Advantages of Microblog Marketing

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Micro blog marketing refers to the marketing method that businesses or individuals discover and meet various needs of users through micro blog platform. With microblog as the marketing platform, every fan is a potential marketing target. Enterprises use their microblog to transmit enterprise and product information to Internet users, and establish a good corporate image and product image.


According to relevant reports, there are nearly 500 million netizens in China and nearly 200 million users have their own micro blog. It can be seen that the coverage of micro blog is very wide, so micro blog marketing came into being. Nature is becoming more and more popular!



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Characteristics of microblog marketing


1. The content of microblog is short, and marketing goes directly to the core: microblog is mainly reflected in the short content, usually the longest microblog is not more than 140 words, and the fast-food reading of microblog makes marketing faster.


2. The interactive advantage of microblog is obvious, which can produce viral marketing effect: many people say that soft text can produce viral marketing effect, in fact, the viral marketing effect of microblog is better, every time a hot event occurs, microblog will be reprinted in a large amount, and spread quickly.


3. Micro blog marketing is a kind of word-of-mouth marketing, active marketing: a good micro blog content, or micro blog content is what the fans are interested in, its reprint speed will be very fast, in fact, every time the fans reprint, it will undoubtedly help your micro blog to carry out a good word-of-mouth marketing, through the power of pink wire to help you to actively market!



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Advantages of microblog marketing


1. The cost of publicity is very low. In the era of Internet plus, word of mouth evaluation after customer consumption has become an important basis for re consumption and other customers' reference. It also has a low cost and wide reach. Therefore, establishing a good brand image is the basis of marketing.


2. High credibility. Word of mouth communication usually takes place among friends, relatives, classmates or colleagues. In the process of communication, it is spontaneous and trustworthy.


3. Targeted. When a product or a service forms a good reputation, it will be widely spread. Influenced by word-of-mouth communication, customers who hear the brand word-of-mouth information are also recipients. This makes brand word-of-mouth communication more targeted.


4. Enhance the corporate image. The corporate image has gradually penetrated into the hearts of consumers. In order to improve the brand image, enterprises need to make long-term efforts to gradually build an indestructible image fortress in the hearts of consumers.


5. The success rate of exploring potential consumers is high.


6. Brand loyalty has been improved. The promotion of brand loyalty depends on product quality, popularity, brand association and communication. It is closely related to the characteristics of consumers, relying on their experience of product use. It is of great significance to improve brand loyalty for the survival and development of enterprises and the expansion of market share.


7. More affinity. Advertising is the relationship between the buyer and the seller, in order to achieve the purpose of the transaction. In word-of-mouth marketing, the communicator is the consumer, and it is easier to spread product experience from the perspective of consumers.

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