatters will organize the important sports events in 2019 for you. Meanwhile, we will continue to provide sports marketing consulting and sponsorship services for various enterprises in the future.


1. Basketball


  •  The FIBA basketball World Cup China 2019 (8.31-9.15, Beijing, guangzhou, nanjing, Shanghai and other 8 cities)

     The FIBA basketball World Cup China 2019 will be held in Beijing, guangzhou, nanjing, Shanghai, wuhan, shenzhen, foshan and dongguan from August 31 to September 15, 2019.


    There is no doubt that the FIBA basketball World Cup China 2019 is the number one event in world sports in 2019. The FIBA basketball World Cup China 2019 also featured prominently at the 2018 world basketball summit on the sidelines of National Day.Insiders all hope to make use of the big market of China to launch the brand of basketball World Cup and provide a stronger impetus for the development of world basketball."I think we have an opportunity to take basketball to a new level and new opportunities will follow," said burton shipley, President of  The FIBA basketball World Cup China 2019 coordination committee.Basketball World Cup is undoubtedly a good opportunity for the world to learn about Chinese basketball. China can also communicate its open and changing attitude. After that, I believe many things will change.


    The tournament will feature 32 national teams in eight cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and guangzhou.In addition, as China is the host country, many domestic and foreign enterprises want to seize this once-in-a-lifetime marketing opportunity and actively establish cooperative relations with fiba and sports events, among which TCL and hundred-year-old mountain are representative enterprises.Recently, dongfeng qichen, sacks fortune and lehu and other domestic enterprises have become the sponsors of  The FIBA basketball World Cup China 2019. We believe that as the event approaches, more brands will establish relations with the event.This year's event is sure to get the maximum exposure, in addition to CCTV sports, fiba's digital media partner - tencent will also be the full broadcast of the game.


     The stankovic cup intercontinental basketball championship has been the most important opportunity for the Chinese men's basketball team to warm up in China every summer since it was first held in 2005.The teams invited to the tournament are usually the top teams from all continents, including Germany, France, Argentina, Australia and other strong teams have won the cup.In 2019, the event will be held in shenzhen for the third year in a row. Given that  The FIBA basketball World Cup China 2019 will kick off at the end of August, it is bound to become a warm-up match especially valued by the Chinese men's basketball team, and its attention will also be enhanced.Si cup in CCTV sports channel has always had a good exposure, shenzhen is a strong sports atmosphere of the city, we believe that the event will bring more new highlights.



  • NBA

   The NBA's evolution this season should come as a surprise to many fans, as the Houston rockets have struggled with injuries and a lineup that hasn't lived up to expectations but is on track.Golden state's record is not a dusting, but let the nuggets first.James traveled west and the east did not become a Celtic possession.The team has had the same running-in problems as the rockets, but the raptors have become one of the main contenders for the eastern conference title since acquiring Leonard.In addition, the overall performance of the lakers with James is impressive, and a playoff berth should be the team's lowest goal.


   Of course, it's still too early to tell what's going on, but the overall picture of the league has changed dramatically, with teams like the nuggets, bucks and 76ers finally showing what they can after years of being dormant.From the perspective of the general pattern, the overall competitiveness of the NBA has been enhanced, and high-quality duels emerge in an endless stream.Brands such as meizu, dayi tree floor and sandknit basketball equipment have teamed up with teams, so don't miss out on corporate brands that want to join.


  • CBA


     New season CBA league compared with before has the big change.All the 20 teams in CBA this season are divided into 4 groups, with 5 teams in each group. The same group will have 4 rounds of home and away matches, and the teams in different groups will have a double round of home and away matches.As a result, eight more games with the same team will determine the number of rounds in the new season, from 38 last season to 46 this season.Meanwhile, the number of playoff teams has grown further, from 10 last year to 12.Before the regular competition, four teams will directly enter the second stage, and 5-12 teams will participate in the knockout stage of the first stage. The competition system is the best-of-three competition system.The final four teams will form the quarterfinals with the top four teams.The semifinals and finals are still best-of-seven.


   Up to now, the overall structure of CBA is in line with the public expectation. Guangdong and liaoning have formed the first group and gradually opened the gap with the later teams.In addition, guangsha, shenzhen, xinjiang, Beijing and other strong teams have also come up with a relatively stable state.The return of li qiuping has restored some of Shanghai's competitiveness, while the shandong men's basketball team has struggled to match the results it achieved after losing ding yanyuhang.The CBA under President yao sees a bright future for professional and commercial basketball in China, but it has only just begun.


2. The badminton


    Last year, the top 10 ratings of the CCTV5 badminton tournament were won by the Jakarta Asian games, the tongyou cup and the badminton world championships.The Asian games are getting more attention, but without the all-around games and the tongyou cup this year, the sudirman cup and the world championships will certainly get more attention.At present the country feather is in the stage which rises steadily, pays special attention to the world competition certainly.


  •  Sudirman cup (5.19-5.26, nanning)


    Following the badminton world championships in 2018, another badminton world series was held in China, which shows that the wf attaches great importance to the Chinese market.Sudirman cup, also known as the world mixed badminton team championship.It was held every two years since 1989 and in odd years.The competition adopts the best-of-five system and consists of five events: men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles.It is the most important world series representing the overall level of badminton, as well as the Thomas cup and the uber cup.Badminton has a deep mass base in China, which provides the most basic guarantee for the attendance and audience rating of the game. Coupled with the high-density exposure of CCTV, the commercial value of sudirman cup has been greatly enhanced.


  •  World badminton federation world tour finals (12.11-12.15, guangzhou)


    Starting in 2018, the year-end finals of the world badminton federation will be held in guangzhou for four consecutive years, and the total bonus will be increased to 1.5 million us dollars. Only athletes with the top 8 points in each single event in the 26 RACES of the tour will be eligible to participate.This is truly the world badminton world summit showdown.The world badminton federation (wf) has made major changes to its tournaments this year, integrating the previous wf world super series, finals and wf grand prix series into a new world tour, and the wf year-end finals is the highest level event in the new tour system.Nowadays, the badminton world is full of various schools of thought, and the competition in each sport is fierce. It is a blessing that Chinese feather fans can enjoy the top badminton matches at home.The Chinese badminton team became the biggest winner of the 2018 wba world tour finals with the men's singles, men's doubles and mixed doubles titles.


3. The volleyball


    China has won the women's volleyball World Cup four times and is also the defending champion of this tournament.The Chinese women's volleyball team is the strongest guarantee of audience rating.Last year, the top ten ratings of CCTV5 volleyball event were taken by the Jakarta Asian games, the women's volleyball world championship and the women's volleyball national league finals. The ratings of three of them broke 2.In addition to the regular national women's volleyball league and the Swiss women's volleyball elite competition, the most important event this year is the women's volleyball World Cup, which is also the most important warm-up exercise before the Games of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic.

  • women's volleyball national league final (7.3-7.7, nanjing)


The national women's volleyball league made its debut in 2018, and China has played an extremely important role in the event, hosting not only four sub-competitions, but also the finals, which will be held in nanjing for three consecutive years.After the Chinese women's volleyball team reached the top of the Rio Olympic Games, there was a volleyball craze in China. Now it is the golden time for China to develop volleyball.With cooperation and mutual benefit, based on the Chinese market, the fivb will promote volleyball to more corners of the world.


Fivb Asia and Oceania director luis Alexander pontes rodriguez said the organization had always discussed the future and the core of its strategy was to create the most influential world-class events possible while attracting as many fans as possible.There is no doubt that China has good congenital conditions.The most important task for the Chinese women's volleyball team next year will be the Games of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic qualifier in August, and the national women's volleyball league will be an important warm-up opportunity.


  • Women's volleyball world club cup (December, shaoxing)


The women's volleyball world club cup has been located in shaoxing for two consecutive years, which is also a key measure for the fivb to deeply explore the Chinese market.Although the exact team for this year's club World Cup is yet to be determined, on second thought, in addition to a Chinese club, zhu ting's bank, vakifbank, will also be included in the final list, because the organizing committee holds several wild CARDS.Judging by the preparations for this year's event, local events have attracted sponsorship from many domestic companies.In addition to guyue longshan, a local shaoxing enterprise, guzun table also hopes to use the influence of women's volleyball to expand the market.Vakifbank won the women's volleyball world club cup in 2018 as it had hoped, and because of zhu ting, the team enjoyed the treatment of a home team in China, impressing both the club and the fivb.


4. The table tennis


Table tennis can rival the Chinese women's volleyball team.Last year, in addition to the Jakarta Asian games, the world table tennis championships team event was also a hit, with both the men's and women's team finals breaking two.

  •     table tennis China open (5.29-6.2, shenzhen)


     Table tennis is so national in China that even just one stop on the professional circuit doesn't stop fans from chasing their idols.The 2018 China table tennis open was held in shenzhen, China. The main players of the table tennis team participated in all competitions.This station is also one of the six platinum events of the international table tennis federation professional tour, and also the Olympic points tournament. Besides the local excellent players, the world's top players will not miss it.The 2019 event will still be held in shenzhen, and CCTV5 will focus on the broadcast of the event.


  •     Men's table tennis World Cup (10.25-10.27, chengdu)


World Cup and Olympic Games, world championships and known as the world table tennis three major events.In the 2018 event, fan won the gold medal in men's singles after winning the world table tennis cup in saarbrucken, Germany, in 2016.In 2020, it will enter the year of the Games of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic. Table tennis is a sport that China and the host country attach great importance to. In the past year and more, Japan has made remarkable progress in table tennis, and the country has also given a lot of financial support to break China's monopoly in table tennis.The few games before the Tokyo Olympics are sure to be given special attention by both sides.


5. Football


Whatever the performance of Chinese soccer, it remains one of the most popular sports for Chinese sports fans.Although the World Cup in Russia is just over the horizon, 2019 is still a big year for football, with the men's Asian cup, women's World Cup and east Asia cup as well.It can be said that as long as the Chinese team to participate, we do not have to worry about the attention of the game.Of course, the 1.5-2.1 Asian cup football in the united Arab emirates, the 7.27 super cup in shenzhen, la liga, the football east Asia cup in South Korea at the end of July and the beginning of August, 6.7-7.7, the women's World Cup in nine cities in France and other five European leagues are naturally football fans will never ignore the focus.

  • France super cup (7.27, shenzhen)


Paris saint-germain's lead is already clear at the halfway point of the ligue 1 season and, unsurprisingly, Paris is set to clinch a place in the French super cup.The last French super cup was held at the stadium of the universiade in shenzhen.This year's French super cup will continue to be held in shenzhen, without the disruption of the World Cup schedule, I believe that many big names will not miss this competition, its overall attention will surely rise to a new level.


  • The Spanish


La liga is the top scoring league in uefa, with real Madrid and Barcelona having millions of fans around the world.In recent years, la liga has paid great attention to the development of overseas markets, especially China.PP sports owns the all media copyright of la liga in China, and fans can fully cover all matches. Plus, the official schedule of la liga will be adjusted in some specific matches, which provides more convenience for Chinese fans to watch the matches.Yutang sports owns the billboard rights for the away matches between real Madrid and barca this season. Entering the second half of the 2019 season, sevilla v Barcelona, the second leg of the Madrid Derby and other matches are still worthy of attention.


6. The marathon

  • Beijing half marathon (April, Beijing)


From the "Beijing victory cup race around the city" held in 1956, to the "Beijing Spring Festival race around the city", and then to the "Beijing spring run and Beijing international long run festival", with 62 years of history "Beijing run" has witnessed the footprint of Beijing's urban construction and development.In 2016, the "Beijing international long run festival" was officially upgraded to a half marathon, and the "Beijing run" after comprehensive upgrade won the title of "2017 China athletics association gold medal event" with its high-quality event operation and service.



  •     Nanjing marathon (October, nanjing)


       The total number of applicants for the 2018 nanjing marathon reached 51,212, with the success rate of 54.6%. Compared with nearly 40,000 applicants in the previous year, the number of applicants has increased significantly.According to the registration data, nearly 70% are young people aged between 20 and 39, and the proportion of female applicants has also increased.Last year's nanma not only attracted local runners, but more runners from all over the country.Not only in this, but also attracted from the United States, Canada, South Korea and other international runners to sign up.Nanjing marathon is gradually becoming a marathon event that runners from all over the world pay close attention to and actively participate in.


     There are many marathon events each year, but I won't list them in detail here, including xiamen marathon, Beijing marathon, Shanghai marathon, guangzhou marathon and other marathon events which enjoy high reputation in the world.


7. The snooker

  • Snooker China open (4.1-4.7, Beijing)


Since 2005, the world snooker China open has been held every year in Beijing.The booming development of Chinese billiards movement began when the world snooker China open was established in China. The China open has played a positive role in leading and promoting the development of snooker in China.In 2018, the host of the event has officially changed to fuhua group, which has also brought many changes to the event.The total prize money of the China open has reached 1 million pounds, and the prize money of the champion is 225,000 pounds, which is second only to the world championships in the world.High prize money will undoubtedly attract the top stars to play, which is also a guarantee of the high attention of the game.


  • Snooker world championships (4.20-5.6, Sheffield, England)


World snooker championship is the world snooker season finale, of course, but also the peak of the fight.CCTV will broadcast the world snooker championship live every year.Although the competition is held in the UK, there will also be a large number of live broadcast time in the evening of Beijing time or prime time, which is the best exposure opportunity for the brand. There are already Chinese enterprises sponsoring the world snooker championship.For Chinese fans, ding junhui and o 'sullivan are the biggest audience guarantee. Although ding junhui has not been in a stable state recently, his performance in the world championships is remarkable, and o 'sullivan can often break out more energy in the big matches.




      Curling World Cup finals (5.6-5.12, Beijing)


       The world curling World Cup is a new competition launched by the world curling federation this season.There will be three RACES and one grand final in each season. The grand final will be held in Beijing and the grand final in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America will be held in China.The four events include men's, women's and mixed doubles.Each event will feature the world's top eight teams, with China taking part in all four.


      The world curling World Cup is the second largest curling event after the world curling championships, and the only comprehensive curling event other than the winter Olympics.The event has received strong support from Chinese enterprises, and during the period of the Beijing winter Olympics, the curling World Cup will become an important communication platform between China's curling team and the world's top teams, which is of great significance for accumulating experience for the team.So far this season, the World Cup has wrapped up the Asia Pacific and North America RACES, with the European events starting at the end of the month and the finale in Beijing in May.


  •       CISM Military World Games (10.18-10.27, wuhan)



     The CISM Military World Games is a comprehensive world's highest level military games, known as the "soldiers of the Olympics", since 1995, held every four years.The CISM Military World Games are held by the international military sports council. In addition to regular season events, there are also military pentathlon, air force pentathlon, navy pentathlon, skydiving, cross-country and other sports that are not available in other games.Nearly 10,000 active-duty troops from more than 100 countries will compete.This is China's first comprehensive international military event, and the largest international sports event held in China after the Beijing Olympic Games.



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