What is the imagination of mobile phone brand marketing besides celebrity endorsements and function announcements?

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The underlying logic of brand building is religion building. But in the era of pursuit of speed and pleasure, ‘short,flat, fast' output and popular pleasing advertising are still popular. When we go back to the origin of marketing, compared with the repeated "ravages" of brainwashing ads,the counter-taste marketing whose style is still waters run deep can leave a unique brand mark in consumers' hearts.


As a low-key niche representative of the mobile phone circle, there are very few advertisements on the mobile phone brand of OnePluss appearing in the market. However, in the near future, it has frequently acted and successively released a brand video with a strong impact MV and literary and artistic texture, bringing new ideas and landscapes to the industry. Even the fans of OnePlus couldn't help but feel the rage, joking that the brand could consider switching to a record company or film industry.


So what unusual things did OnePlus who "never settle" do? What is the imagination of mobile phone brand marketing besides celebrity endorsements and function announcements?Let Domatters take you to take a look at OnePlus's new brand marketing.





A literary texture video

#开门见青空#, it opens emotional healing and sympathetic resonance



The expression form of video can trigger public empathy in multiple dimensions such as sensory viewing, emotional impact and so on. OnePlus's mobile phone held Wen Qi who is known as the "Blue Sky Inspiration Ambassador". They effectively grafted the product with the character's temperament which is fresh literature and art, constantly exploring the imagination of the boundary.And then Oneplus launched a short stream of consciousness that "Open the door to see the blue sky".



video address: https://v.qq.com/x/page/m3101pxey4c.html



Different from the usual number of advertisements, this short film neither uses copywriting to tell a universal truth, nor uses clues to connect a fantasy story, but uses Wen Qi's personal narrative tone and modern poetic narration. It outlines the moments of self-awareness, thinking, and seeking in life, and it also permeates the freehand and spiritual meaning of a hazy poem.





This short video uses the interception of life scenes, the choice of natural images, and the precise grasp of rhythm, light and color to create a poetic film texture. Whether it is green hills and fields, rainy sky and woods, southern birds and sheep, or the casual reading and writing of characters, from the perspective of visual communication, it presents a comfortable and comfortable viewing experience.


There was the rustle of the breeze blowing through the grass, the closeness of the rain dripping on the branches and leaves, the popping of the birds flapping their wings, the smoothness of the pens falling on the paper and the clicking sound of the turning door handle... OnePlus's superb application of the ASMR principle allows the audience to automatically substitute into the quiet situation created by the short film, following the guidance of hearing. While this caused intracranial resonance, the audience also seemed to be able to smell the fresh smell of rain and blue sky in the air.





Watching and listening are the primary ways for humans to perceive the external world. OnePlus's short film adopts the creation technique of synaesthesia and resonance, opening up the connection of different senses such as sight, hearing and touch, so that it creates a common experience in the state of mind.


Due to the impact of this black swan, which is the new crown epidemic, people's living areas have become "risk uncertain, time anxious and fragmented." Human emotions and psychology are also in a long-term tension. The imagination and healing breath brought by the OnePlus short film is just in time. It not only provides an emotional expression and buffer zone, awakens a long-lost sensory impression, and plays a role in emotional comfort, but it also encourages everyone to go out through the value proposition of "open the door to see the sky". Re-perceive the beauty and start again.





It is not difficult to see that the mobile phone brand of OnePlus has sublimated the selling point of the product appearance into a visual symbol and mood state, and launched an emotional dialogue with the public. In terms of content strategy, OnePlus spreads through the visual system of high-level sense, creating a scene with a sense of time and daily sense for OnePlus 8. In terms of communication skills, OnePlus focuses on the product's selling points. It manufactures the associated memory points between Wen Qi and products, and it branded the mental keywords of "Qingkong" into the hearts of the target group.


At the same time, the star's halo effect and the insight and resonance of social emotions also allow OnePlus to maximize the affinity and penetration of Wen Qi in the Chinese female market. Eventually it completed a flexible and powerful new product dissemination.






In addition to the video, the #开门见青空# series of posters released by OnePlus on Weibo also strengthened the mental output of "Qingkong".


The plagiarism of the poster has both a girl's monologue and a delicate sense of modern poetry. Combined with Wen Qi's series of beautiful moods of looking back, recording, staring, and emptying, there was once again a strong mood and brain wave shock with the audience.


During the dissemination, OnePlus posted the topic of #开门见青空# in the public opinion field of Weibo, a popular topic. It cooperates with the soft communication + hard advertising assistance to expand the continuous exposure of new products, which also arouse the high attention of the audience. KOL in different fields such as film and television, fashion, entertainment, media and other fields spontaneously create and output content from OnePlus videos and posters from multiple angles, thus quickly making waves on social media. As of now, the number of reads on OnePlus's brand topics has exceeded 67.38 million, and discussions have exceeded 22,000.




A large amount of high-quality UGC commentary content has also formed a spread of tap water throughout the network, helping to promote the long-tailed communication effect of brand sound volume.


Based on the positive intention of caring for the public under the post-epidemic situation, the videos and posters of OnePlus have also been automatically forwarded by multiple media Blue V. Coupled with the credit endorsement and peripheral assists of major mainstream media, it has effectively created sound volume and influence across the circle. This also increases the popularity of OnePlus 8 outside the digital circle.




An MV#瞳·出类拔萃#,

Join hands with Treasure Boy Zhou Shen to start a sensory audiovisual journey



In fact, in the early days, OnePlus took the design and screen advantages of OnePlus 8 as a value anchor point. It also joined hands with music producer Tang Hanxiao and powerful singer Zhou Shen, using the co-creation of content to launch a stunning screen promotion song "瞳·出类拔萃", which opened a 120-frame visual journey for the public.



video adress: https://v.qq.com/x/page/c0966alsdgy.html


In fact, in the early days, OnePlus took the design and screen advantages of OnePlus 8 as its value anchor. It also joined hands with music producer Tang Hanxiao and powerful singer Zhou Shen, using the co-creation of content to launch a stunning screen promotion song "Pu. Outstanding", which opened a 120-frame visual journey for the public.


There is a mirror image of the clear water surface, the neon dots of the illusion, the pop color of the blooming... The opening of the video constructs a dimensional world of illusion streamer. The direction of the MV closely matches the rhythm of the song. Along with Zhou Shen's melodious singing and the melody of flowing clouds, a butterfly emerging from a cocoon has evolved into a pair of pupils exploring the world, leading the public to see a world where abstraction and reality are intertwined. So that everyone can see the evolution of the microcosm and macrocosm.


The rendering power of the music structure is combined with the naked-eye 3D effect of the picture to create a strong audio-visual impact of the MV, which also creates a richer sensory imprint for OnePlus. The lyrics of Chinese literary allusions and philosophical speculations such as "Zhuang Zhou Mengdie", "Xiaoyaoyou" and "Vajra Sutra" provide everyone with unlimited space for thinking and reverie.




Even more ingeniously, the appearance of the key images "butterfly" and "pupil" in the MV gives the OnePlus 8's silver wings appearance and the design advantages of the 120Hz pupil screen to a concrete interpretation and interpretation. As a result, it allows the OnePlus brand's content to be seamlessly connected to the OnePlus 8 product's functional implantation.


Treasure Boy Zhou Shen has won the support of a large number of female fans for his clear and ethereal voice and rich and changing music style.The mobile phone brand of OnePlus accurately grasped the fan's psychology. With the unique temperament and musical interpretation of Zhou Shen, it established an invisible emotional connection with the target audience and rapidly expanded the volume of new products from the digital geek circle to the Mass entertainment group.


The endless stream of MV comments, such as "turning on the brainwashing cycle" and "the naked eye can see the naked eye 3D effect", confirms the positive coverage and soft spread of OnePlus at the consumer level from the front.





Multimedia contacts to open up new product recognition

Social media empowerment for fission communication



At the moment, content is the best carrier for brand expression and the starting point for building consumer communication. If you go to the Bilibili station of the gathering place of the young people and open the MV of "Hunting Outstanding" ,which is #瞳·出类拔萃# in Chinese, you will be constantly screened by the "unexpected" barrage.


Relying on the high-quality expressiveness of MV itself, OnePlus has obtained spontaneous interaction and secondary creation of young users of  Bstation, which has formed a viral spread and social fission-type spread. While this MV was marveled by users that "this MV is too suitable for science fiction and animation to be mixed and cut", it also rushed to the top 3 list of the natural search of station B twice.


Mobile-phone-b rand-marketing -celebrity-end orsements-func tion-announcem ents-OnePlus-7



In the final analysis, the social network that young people love is a co-built position. The clever way for brands to achieve circle-breaking spread is to let users become co-creators of brands. The cooperation between OnePlus and Zhou Shen did not stop at the co-creation of MV. The brand also launched a live broadcast event of OnePlus 8 Silver Wing New Machine × Zhou Shen, which was stationed in the live broadcast room of Lierbao. On the one hand, it deepens the impression and favor of OnePlus 8 through the deep interaction with fans through Zhou Shen. On the other hand, OnePlus fully tapped the contrasting design of Zhou Shen's "Soul Singer and Duan Zishou" to complete the dissemination of product sound volume and brand attention. This is also a power conversion for OnePlus 8 products. Facts have proved that the chemical reaction of Zhou Shen's personal influence and the collision between the live broadcast field has become a weapon for capturing traffic and creating an eye-catching effect.





OnePlus's new product approach

Precise strategic communication + sensory creative breakthrough



From the insights of social emotions, to the spread of creative content, to the social communication and transformation of one-in-one products, the strong influence of the OnePlus brand in new product marketing has enabled the industry to see the continuous release of value and potential energy from the brand .


1. Accuracy of strategic communication: establish brand charm personality


"Content is the starting point of the super IP. Forming a unique charm personality is the advancement of the brand's super IP. The scarce "charm personality" is the best new business footnote."


OnePlus' mobile phone brand is different from the one-way strategy of "kneeling" to traffic, and it is also different from the inculcating marketing of celebrity headshots. In the eyes of selecting people, it pays more attention to the resonance and temperament between the brand and the stars, thus shaping the brand's own charming personality.




Regardless of whether it chooses Zhou Shen or Wen Qi, when such a niche, textured and powerful player joins OnePlus’ mobile communication chain as an inspiration ambassador or co-creator of brand content, it is actually equivalent to a brand. There was an in-depth dialogue and communication with the fan community. Based on the existing connection and trust between the stars and fans, and the precise reach of the brand's creative content, it is easier to create a strong individual perception, and then form a deep communication of the brand.


2. Innovate with sensory marketing techniques to penetrate the impact of differentiated value


Communicating with young people is an art. Most brands tend to exert force in the mass communication dimension. They may change the product form, use their brains to create a sense of youth across the border, or change the communication channels, spend a large budget on new media forms, and repeat coverage. Or they may change the language of communication and use entertainment marketing or online influenced discourse systems to narrow the distance to young people.


The special feature of OnePlus is that it uses advanced sensory marketing techniques to achieve quiet and elegant value output and cultural communication with synaesthesia and empathy.


The brand takes the main color of the product as a point of communication, but does not use the extensive method of "product feature broadcast", but instead raises the color into a mood and story to convey a stable energy of "the wind will be quiet, the rain will stop". This kind of healing and soothing emotions can soothe people's hearts, delight the spirit, and boost confidence. Behind it is the brand's "social care and humanistic care" mentality and pattern, and OnePlus also chose to use a positive spirit and positive encouragement to bridge the relationship between the brand and the public.


In the same way, OnePlus focuses on the spread of the screen function of the product, and does not stay on the visual surface or fall into the trap of "quick digestion" sales. Instead, it cooperates with Zhou Shen's song creation to transparently convey the stunning feeling of the screen and create a Field audiovisual feast. Behind this, we can see that OnePlus is exploring in a more attitude-like way—whether the audiovisual level and aesthetic appeal of domestic mobile phone advertisements can reach what kind of height and beyond what possibility.


Looking at the world, OnePlus has gained a good reputation in the global geek circle with its solid product strength, and its user purity is extremely high. In the same vein as the product strategy that is not blind and hype, OnePlus also established a unique sensory communication system in the communication and communication strategy of brands. In a series of advertisements that reflect the personality and temperament of brands, it does not appeal to the public. Emotions, not underestimating the audience's aesthetics, continued to accumulate one-plus unique cognitive assets and value influence.


Have you learned from the brand marketing of OnePlus this time? In the future, what kind of surprises and possibilities will OnePlus create? Let us look forward to the future together.



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