Meituan unified its brand main tone.This time is really "failed"?

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As the largest Food and beverage delivery Platform in China, Meituan takes Food+Platform as its strategic core, supports multiple categories of business through one Platform, realizes cross-marketing among different categories, and realizes a complete online-offline closed-loop.It attracts and retains users through eating and extends to travel, travel, entertainment, shopping and other categories, covering the whole consumption cycle.Now Meituan has torn off the label of group purchase, and gradually expanded to food and beverage delivery, hotel tourism, travel, new retail and other fields, in a state of unlimited expansion.Its competitors have also been upgraded from 100 regimens to giants such as Alibaba and ctrip.


In China, the Chinese word ‘huang’ sometimes means failure.If you see the title and poke it in.Don't hit me first!It's not headline party this time, but Meituan is really ‘failed’.No, it's really turning yellow.Just a few days ago, Meituan announced that its standard color had been changed from blue-green to "Meituan yellow", which was unified with Meituan takeaway.


If you haven't downloaded it before, it's probably still green.You can now update and open the Meituan APP, and you'll see a new screen AD called "new colors, more exciting."



Everything from the open screen to the entire interface has turned yellow, and Meituan is making a big effort this time.Not only the APP has been changed to yellow as the main color, but also all the materials and equipment have been changed to yellow, from Shared bikes to charging treasure, POS machine and so on.Even the mobike it bought turned yellow. Wouldn't that make ofo yellow?

There are also yellow Meituan gifts, which are for the new Meituan gift shop to launch a series of peripheral, including mobile phone cases, cups, storage bags, notebooks and so on.Of course, Meituan take-out is still yellow!



Meituan said that the change to yellow is to visually unify all online and offline exposure, from traffic to brand integration, so that Meituan yellow becomes an iconic brand logo.



Witness Meituan turn yellow and start a new life of eating, drinking and playing


See Meituan turn yellow?This sentence sounds a little strange.I don't know if you feel that way.


This Meituan turns yellow, Meituan relevant person in charge also gave the answer of standard type.Yellow represents passion and warmth, symbolizing Meituan always adhere to the mission of "help you eat better, live better", committed to provide users with better quality, temperature one-stop life service, help people to get closer to a better life.


 In addition to its WeChat and official blog and official publicity, it also initiated the link of net friends' interaction in the official blog of Meituan. As long as you pay attention to Meituan and forward the microblog with topic to participate in the sentence making activity, Meituan randomly selected 10 people "little huang companion" to share 50,000 yuan of pet fan fund.





Judging from the comments of the netizens, the netizens are very satisfied with the revision of Meituan this time. It can be seen that the comment area is flooded with rainbow fart!


After all, for an enterprise to establish brand awareness in the minds of users, in addition to the reputation of the brand, the first impression is the corporate logo, which includes external elements such as brand image, brand logo and brand tone.All these big brands have their own exclusive colors,such as tencent's official announcement of "tencent blue", jd's exclusive red and alibaba's orange and so on.This time, Meituan changed to yellow, which is undoubtedly the logo of the unified brand, symbolizing a new look and a new journey. It wants to build a strong brand image in the hearts of users and occupy the minds of users!


Behind the brand growth, the only support is responsibility


Someone once asked that how long does it take a company to go from 0 to 300 billion yuan?The answer of Meituan is eight years!


It takes Meituan eight years to grown from a single group-buying website to an industry giant that now includes Internet takeout, online travel, fresh e-commerce, ride-hailing, bike-sharing and other fields, with a market value of more than 300 billion yuan.


2019 is Meituan's ninth year.In the nine years, Meituan has served 400 million users, covering more than 200 categories such as catering, takeaway, hotel tourism, leisure and entertainment, and Shared bicycle, covering 2,800 cities and counties nationwide.



Meituan has satisfied users' demand for "eating" at the very beginning.And now it takes "eating" as the axis, and continues to deeply cultivate users' whole business scenarios in clothing, food, living and transportation, and constantly provides users with a platform of more life services.At the same time, it also expands multiple types of merchants to build a more complete and powerful distribution ecology.


With great power comes great responsibility.Just like when Meituan went public, Wang xing said that going public means becoming a public company, which means greater responsibility."As a platform-based Internet company, we need to be more conscious and proactive in taking social responsibility, creating social value and building a social enterprise."


Now, with the growth of China's brand power, we can see that the commercial value of the brand and social value is proportional, but also mutually driven!Especially in this Internet era, the rise of Internet platforms like Meituan and its rapid development have become an indispensable lifestyle for everyone.As for these brands, they should shoulder the responsibility to users and society, which is the secret of Chinese brands' real growth.


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