Double 11, let's play a bit different reverse routine marketing

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With the double 11 global shopping festival pre-sale officially opened, marketing war is into a white-hot and whether large or small businesses are ready to campaign a wave after wave.Consumers are also prepared to 'cut off their hands' at the first order.


Looking back on last year's double 11, we can see:


JD last year made "double 11" a "global festival of good things", and set off high-quality consumption with "good things + fun + good services".It ended up with $158 billion in sales .Vipshop last year took the "no strings attached" approach, saying goodbye to the Numbers game with "only one price".Last year,Tmall used coupons, red packets, deposits, subsidies, store coupons and other full reduction to carry out, creating a record 213.5 billion transactions.Among them, there are 237 "hundred million yuan clubs".


Today, double 11 is not just about e-commerce. Brands involved in all aspects of food, clothing, housing and transportation are involved in this huge carnival.Integrating more resources into the fight will determine who wins and laughs at last.Now, the horn of double 11 has sounded.Under the huge dividend, whether to share a piece of soup, even borrow double 11 curve overtaking, all by the business products and marketing.If you try something more creative, novel,different routine way In the invariable promotion method, you might be have a surprised result.Domatters hopes this article will be helpful to your business in China.


Play the different way in Counter routine marketing


In the field of double 11, which is bombarded by advertisements everywhere, consumers' aesthetic fatigue is increasing, and it is difficult for conventional promotion methods to spark, then you should try the opposite.For double 11 marketing to join the usual, subversion of the past creative, with unique and innovative play, which can bring new experience to consumers, you will receive unexpected surprises.



According to the general train of thought, businessman often hit "buy more, the price is more favourable" slogan to increase product sale,which is in order to stimulate consumer impulse shopping.When all businesses follow the same formula and sell undifferentiated products to sophisticated customers at similar discounts, the effect is predictable: either they are ignored or they become boring.In this case, you might as well try the routine of "anti-chop" and "rational chop", in which you explicitly tell the user: if you buy less than 2 (or 3) pieces of goods in our store, you will get a discount.No discount for excess.


For example, netease strict selection played a wave of reverse routine, comprehensively launched the concept of "3 life aesthetics" in 2016 during the 618 campaign.This changes the tradition that the more you buy, the bigger the discount. It stipulates a discount of no more than three items, and encourages consumers to choose the goods they really need and live a "just right" life.In this way, the form of the activity is not conventional, and let the user feel fresh.Secondly, based on the insight of "buy and regret" on double 11, it helps users to make rational consumption, which will undoubtedly reduce the probability of return and refund and save unnecessary trouble for consumers and merchants.Finally, this kind of promotion from the "interests of consumers", "really for the sake of ta" is very likely to win the goodwill of consumers.


  • Alternative positioning: the implementation of "product = add-on item" strategy


There is fierce competition among the many brands that participated in the singles day event, and their full cuts and discounts are among the biggest of the year, causing consumers to go on a shopping spree.For low-priced products, such as snacks, drinks, daily supplies, trinkets, stationery, etc., in addition to meeting the functional needs of the purchase, but also in the "cross-store full reduction" activity as a "add-on item" corner.Although everybody knows by heart, but the businessman never put "make up an bill" as new use advocate alone.Therefore, when the business "product = add-on item" as a demand, strong into the minds of consumers, this can let consumers think of you when he needs to add-on a bill at the first time.


It is a unique vision that brings new positioning to the product beyond its basic and core functions.This applies to low-priced goods and is based on the premise of a full - down activity.For example, on November 11, 2018, Wei long spicy dry tofu was willing to take a back seat in the name of "add-on items", and became a clear stream in the marketing circle when it became the male match of all brands.Other brands only care about how much you buy,Wei long also care about whether you buy tired.Finally,Wei long's product publicity with the gimmick of "add-on items" can also help consumers make a choice quickly, reduce the decision-making time and facilitate shopping. Why not?


  • Use emoticons to redeem coupons: the more exaggerated, the more valuable


    In the promotion of double 11, full reduction, discount and exchange coupons are all important. In addition to the official discounts set by the unified e-commerce platform, each merchant can offer more discounts on its own.According to the normal playing method, consumers get coupons through consumption points, pre-sale orders, time limit rob, free collection and other ways, from the path to the coupon surface are similar.How do you stand out from the crowd and win the battle with coupons when promotions don't become an effective point of competition?You need to capture the playful, playful nature of the moment of people to add an interactive and fun element to coupons. For example,"redeem coupons with emoticons or actions" is a great way to do this.Specific operations are as follows:


    Businesses borrow H5, small procedures and other tools as the entrance, users only need to open the activity page, upload with a specified expression (smiling face, serious face, angry face, disgusted face, cry face......) or actions (gesturing, blinking, clapping...), and the system generates coupons of different values based on exaggeration and action range.The bondface is designed to display personalized copywriting and images. The unique access method and interesting layout will surely trigger the impulse of users to consciously share the circle of friends and harvest a wave of "tap water".On double 11 last year, netease koala was played like this. Users can upload a photo with a smiling face and generate a red envelope of the same value based on the smile, which can be used directly on netease koala online shopping platform.This is real "sell laugh" to change money.


    This fun and warm way of interaction also brought it a lot of double 11 sales.Consumers are especially sensitive to the word "exclusive."With the pursuit of uniqueness and individuality, the coupon generated by emoticons is different from others and equivalent to "customized", so it is naturally favored.Therefore, businesses can follow such a train of thought to plan some with user attributes, elements of the activity.


    • Single marketing: "double 11+ singles day" combination play


    Before double 11 became a global shopping festival, it was also known as singles day, a popular holiday for young people to celebrate their singleness.When 99 percent of merchants focus on the "double 11" this point, the remaining 1 percent to "double 11+ singles day" combination of marketing, it seems special.Nowadays, the single population is up to 200 million, and the huge base has brought considerable traffic. Discussions about "the other half", "blind date", "unsingle" and other topics remain high, even giving birth to the industry chain of "single economy".Singles day is a good time for marketing, and with the blessing of double 11, the popularity has only increased.


    (1)Double 11 single price, single discount, single gift package


    Popular point says, this is clever play "number", "pun" and "homophonic" terrier.Specific gameplay includes:


    A. users who place an order at 11:11 on nov 11 can get an exclusive gift.

    B.Single gift package will be sold for only 1 day, and the single price can be set at 1.1 yuan, 11 yuan and 111 yuan.

    C.With "half" as the gimmick, being single is exactly corresponding to "no need for the other half", that is, 50% discount.

    D. If you buy "odd" pieces (1, 3, 5...),products are subject to discount.No discount for even Numbers.


    For example, ele. me lists "double 11" without the slogan of "the other half", which not only borrows the momentum of singles' day, but also hits the right target with a 50% discount insight, which is a pun.In a word, before planning related borrowing activities, list the features of singles day, double 11 and products respectively, find the key linking points, and make them form an effective combination.


    (2)Interactive play based on social platform


    Whether it is double 11 day or singles' day, both are hot topics, and discussing the two together can arouse users' interest.Merchants can use official blog as the media to open interactive mode, shorten the distance with consumers, and achieve the purpose of publicity.According to the characteristics of the Internet, short and fast jokes, network language is most suitable for dissemination.Therefore, each major business or brand can start # you not only single, also don't have the money to chop off hand #, # heard that the single person's hand speed is very fast #, # today, you "naked" # and other topics and hide product or promotional information, guide user interaction, and create a wave of ads.When dealing with users, you're right to remember to poke the heart of customer.


    • Big count of double 11: double 11 ‘chop the wrong hand‘ scene


    In the large-scale promotion activities such as double 11, there are so many good materials strategies and must-buy lists, which almost become a must-have program every year. There are so many popular science articles and microblog posts, which are quite common among users.In fact, there are not a few "buy regret" series, but there are few insights from the "buy wrong" point, but all focused on the positive inventory.


    Therefore, we might as well use the topic of "once chopped off the missing hand" to send out torture from the soul, which can easily strike the fragile chord of users: who hasn't regretted?Too much talk is all tears!For example, zhihu listed several scenes of car turning over on the spot of purchase mistake on November 11, and deeply felt the despair of "cutting off hands for a moment and then crematorium".


    In this way, you can guide users to speak out freely, get the wonderful message sorting out (pay attention to not directly mention the product name), the form of a single rational consumption no two "regret list", to warn users rational consumption, buy really need.This can lead to your own products.


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